My recent domain acquisitions including

My-recent-domain-acquisitions-including-LLL.comHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Yesterday Konstantinos shared some more domain purchases which he made in 2014 and one must check those names as what type of domains to acquire. That may help you in building your own quality portfolio. Below are some of the names I recently acquired: – I think it took too long to acquire but finally I did it. – I used to like but now I must start loving LLLL domains after the sale of 😉 – Almost paid 1k for this name and once the auction was over, I thought I paid little more than I initially set budget for this domain. However, I feel this can pay off well if I hold the domain for quite some time. – Will leave this one up to you to decide whether this acquisition was good or bad. It’s a dog breed and some developed sites but what impressed me was 60,500 exact searches at Google Keyword Planner. – I love “the” word domains. – Same as above. – To me this is a decent brandable domain which can be used for many different purposes. Got for just under 1k. – I love person names. Quite difficult name to spell 😀 – Isn’t this a common name with this spelling too. Although it’s a .net but I still like it. – Not as difficult spelling as the couple of above names.

Would love to have your feedback and feel free to share the domains which you recently acquired.

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Eric Jenkins

Nice domains!!

Andrea Paladini

AbdulBasit, First of all, thanks for your endorsement on LinkedIn 🙂 About your purchases, I like and, very nice ones. When I saw, the first thing that came to my mind was EA Sports (Electronic Arts), hope there are no TM issues there. LOL @, I’ve some Brazilian friends and we own some Brazilian/Portuguese names as well, hope you got this for cheap bc I don’t think that’s a business where they pay a lot for purchasing a domain. Personally we don’t like “the” domains, and we don’t buy person names, unless is a very common… Read more »


Could you please include prices


Nice domain name.

Can you share price of, some idea?


I liked and Please give us rough idea on purchase prices.

If possible, please share your previous sales of names.


Congrats Abdul, nice ones!

Aishwin Vikhona

Great Names Abdul!
I really love, its a kind of domains once should invest, the real asset.
I wish you all the best.

Paul Haughney

Thanks for sharing AbdulBasit. I must get round to doing a similar post. is definitely a great purchase as it’s got multiple potential end users. Pronounceable for a brand and the acronym also has lots of potential end users. Your investment in that domain will definitely ‘Gro’ over time 🙂

Konstantinos Zournas
Guest is a great name.
Good luck with these names!


Same question :

“”Can you share price of, some idea?””

Many thanks


The LLL is a very nice one. ACFA is good one, I think it may work well for some financial firms. No idea about personal names but I know you’ve sold such names before. The names are good especially “The Restless.”

Ms G.
Ms G.

If if was me I will avoid a domain with the word fila. Billion dollar shoe company probably has a lawyer fund


Hey Abdul,
GRO is a fantastic name! Congrats to you on acquiring it.
And thanks for sharing information on your blog.




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Congratulations Abdul. is a great name! At least $xxx,xxx value when you sell.

Quick question. How much do you think a normal personal names/ normally worth selling? Within $1000 to $4500? I saw someone list a name for $4500 recently.

Also, do you think ordinary personal names have trademark issue? I know that famous celebrity names will have trademark issues.



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frank meester

Newhouse ,or Newhome in Dutch


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