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Some funny domain inquiries I received in last few days

Hello everyone,

I would like to end this week quite nicely and share couple of funny domain inquiries I received over the past few days…

Some-funny-domain-inquiries-I-received-in-last-few-daysSome time ago I bought an expiring domain through auction… May be through GoDaddy Auctions if I am correct… So last week I was contacted by the possibly previous owner. Now here I am using the word possibly because I am not 100% sure if he was the real previous owner of that domain. So his initial email was in broken English so I will correct and place here:

“This domain is mine and i don’t understand why you propose it”

My response was simply to acquire this name please submit an offer. The funny part came in his next response:

“I don’t propose anything, because, it is my website name !!”

Hahaha. This was really funny reading out. He will not propose anything because he still thinks it’s his domain name. My response was very simple that sorry you are no longer the owner of this domain. The next response was nothing but silence πŸ˜‰

Second funny email was the inquiry about hotel niche domain. There was no message so I asked him to make an offer. There came the biggest offer of US$20 πŸ˜€

I politely told him that five figure offers will be considered.

His response was “hahaha”.

I didn’t respond him because I felt it’s time waste because that domain already makes more than double his initial offer every month. Normally I feel it’s good way to educate potential buyers but not to those who are not serious enough to understand what’s the value of domain name is.

I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your views and any similar funny inquiry you have received over the time.

Thanks for coming and reading. releases new domain control panel / domain manager

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend. It was much better weekend for me as I went for fishing with my friends. Overall, it was good.

Okay, back to the topic. I actually found GoDaddy coming up with new domain control panel / domain manager with more great features and user-friendly access. It looks clean and smooth.


I like many things about the new release of domain control panel. One of the best thing is I can see all my domains at once page and don’t require to go on Page 2, 3 and so on.Β  Simply scroll down at the bottom of your domains list and it will show all domains. Also when you click on any domain like it shows in above snapshot you can scroll your move over “More” options to get several shortcuts more quickly. You may click the picture to enlarge it.

Another thing I like is the whole page doesn’t refresh when you make any changes to the domain. Only the domains area gets refreshed and that too very quickly as compare to the previous control panel where whole page used to load and had many complaints of having the control panel operating too slowly. Overall, I am very happy with the new features, the look, swiftness, etc.

And one last thing which was really time saving and cool feature is to find the domain from the starting letter you wish to search. As you can see in the screenshot right at the bottom which says 0-9 A B and so on… If you click on letter “K” it will show the domains start from K. You don’t need to scroll to page 2 or 3 where your domain starts from K.

Have you tried using their new control panel yet? How is your experience and would rate it? Have I missed anything which is more useful feature in their new release?

New record in parking revenue by reaching nearly US$500 for May 2013

New-record-in-parking-revenue-by-reaching-nearly-US$500-for-May-2013Hi everyone,

May 2013 was an amazing month in terms of parking revenue. I wasn’t expecting much because didn’t made any changes or added lot of domains under my account. Very few domains were added in the whole previous month. I think the CPC was nice and saw a touch better CTR as well. Both the combination made just US$450.

My plan is to reach US$1,000 mark in parking revenue for the month of January 2014. I know it’s long way to go and will definitely be a huge achievement for me. I know there are some big boys making one grand every day from parking but I don’t compare myself to them because the number of domains and quality is the difference.

I am happy with my progress with the goal almost half reached. I don’t want to make one month for 1k and next month dropping back to US$600-800 range. Consistency is the key and my plan to hit the US$1,000 mark is to keep making that amount consistently.

Care to share your parking revenue of this month? Also any feedback on my parking revenue?

Sold another .com domain in four figures

Hello everyone,

It was a nice last week. I am sure you have understood why I am saying this after reading the post title πŸ˜‰ bought in 2010 for the total cost so far was US$44.45 and sold it last week for US$2,990 through Afternic BIN. So the return on investment was 6626.66% which looks good yeah. I bought this domain through GoDaddy Auctions.

I first received price request at Afternic for this domain in January this year. I set the price and forgot about it. So I am not sure if the person who requested price was the buyer this time. It’s over 3 months so it’s quite difficult to gauge.

Until now the WHOIS is showing on GoDaddy TDNAM Holding with Administrative contact of “Buyer Unreachable”. I am not sure who have bought this domain. I will update this post once I see any changes to the WHOIS.

What’s your feedback on this sale? Sold for right price or left money on table?


The sales pitch letter I usually send to an end-user and how you can make it more effective

Hello everyone,

I was surprised to see no comments on my previous post. It seems none of my readers have ever used those domain registrars πŸ˜‰

I was talking to one of my friend Julian Moritz who lives in Germany about domain names. He showed me the template message he normally use for sending to endusers. This gave me an idea to share my sales pitch letter with you all.

Normally I use the following as subject line:

Subject: domain

And message goes like this:


We own the domain name We thought your company might take an interest in buying it.

If you are interested, feel free to email us back by making reasonable offer.

Thanks and best regards
AbdulBasit Makrani”

I normally include phone/email ID/website URL under signature which you can do it as well. That’s an option thing but looks more authoritative.

I have used numerous sales letters in the past but after carefully reviewing each of them about the response rate I found this is the best so far. Now I will tell you how you can make your letter more effective.

First, you need to write short, to the point which must give clear message to the reader what are you trying to explain. Because no one has enough time to read the big story.

Secondly, try to avoid using free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo, gmail accounts. Normally I use for sending emails. There are two things when I say to avoid using free email address. First, this doesn’t give good look. Secondly, when I use the email I always keep my domains under the same domain so the enduser in case checking the WHOIS will know that I am the legitimate owner of the domain I am offering to him. For more details about the second reason you can read my article written in past – Use same email address in WHOIS and for sending emails to end-users

Third, try sending the email one by one. I know it’s time consuming but very effective. This will lead your email directly into the inbox of recipient.

Fourth, always change the domain of the company you are contacting. Give a look once again at the sales letter above where I mentioned your company Sending next email if the company’s URL is I will use because many times we see the company has hundreds and thousands of domains and if you are trying to sell to that company would be difficult for them to recognize which domain you are actually targeting.

This will also ensure the email will reach the inbox of recipient because the sales letter is changed every time you compose new message. Sometimes the filter recognizes the same message being sent over and over with no changes which results in getting your message delivered in their spam/junk box.

If you have missed reading my earlier post where I discussed about Best time and days of the week to send an email to end-user than please read out. It is relevant with this post and will help you to send your letter on perfect time.

As always I am happy to hear comments, criticism, etc. Also feel free to share your sales pitch letter you normally send to end-users.