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Previous domain owner wants to take me in court!

Previous-domain-owner-wants-to-take-me-in-courtYou will find this quite interesting and funny. As many of us buy domains through auctions and recently I acquired a .net which I thought was good for reselling purpose and got for mid 3 figures. After acquiring it for 40-50 days I was contacted by the previous owner of the domain asking me to transfer back domain to him as there was some problem with the company he registered the domain. I wasn’t sure what he was actually referring to because of the broken non-English language.

He even said in his initial message that he will be taking me to court if I don’t transfer the domain back to him. It’s a generic term and there is no trademark with that keyword. It’s a short brandable word which must not have any trouble but isn’t he trying to scare me 😉

I have recently parked that domain with InternetTraffic and he came through by clicking the sales link and even tells me that how come you are trying to sell my domain. Well, I think I need to get his permission before I put the domain for sale 😉

I haven’t respond him yet and doesn’t need to do at least for now. It’s my first experience with a person wants to take me in court if I don’t transfer the domain to him in timely manner.

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Have you experienced anything like that? Care to share your story?

Investing in hyphenated domains

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to discuss and share my experience about hyphenated domains. To be honest I don’t invest much in hyphenated domains. Although I have quite a few domains with hyphen but I really don’t like them very much because it kills the value as far as selling is concerned and lot of traffic goes to the non-hyphen version domain.

Investing-in-hyphenated-domainsIf you see a two word hyphenated domain with huge number of exact searches and high CPC I would still suggest to carefully analyze the domain before you make any final decision. Check the past domain sales of hyphenated domains where you will find the non-hyphenated version have sold for much higher so don’t get fooled by paying higher price thinking you can sell it for big bucks like the non-hyphenated sold in the past.

There are two main countries where you will find the end-users quickly for your hyphenated domains compare to somewhere else. Those two are Germany and United Kingdom. People from both countries love to buy domains with hyphen. They even buy 3 word domains with 2 hyphens in it. So long tail domain looks crazy to me with couple of hyphens in between. If you are planning or in the middle of buying some hyphenated domains than keep these two countries in your mind while making any decision. If the domain can attract those targeted buyers than it will be easier for you to sell the domain to an end-user.

Make sure you don’t invest in hyphenated domains with any lower extension like .net/.org. Stick to the basics. I mean the .com. Still it’s risky to invest in hyphenated .com domains if you are not buying the right domain at right price.

Personally I may have 4-7 hyphenated .com domains and if I remember correctly I have never sold a single one to date. Although I have received offers but none of them attractive enough to sell that domain.

Care to share your experience with hyphenated domains? Don’t be shy and feel free to share with us.

Thanks for coming and reading.

Any of you had success in selling .CO domain names?

Any-of-you-had-success-in-selling-.CO-domain-namesI am curious to know if any one had real success in selling .CO domain names? Actually success can be defined in many ways by different people. I invested very little amount of money in .CO domains. Didn’t bought any domain in Landrush. Just pre-registered and hand registered domains only. Some of which I sold them at quite nice price. One of my notable .CO sale was Textbooks.CO which I sold for US$12,000. Rest were four figure sales.

I consider it success for myself because my five figure sale of .CO was hand registered domain like other sales. It’s interesting to know that I didn’t sold a single pre-registered domains. Only a handful of hand reg domains were sold to date.

While sharing this with you I recall one of my .CO sale. It was really funny and quick sale. I just completed one domain sale and the person’s email ID was ending with his company name .com and I thought to check if .CO is available and try to sell him. First step was to buy the domain and later I offered him. He simply laughed at me that I registered the domain recently and trying to sell him. He showed no interest and I kept that domain with me for 8-9 months.

As the expiration date was coming I thought to drop the domain because that was the only company who could have shown interest ever. Out of nowhere, that guy contacted me back and asked if the domain was still available. I asked him to make me an offer. That particular time I thought to renew the domain for at least one year because he has shown some interest in buying it. The initial offer was US$150 and ended up at US$1,000 and I grabbed that money. It was a 3 word .CO domain 😉

How is your experience in selling .CO domain names? Any success story you would like to share? Don’t be shy… Just do it 😉

Thanks to the seller who renewed domain before pushing in my account!

Thanks-to-the-seller-who-renewed-domain-before-pushing-in-my-accountI won’t disclose for which domain I am talking about but you will still find interesting reading out.

I recently purchased a domain which was already renewed till mid of 2013. I always prefer to have the domain at GoDaddy but the seller wanted to push at the same registrar (which wasn’t GoDaddy). Once the payment was approved by, the buyer initiated the push under my account but it was really shocking to see the expiration date of the domain was 2015!

Once the domain was secured by me, I immediately sent message to the seller and asked why he was humble enough to renew the domain for not only 1 year but a couple of years. I never got any response from him so far. Although the deal has been completed few months back.

He wasn’t very friendly while exchanging emails. I was actually trying to acquire that domain for more than 1 year and he responded only 2-3 times and I sent him around 15 emails. Although he agreed to the price which was very much reasonable; no doubt about that. But I still wonder why he renewed the domain for 2 years before pushing to my account. The domain wasn’t transferred to another registrar from which I can assume of 1 year extension. It was simply a push to another account at same registrar. So it’s for sure the seller renewed the domain. I would give a big thanks to the seller who not only renewed the domain for couple of years without my permission 😉 but also sold the domain at reasonable price.

Have you experienced like this before? Any big heart seller you like this faced in the past 😉 ? I would love to hear your experiences.

My recent purchases since the beginning of 2013

recent-domain-purchasesI have been buying very limited number of domains every month. Today I will share some of my recent purchases: – Normally I avoid buying first and last names both together but when I get an opportunity to buy only first or last name I am always tempted to buy if the price is within my budget and meets my minimum requirement. – This is brandable domain with lot of potential. It can be used for any tech related, food, restaurant related business. – The name says it all. – Decent domain. Although it has V and F but I still like it. – I would love to have MedicalCenter or MedicalCentre but at the end it is what it is 😉 – It’s actually last name with apostrophe s. Without “s” would be great. – My first .info domain purchase. – My second .info acquisition and first coming to my portfolio.

After going through these purchases I have decided to stay focused on .com domains only and leave the rest. My indication was towards the purchase of .info domains. I still like them but they receive traffic under my expectation.

I would love to have your feedback on my recent domain purchases and feel free to share your recent domain acquisitions.