My Recent Domain Acquisitions

Some-recent-domain-acquisitions-by-AbdulBasit.comHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

My sincere wishes to every Muslim reader of my blog all over the world a very happy EID Mubarak. Hopefully everyone is enjoying and having loads of fun.

I feel really good sharing my experience no matter it’s good or bad. I receive emails where people ask me what type of names I buy and what are the strategies behind those acquisitions.

I simply buy all type of names which I feel comfortable at selling in future. Normally I avoid buying adult/alcohol/gambling related domains. Other than that I hunt for every name I think can pay off well some day.

So let’s start with some of my recent acquisitions I made in the last couple of months or so. – Oh well a .net! I liked this name. I don’t buy too many .net domains but this wasn’t there to be left off. I paid couple of hundred Dollars less than I won finally this domain. Long story short,  I actually lost the auction but the winning bidder failed to make payment and all his bids were removed and as I was the second bidder, got the domain for $200 less than the first bidder won. -Another .net domain! That’s enough for today’s list and I have to control myself on buying more .net domains 😉
.com is developed and I see great potential in this name. – I found this domain from Mark’s domain picks and thanks once again to Mark for sharing this decent name. – At first look I thought of Canada/Canadian/California Property, although “CA” can be the initials of many companies dealing in property business. – I am fond of “THE” word domains and this can easily be used for breast cancer awareness, fundraiser, research foundation, etc. I think I have now over 10 domains starts with “THE”. – Another addition to my portfolio. Looks like an Arabic word to me. – Can be used for an Australian communication company may be? I see there are many companies out there with Auscom and can be an upgrade for any one of them who pays the most 😉 – Slow in terms of selling for a decent profit but I am starting to like two word common names. Have to be very selective in buying it. – Another upgrade name for many companies. – Brandable domain which can be pay off well on some golden day. Not sure when that is going to come… – Do I need to explain this one? 😉

Care to share your recent domain acquisitions? Also if you wish to comment and share your feedback about my domain purchases?

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Careful with, trademark pending and confusingly similar to icu with dozens of tm’s. We saw it dropping and stayed away.

Leonard Britt

Regarding you might try contacting the buyer of (recent low $XXXX sale of mine at Godaddy). They might be interested in this name as the buyer apparently is a realtor in California. might be a potential trademark issue. Check TESS.

Jamie Zoch

I like the domain. I was watching it but I couldn’t pull the trigger just because of the .net. A lot of people like .net, so with the nice generic nature and the vast amount of different kinds of “steps” available, I like it! should find a buyer!


Why do you have to be selective about buying two word common names?


Good names.

I had put the for BO somewhere but I missed.

Where did you BO it? Dropcatch/Snap?

Paul H

Thanks for sharing AbdulBasit. Some very nice investments.
I’ve looked at buying a few of the 2-word common names like but never really knew what benchmark to use so your detailed reply to Vladimir was really helpful 🙂


Eid Mubarak to you too! Nice acquisitions. Steps being my favorite on your list.


Eid Mubarak to you too, AbdulBasit. is my favorite from the list.

Joe Styler
Joe Styler

There are some good names in this list. Great job filtering through all the names and picking some winners.


Eid Mubarak and wish you best of luck in selling these names.


Hi Abdul,
Happy Eid to you.

From there lot i really like couple of them –

2) Growthharmones
3) ( Getting this under $200 is really great Deal.

Some of my Recent Purchases are –



Eid mubarak to you.
I really like your posts and learning a lot.
I recently acquired


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