Some recent acquisitions until June 2016

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As I previously shared my January and February 2016 acquisitions together, today I wanted to show some more domains which I acquired in recent time. Just wanted to add that I hit the 1300 mark of domains under my belt.,,,,,,,, – Some of the 4L .com I bought recently. I am always looking for similar combinations. – This domain was previously owned by Mike Berkens and sold to GoDaddy when he sold his big chunk of portfolio to them. I bought from GoDaddy with the help of Jamie Zoch. Thanks to him for finding the gem at reasonable price.,,, – I love such brandable domains which can be developed into anything. The more possibilities, the more bigger reward.,, – Difficult not to list person names when sharing recent acquisitions 😀 – Very aged domain (1996). Although age doesn’t matter when I buy domain but I am always fond of “the” domains. – Sensible health related domains always pay off well and it’s one of them. – Deal domains always do well and this domain can turn out to be one of the biggest shopping/deals portal., – Since I last mentioned of buying domains, the prices have gone a bit high. I am creating competition but that’s okay as far as I am bringing awareness and sharing what I think is right to buy in current market. – The City or Los Angeles City or anything else city as well. – Authorititive name for any real estate agency/firm.

To summarize things in short, I look for domains where I can see lot of potential and possibilities for endusers to develop my domain into anything they like to. The more restricted, the less chance of selling and getting good price.

Feel free to comment and share your recent acquisitions as well 🙂

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58 Responses to “Some recent acquisitions until June 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing Abdul.
    I always love to know what other investors are buying!
    Good luck for those names

    Is that the first time that you are buying with the help of Mr Zoch?

  2. Tom T says:

    Fairdeal and gutcheck are great names. Best of luck with all of your names!

  3. Noor Manji says:

    those are some great names, I love TheCow and GutCheck. Good luck with the investments.

    • Noor Manji says:

      Wanted to add my recent acquisitions –,,, and hand-regged

      • Thanks for your feedback Noor 🙂

        Nice brandable names like RollerBird and I think you will find difficulty in selling Although it’s a good name but with “and” makes it slow. I have similar names like and but not many inquiries yet. ScanGlass be trendy?

        • Noor Manji says:

          I can see the limited potential with the names with “and”, I forgot to mention, I like names with City, I have and have received over a dozen inquiries in the last few months.
          Thanks for sharing your acquisitions though, you are one of the few who share what you buy and sell openly and it’s great for others to see and learn.

  4. and are 2 that seem especially promising.

  5. Domain Observer says:

    I agree that is a great domain name that must be coveted by many businesses.Congrats.

  6. Nice pickups AbdulBasit. I like TheCow, CityFirst and Komex. I was also looking at Komex but forgot to put in a bit in the end.

    • Thanks for your feedback Doron 🙂
      About Komex… if you were to bid, one of us would have ended paying more money to NJ 😀
      Just let me know anytime you are going hard after any name, we can discuss privately and not overpay it.

  7. Anunt says:

  8. Sumit says:

    Great picks Abdul, especially

  9. Tony says:

    Those are great buys, Abdul. All short or brandables that can be future company/product/service names. I like your style. Berkens is a genius and those domains remind me of him. You have a real talent.

    I’ve been letting a third of my portfolio expire this year so far. I’m investing from the school of Elliot Silver. I made only two acquisitions in June and they were and Both were through Jamie Zoch. He’s scanned so many of the for sale inventory that if you give him your criteria, he can give you a short list with good prices. I love that guy.

    I want to reiterate that newbies should learn from Elliot and Abdul. They post their buys and it’s a great way to learn what investment grade domains are. Save up and buy the best one(s) you can. If you don’t know where to look, just contact Jamie and he can lead you in the right direction. He knows what are good prices. Don’t waste time with the crap.

    • Many thanks Tony for your detailed feedback and it’s much appreciated 🙂

      Yeah, Jamie does great job and is cool guy to deal with. I like both your names and those are the kind of domains to acquire. 4L ending with B reminds me of any bank who can pay well for your AFI Bank 😉

      I always like Doron and Elliot sharing their latest acquisitions which helps in learning what they are buying because they are successful in turning them into healthy profits.

      Once again I thank you for the feedback and showing the right path to newbies.

      • Tony says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Abdul. Regarding, it is short for atrial fibrillation, a disorder of the heart that requires lifetime medication. “AFib” gets 60,000 exact match searches on Google per month. It’s my ideal type of domain – short, meaningful and gets huge search volume. So far, it gets consistent type-ins with parking revenue, an added bonus. Keep up the good work!

  10. says:

    Hi Abdul bhai,

    Nice names, I am glad you like deal domains, I have a 9yrs old domain named (currently with a Travel affiliate site) and soon would be seen on NameJet auctions , just got the clearance today.

    Keep rocking buddy.


  11. Tauseef says:

    Liquid, Brandables, EMDs all are there in this good list of acquisitions. About fair deal I have a different opinion: As a domainer I like the fair deal name but as a consumer I may like to visit sites named as super deal, monster deal, mighty deal, etc. still, a valuable name because of its monthly searches.

    • Thanks for your feedback Tauseef which is appreciated.
      What happens when superdeal, monsterdeal, mightydeal are taken and I clearly think fairdeal is far better than many deal domains as well as mightydeal.

      As far as exact searches are concerned, I just checked to see how many exact searches are there. It doesn’t matter much to me while buying or selling domain. But I mostly check searches after making any purchase and not before that 😀

  12. Atta says:

    I like, looks like a French city. ‘La’ is one of the widely used keyword in French language.

  13. Muhammad Owais says:

    w/salam Brother,
    Very nice acquisitions. It’s great when you share your acquisitions and we learn a lot.
    All the names are very nice but i love Fairdeal and Gitz. All the best.

