Several more domain purchases of 2017

Hello and Asslamo Alaikum,

I think the last acquisitions post was made in February 2017 so I thought it’s the time to share once again.

Beginning of this month, I now have hit the mark of 1,500 domains in my portfolio.

Usually I share only few domain purchases and try to post those which gives clear idea of what type of names I acquire and this may help others in understanding. This doesn’t mean one should start buying similar type of names and you should be doing your own research as everyone has their own budget, knowledge, skills, ideas and luck, etc.

I have had a little success in selling .CO domains for profit and I always like to buy 1 word .CO names and 3L .CO which are good to invest IMO. So this year I got several of them which are listed below.

Renovations.CO, Craze.CO, Courtney.CO, Lynch.CO – Got 1 word .CO names which I think are good to have.

COK.CO, NOI.CO, LUS.CO, LOR.CO, TAY.CO, TEZ.CO, MDN.CO – These type of combinations are selling for low-mid 4 figures range and I think they are good to invest. But prepare to hold them for long time as they are not 3L .coms 😉 – Online food/grocery store. – Adventure/sports loving, an aggressive and positive tagline. – I love to invest in such highly brandable domain which can be used for multipurpose. You just name it. Thanks to Jamie Zoch (DotWeekly) for helping in acquiring this domain. – Again a domain which can be used for many different niches and not only a water supply/bottle, aqua related company. And again thanks to Jamie for the same above reason 🙂 – Crypto related company.,, – Long shot names. – Sensible group names always does well. Although singular would have been better.,,, – Can’t live without buying 4L .com domains even though I know they are slow to sell 😀

Feel free to comment and/or share your recent acquisitions.

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33 Responses to “Several more domain purchases of 2017”

  1. JZ says:

    i tried contacting guy in the past with no luck. congrats on getting it.

  2. Abdul, thanks for sharing info on your recent purchases and domain portfolio size. Can you share any info about sales?
    Thank you.

  3. Hemant Tilotia says:

    I recently bought TheKeyboard and StarterDrones.
    Got MyCoolJob as well. Not cheap getting good domain names now.

    • TheKeyboard and StarterDrones are good one’s Hemant.
      I completely agree with you. It’s getting more difficult and requires more time, research and money for finding gems as the times goes by.

  4. Jackie says:

    Hello AbdulBasit,

    I have about 200 domain names, most are .com and a few .net

    Just to name a few.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks for sharing your numbers and domains as well!
      I would suggest to focus more on high quality names which has wide range of endusers and not limited to any one particular product. The more potential endusers, the more value of that domain will be.

      Best wishes!

  5. Dimitar says:

    Some great names 🙂 well done, personaly I like TheWater, thinking about near future and water suply this is a great investment… few days ago I bought NaturalWater…org

  6. Noor Manji says:

    I love and, great buys both of them.

    Some of my recent acquisitions:


    • Glad you like the names and thanks for sharing your purchases 🙂

      I always admire your approach of buying domains especially at hand reg names. TheKale, BecomeSmart are good one’s and some others too.

  7. Fatih OZ says:

    Thanks for the info Abdulbasit.

    Oppositely i am decreasing my portfolio to consist only of names which i think are medium-high value.

    Lets see if it will work.

  8. Bob says:

    I do quite like some of your .com domains especially

    Some of my 2017 acquisitions:***

    *Only last week!

  9. Bob says:

    It should be not – sorry for this error!

  10. abbasi irfan says:

    dear abdul basit i hope my this message will find you in good health.
    well i have seen your domain names and all stuff so im into domain industry , so i need to contact you for some good teaching classes as well 😉 , cuz in pakistan you are master for this… anyways i will wait your reply so i will share my domain and need to know lot regarding all this.
    always stay blessed

  11. Bob says:

    I believe you sold for $5,000 in 2016 but I like to tell you now I have just purchased & ( sold for staggering $1.2 million!). Also I have which is now for sale at Sedo.

    • Thanks for commenting. That name was sold in 2014 and not 2016 😉
      CuppyWorld and AssortedCakes looks good. “My” keyword names always does pretty well with a strong keyword next to it.

  12. Will says:

    Congrats on the buys! Great names. Good to hear you are having success with .CO I believe we bought and sold some in the past. Even though our main focus is .Com we have seen some great sales with .Org and .Net recently. pretty cool domain straight to the point type of site. It sounds a bit informational but I agree, this can work as shopping site for groceries.

    As soon as you obtain a new name you put the hosting to Uniregistry correct? That is your usual routine?

    – Will

    • Thanks for commenting and your feedback which is appreciated 🙂

      To answer your question – Yes, after acquiring the domain, I simply point towards Uniregistry lander and list at couple of marketplaces like Sedo and Afternic as well to get additional exposure.

      Would love to see what you guys have been acquiring recently 🙂

  13. Sergio says:

    Thanks for Sharing your purchases Abdul ! I enjoy reading them.

  14. Sharad says:

    Like, good combination and short domain.

    Which one is the best plat form to sell keyword domains? Apart from listing over auction websites and outbound. Any Tips???

  15. Brian says:

    GoDaddy auctions is a great tip – you can get some $12 gems every now and then. Thanks, Brian

    • Thanks for commenting Brian!
      I agree with you. But as the time goes by, competition is growing and with HugeDomains jumped into GoDaddy Auctions and ends up buying over 50% of expiring domains is making huge difference in price hike. It’s getting difficult to beat them and grab some nice names at decent prices as frequently as we used to get couple of years back…

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