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Worst domain backordering companies

We have seen many people talking about the best domain backordering companies but today I would like to share and discuss about the worst companies out there.

I have been backordering domains since many years and I found two companies which are worthless giving any top level domain backorder like .com/.net/.org. Those two companies are and


If you ask me which one I would rate the worst among these two than I would select GoDaddy because in comparison to both of them I found better. They have caught several .cc domains for me in the past but they are no longer good at catching those domains as well. GoDaddy have never caught any good .com/.net domain for me. I currently have 1 backorder credit with them which I am unable to use it for at least two years because they are never catching the domain of my caliber.

In my experience GoDaddy are able to catch only those domains which are not backordered at any place and can only beat hand registration. I have read somewhere on internet where a guy said he backordered with GoDaddy and they were unable to catch for him. Surprisingly, he was able to hand register it! Isn’t that shocking and frustrating. I also don’t like their system where we have to pay in advance and buy backorder credit and have to use it even though they don’t catch any good domain for you. I don’t think they give refund for this backorder credit after a long time.

As far as DomainMonster is concerned I have given .com/.net backorder and they have 100% failure track record of catching of these domains if that domain is backordered at some other place. I have talked with them regarding this matter in 2010 and got the following response:

“We are working to improve our snap app for .com domains, however this isnt something we can design, build, test and implement over night. We have several projects going in tandem presently, and we take the feedback on board as I said, and do whatever we can. We are aware that it has room for improvement, and when we are able to broadcast any improvements we will do so accordingly.”

More than two years have passed but I never saw any improvement in their system for catching any good .com/.net domains. I admit they were good at catching .cc domains in the past and I have got some decent domains through them but after a year or so they are beaten comprehensively by other registrars like 1API and in catching .cc/.tv domains.

I am not targeting specifically only at these two registrars but the thing is I have experienced with them very badly only with their backordering system. Although I have kept most of my domains with these two registrars because of their great pricing and top customer support.

I am sure there will be many more bad experiences and would love to hear from you guys which will help every other person to stay alert in future. Care to share with everyone?

Which type of first-last name you must buy?

I was inquired by one of my blog reader who saw my domain name sale of EmilyJane ((dot)) com which was just over US$5,000. She shared one of her domain ChrisMosely ((dot)) com and asked how to sell this domain and what I did in order to get this domain sold successfully.

In my previous post I shared my sale of EmilyJane ((dot)) com and explained how I was able to sell that domain name. Normally I don’t invest in two word first-last name domain because it has very limited number of people who might be interested in buying your domain name.

There are several ways I go through scanning each first-last name domain before I take final decision of buying it. First is to look how many people are there with the same full name. To dig in deeply I look at Google by typing EmilyJane and see the result which shows there are lot of people with the same name and good number of websites having the same domain name in it.

Secondly, you can see how much exact number of domain names are taken in the same keyword I simply visit where I enter the domain like EmilyJane and select “Only Registered Domains” and find all the variations. Currently there are 121 registered domains having same keyword. If you give space between those two word name like Emily Jane than you can see there are 155 registered names.

If I find there are over 20 different variations taken than I go the next step to see how many people are there with the same name at – I could see there are 575 results for Emily Jane.

Also you can do one thing to see if there are any more variations registered with same keyword is to find at Google like this “EmilyJane”. You will see that I have given space before so copy the text if you wish to. It will show you all the domains having EmilyJane keyword in it which NameDroppers doesn’t show. It display a limited number of TLDs with no ccTLDs option.

Now if I come to the domain of my blog reader who gave me ChrisMosely ((dot)) com so that I can guide her in right way. If you check like I did for EmilyJane you will find huge difference and very limited potential in this domain. Like there is not a single variation registered with same name. And having only 17 results at LinkedIn.

It’s all based on my view and how I go through scanning each domain name. There are many more ways to judge any particular domain name and I will discuss each of them in my future posts.

I would like to know if my readers agree with me or have anything else to say? I would love to hear comments from you, no matter how bad or good they are 😉

One of my domain got accepted with program

As everyone knows about which is operated by Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh. It’s the domain leasing and domain partnership program where you can submit your top quality domains for submissions. If you get accepted will receive an email from Rick and his team. I submitted only a few domains I thought can be selected for the program and got one accepted. The domain is ArtMagazine ((dot)) com.

I would like to say thanks to Rick and Danny for approving my domain and giving me the opportunity to work with the best in the industry. It’s really exciting and hoping to see positive response in very near future for my domain as well as for others too.

There is very little time left in submitting your domain and hurry up and send your best domain for approval and see what happens next. Make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in Rick’s blog:

1. Must be a dot com.
2. Must clearly state & define the product or service being sold.
3. Must be easy to pronounce & therefore pass the radio test.
4. Must not be longer than necessary, the shorter the better.
5. Must be about a product or service that is in demand & being searched for.
6. Must be easy to remember, in fact it must be a no brainer to remember.
7. Must be a domain a business could be built on.

For complete detail you can read at this link.

If you like to share what domains have you submitted for approval and any of your domain got accepted for domain leasing and partnership yet?

My experience with

My Experience with

There are plenty of domain forums on internet. I joined very selected one’s and left all excluding the only domain forum I really enjoy till now. It’s I found them through Google while searching for GoDaddy coupon codes and joined them in 2007. I never thought to be active member of this very friendly community. I have found many people helping each other no matter where you are from, who you are and whatever the time is. All are ready to guide you through right path and will share their own experiences.

I have asked numerous times of help and always got what I wanted. In the last 5 years I have made some nice friends. I have tried to get some appraisal on few of my domains which were never really satisfying because I sold for a very different price as compare to what the experts appraised for. The best part of NamePros for me is to keep actively checking GoDaddy Discount Codes thread which has saved me thousands of $$$ to date. I recommend everyone who is domain investor and has a big portfolio must subscribe to this GoDaddy Discount Codes thread if you have domains at GoDaddy.

I have also used this forum to buy and sell domains but very rarely. Most of the domains I sold at NamePros were going to be dropped so whatever money I got was bonus for me 😉 Also those were ccTLDs in which no one showed any interest so getting whatever money for them was the right thing to do.

This forum is recommended to all newbies who are going to jump in domain game. They must go through all important topics at this forum and give proper time to read and understand the views, feedback and suggestions from experts before you invest any money in this game.

Overall my experience with NamePros is superb and is the best domain forum I have ever used on internet. The best part of this community is the people over there are very friendly and cooperative.

You can find me at NamePros with my username “” and I think the most active thread created from my end is Available Premium .IM domains

What’s your best domain forum? Have you used and would you like to share your experience with them?

Domains I purchased at the end of 2012

It was a fantastic 2012 for me and hope you all had the same. I made some nice acquisitions at the end of 2012 and would like to share with you all. Some of them are LLLL which I think has really bright future because every day thousands of new businesses are setup which makes these short domains more and more valuable as the time goes on…

All these domains receive traffic on daily basis and almost all are type-ins as my focus is to buy type-in domains rather than traffic driven through backlinks.

What’s your feedback for the domains I recently purchased? Also feel free to share the domain names you recently bought?