  14. Lifa Nati says:

    Great acquisitions Abdul! Always nice reading into your domain name investing strategies. Have learnt a lot from your blog. Thanks much!

  15. Waseem says:

    Assalam o Alekum.
    Abdul Basit bro, I am new to domaining and really impressed from you. I am really proud that my Pakistani brother is doing great in this business.
    I just bought a domain
    What do you think of this domain?
    What should be the asking price?

    • WaAlaikum Salaam Waseem,

      Thanks for your kind words and is appreciated 🙂
      Good to see many new faces coming into this industry from Pakistan so welcome to domaining 🙂
      Well, the domain isn’t good IMO. What sense does it make to you?

      • Waseem says:

        Well I found it interesting while pronouncing EEM.
        I searched the acronym in Google and found that EEM could be End-to-End Messaging. So EEM7 could be a good name for a messaging app. But I am not sure about the 7.

        • Waseem says:

          P.S I am not looking for big profits. As I am beginner, i am happy with a few bucks. I bought it for $5 so it is not a big loss if not sold. My first domain was sold at $26 at flippa which I bought at $0.99 and the 2nd domain is currently in auction, 2 days remaining and bidding reached at $29. I am not a big player in this industry but really enjoying it.

        • When you need to explain any domain to someone, that shows lack of value itself because a good domain should be self explanatory. Still after you said end-to-end messaging, I don’t like it.

          Good to see you are enjoying and at the same time making profit as well. I would suggest you to invest in better quality domains.

          • Waseem says:

            Thank u for your kind words.
            Do you offer any coaching (online/offline)?
            I am around 70km from Rawalpindi so if you have any coaching program I can join easily.

  16. I don’t officially offer that but you are welcome to visit my place and we shall have some domain talk in person. If you ever plan to come here, just let me know.

  17. Waseem says:

    AOA bro,
    how do you see
    Is it worth anything?

  18. Tanvir Siddiqui says:


    I just came across the topic of domain trading yesterday by happening upon your website. I was googling pictures of Murree and came across your picture and then your website.

    I have some basic questions for you.

    Where does someone buy domain names ?
    Can you create your own domain names and sell them ?
    What is the most you have spent on buying one single domain name ?
    Did you get a good profit from that investment ?
    Was it a gamble or you knew it was going to be a profitable investment ?
    What is ‘parking’ that you keep talking about ?
    In 2016, is domain trading still a worthwhile business ?


    Tanvir Siddiqui

    • WaAlaikum Salaam Tanvir,

      Thanks for writing in and I like your curiosity towards domaining.

      1. Through registrars like,,
      2. You can register an available domain through your preferred registrar or buy an expiring/deleting domain from domain auction houses.
      3. That’s personal.
      4. ALHUMDULLILAH it’s a great business if done in right way but requires lot of patience.
      5. It’s a business and people who enter domaining taking it as gamble cannot survive for long period of time.
      6. Just type in “what is domain parking” in Google and you will come with answer and for finding parking companies, you may read my blog.
      7. Definitely a big YES!

      On the other hand, if you are interested to get together with fellow domainers especially Pakistanis, kindly provide your cell# as I have created Whatsapp group strictly for Pakistani Domainers on matter they are newbies or experienced. By the way, where are you located?

  19. Tanvir Siddiqui says:

    Thanks for your quick response.

    I grew up in Rawalpindi but have been in the U.S. for the last several years. I am planning on moving back to Pakistan with my family and settling in Rawalpindi for good, in the next couple of years. I would like my children to settle and have families in Pakistan. I am a mainframe programmer here with some outdated technology skills and was wondering what I can do in Pakistan to sustain myself when I settle in Pindi.

    One question I had was whether somebody can invest a small amount of money ( let’s say, around $5000 ) with expert domainers like yourself, on a profit-sharing basis, without the loss of principal investment. I don’t even know if that happens or makes sense. But just wanted to pass it by you.

    I would prefer communicating through this forum or email, rather than Whatsapp, at this time.

    Thanks, again.

    • Thanks for your detailed introduction and nice to know you are basically from Rawalpindi. I shifted to Islamabad last year so hopefully some day we can meet in person.

      $5,000 is good amount to start off but if you are looking to invest yourself, I would strongly suggest you to spend huge amount of time reading and reading a lot about domaining before you start spending your first $.

      There is no business where there is no ratio of profit/loss but if you do it wisely, there are less chances of losing money “overall”.

      You may add me at Skype “abdulbasituae” or send me an email through contact form as per your convenience.


  20. Tanvir Siddiqui says:

    Thank you, Abdul Basit bhai.

  21. sunil says:


    Good to come across your website. I have few questions related to domain names.

    1) How big is your domain portfolio like 200 domains, 300 domains as i want to know what is a proper size of domain portfolio so that offers keep on coming passively?

    2) Do you know domain name brokers who actively reach out to end users to promote domain sales?

    3) Do you passively list on and wait for the offers to come in or do you do any kind of promotion/marketing to keep offers coming?

    4) I have some domains like,,,,,,, what is the proper channel/medium to sell them fast and do you think these domains as worth of 4-5 figure range?

    Thank You

    • 1. 1250
      2. There are many but I don’t sell my domains that way.
      3. Yes, I have parked my domains with DNS/Uniregistry Market and wait for the endusers to knock my door. Though I did outbound marketing a lot until the end of 2013 to keep things rolling smoothly.
      4. I don’t deal in poker/adult/alcohol and some other niches so I won’t be able to evaluate some of those you mentioned. May be some worth into 4 figs but rest doesn’t seem to be.

      Better to invest in higher quality domains.

  22. Tanvir says:


    Are there free websites that give the price history and ownership history of domain names for research purposes ?


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