My experience with numeric domains

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Usually I don’t invest in any type of domains where I don’t have a good grip and that’s the reason I never bought domains in huge quantity in short period especially when most domainers when coming in business simply start buying too many domains without doing their due diligence.

During the hype of 3L, 4L CHIP domains, we saw numeric domains got registered even 9Ns which was just ridiculous. Anyhow, I made a mistake of investing in 6N .com and bought around 15 for $7000-$7500 altogether. Since last couple of months I’ve been trying to offload all those domains at GoDaddy Auctions for less than $100 a piece and most of the time no one bothers buying it. So far I’ve sold half of them for little over $500 including GD commission. I don’t normally sell any domain for less than $1,000 but these were the names I just wanted to let expire and thought to give them try selling at GoDaddy and see if I can recover anything.

So in short, I lost few grands by investing blindly and at the peak time of 6N domains. The lesson is not to invest in any niche without studying, researching and putting in lot of efforts before you take any step further. I’ve seen Shane who’s been very vocal about his sales especially when he has lost money in any domains and most people don’t share their losses so that’s good from him to be open publicly. Appreciate that!

Now it’s time for 5N .com domains which I was lucky to invest some years back and bought at cheap prices when there wasn’t much demand for it. Unfortunately I didn’t had good knack on numeric domains so the focus was just to acquire at cheap prices and got ALL 5N domains which either had 0, 4 or both together!

I’ve been selling them as well at GoDaddy and was having around 10 of those and just left with one. Hopefully will sell that one in coming days. Overall, I didn’t made any profit on these and I see it break even while considering my time spent on finding, buying, money stuck for years, GoDaddy commission.

In future, I’ll try to be more cautious while buying domains as I don’t like to buy too many domains for test and trial. My buying strategy is to focus on those domains which I think will ultimately land in the hand of endusers.

It would be nice if any one likes to share their experience (losses) for others to learn, understand and not to repeat such mistakes in future.

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21 Responses to “My experience with numeric domains”

  1. Lesson learned, time to move on, hopefully you’ll be able to cover the cost by selling one of each at a few grand at least.

  2. Dheeru says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great article. I have seen domainers don’t share their losses and always show the fancy picture that they sold a domain for XXXXX which they bought for X or XX.

  3. Rich says:

    Thanks Abdul for sharing your data.I always find a good and interesting read when you share your thoughts.

    I’m dropping my 6N with 0 and 4 about 200 of them and i just picked 500/6N without 4 and 0 at reg. fee.
    You can see them on my site.

    Yes, they are very speculative but in 3-5 years things might change.

    • Happy to see you always like it Rich. That’s one of the reason I love to share especially my personal experiences of domaining.

      Thanks for sharing yours and looks like the total cost is quite low for you to hold the best one’s and leave the rest. I would suggest you to auction off at GoDaddy and grab any $$$ you can get rather than dropping and gets nothing. But you’ll find it difficult to sell even for $50 if it contains 0 and 4 because almost all my 6Ns were/are having repeating two 8s together but not in the beginning or at the end.

      Best wishes!

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lesson Learnt …I hope you will recover your loss now … This is a lesson for new domainers.. I will avoid any Numeric domain now πŸ™‚

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  7. Tauseef says:

    a very transparent article I’ve ever read on 6N! I think up to 5N was OK.

    • Thank you Tauseef bhai!

      I’m happy to share even losses because this can be helpful for someone especially newbie. But since my experience in losing money in domaining is very less so don’t always have much to share. I consider this was the hardest lesson so far.

  8. Mazahir Abbas says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. I myself only had one 6N, other than that never touched these ones.
    You beautifully portrayed two things here,
    1. do never invest without having knowledge and do your research before.
    2. Transparency of all the matter that you presented in this article shows that you are quite open discussing things where you did not get some good success.

    Overall a very good lesson for domainers specially for new ones. Thanks again!

    • Glad you like it and found helpful Mazahir bhai πŸ™‚

      I always try to keep sharing my personal experience as openly as possible. This was my biggest loss in domains and I wanted to share it as soon as I’ve almost selling complete 5Ns and 6Ns. Other than that, I can’t think of losing money in domains anywhere near that amount. The reason I can always think is I’ve read a lot and grasp plenty of knowledge before I started buying my first domain. That have saved lot of money overall.

      Best wishes!

  9. Brand Rift says:

    I have a really bad experience with the numerical domains.
    I bought around 20 of them about two years ago, and sold zero of them.
    They was 6N-7N with a lot of 8th :D, but i drop them and stop buying that kind of names.

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