Few recent interesting domain sales

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

My last post about domain sales published earlier in January so I thought it’s the time to share some of the recent past sales which hopefully be encouraging and helpful in some way…

GreenPest.com – I bought this domain from a fellow domainer couple of years back in a package deal. This was sold via Afternic BIN at $3,888.

Younifi.com – Acquired this domain for $xx couple of months back and had BIN of $3,988 at both major platforms Sedo and Afternic. However, got direct inquiry and after I quoted price, got an offer of $2,000 for a quick deal to be done that day itself. I wasn’t tempted to sell it as that wasn’t an acceptable offer. I revised my asking and gave my final price of $3,500. Going back and forth for at least couple of times more and sticking with the same price of $3,500, buyer agreed and bought the name. All in all, it was really nice dealing with buyer. Great person to deal with.

CosmoChem.com – This was an interesting sale completed this month. Acquired the name less than two months back for $xxx, got direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander. Buyer was from Korea and if I remember correctly, I sold my first domain to a buyer from Korea. Funny thing in the entire deal was the buyer kept talking completely in Korean language which I needed to translate every time at Google Translate to understand what buyer says. After which I always responded back in English. It was good the buyer understood English language and I had no problem if he was responding back in Korean language 😀

Initially buyer asked for the price for which I quoted $7,888. Buyer offered with $3,700. I reduced to $7,250. And then there was silence for a week period… I usually don’t follow up unless I sense the seriousness from any potential buyer. In this case, I followed up and buyer improved the offer to $6,000.

I gave my final price of $7,000 and took the entire escrow fee at my end which in almost all my transactions, my buyers pay. Eventually $7,000 was accepted and deal completed through Escrow.com

TheNordic.com – Bought this domain several years back. Afternic broker (Will Black) contacted on behalf of their client with an offer of $5,888. It was having BIN for $6,888 both at Sedo and Afternic. He asked if I’ve any flexibility, would like to counter or accept. I responded to remain stick at $6,888. Few days later, got accepted and payment on the way! Many thanks Will as you’ve done good job in getting the buyer to accept $6,888. It’s been great doing business with you in past and this time as well! Hope to do many more deals with you in future 🙂

VELO.org – I’m sharing this particular sale because surprisingly this was my first .org sale and was sold for $5,888 through Afternic BIN.

Feel free to share your past and/or recent domain sales and if you like can give feedback on my sales.

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33 Responses to “Few recent interesting domain sales”

  1. Jid says:

    Interesting read bro. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leo Golan says:

    Amazing sales, AbdulBasit!

    Just one question: how aren’t you afraid to hold BIN on two platforms? What if you get sales on both…

    • Thanks Leo!

      Good question.

      There are two scenarios I can think on your questions right now.
      First, any buyer who is already in negotiating directly will be crazy enough to go through any of those marketplace to buy the name at BIN where there are no chances of getting at less price while hitting BIN. So I personally rule out this case.

      Second, if buyer A is already negotiating with me through direct inquiry and buyer B hits BIN through Afternic or Sedo, I’ll honor to the buyer who accepts my offer at first and will inform the other buyer, the name is already sold.

      But if you’re saying the domain gets sold simultaneously both at Sedo and Afternic… I consider this very rare thing to happen. Also I try my best to remove the name from other platform right away the domain gets sold.

      • Logan says:

        The probability of that happening is so low that it isn’t worth worrying about it. If it does happen, it’s a good thing — you got it sold at your high BIN price regardless!

  3. Darko says:


    congrats and thanks for sharing your sales. This is very educational and means a lot to me!

  4. Jamie Zoch says:

    Congrats on the sales Abdul!

    Great job!

  5. Richard says:

    Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  6. Xull says:

    Congrats on you sales bro and Happy Aidil Adha.

  7. Very nicely written and in detail Abdul bhai!!

  8. Muhammad Owais says:

    Wa Alaikum Assalam! As usual we are seeing some great sales. Congrats Abdul Basit. Thanks for sharing

  9. Wa Alaikum Salaam Mr Abdulbasit. EID MUBARAK. Congratulations on your fantastic sales. Great sales indeed and kudos to your determination on inflexible pricing policy.

  10. Green Jobs says:

    Like that GreenPest sale.

  11. A domain Investor says:

    Eid Greetings!!!

    It feels good to know about your recent sales, which are indeed interesting.

    I would like to know approximately what percentage of your domain portfolio consists of keyword domains (with Google search volume) in .com, .net, .org and other Tlds? And how quickly they sell?

    Have you ever sold a .biz and .info domain name?

    Yesterday, I sold airline-tickets.net for $300 on Sedo. I had acquired it for $xx last year. The keyword “airline tickets” has a search volume of 550,000 according to keyword tools. In your opinion, was it sold for too less?

    • EID Greetings!

      Thank you!

      Never counted exactly but roughly 90% are .com domains and rest are .net/.org/.co/.cc/.im domains. Usually average sell rate is somewhere between 3-5 years. The higher asking price, the longer it takes to sell.
      Never sold .info or .biz name. Have may be around 5 names altogether.

      Congrats on your sale which is nice considering hyphen as well as .net domain which isn’t easy to sell. I would’ve taken that amount for sure. But to be honest, I wouldn’t have bought at first. You did well IMO.

  12. Vinod R says:

    Very good read. One thing I notice is that you keep still at the pricing you have quoted without too much flexibility and you stick to that. How do you keep the BIN price is it comparing with the related sales or any other method you use for calculation.

  13. Logan says:

    Very nice sales on some very nice domain names, Abdul. Congratulations!

  14. Domino Store says:

    Wow so cool sales. All sold this year?

    Do you do any promotion to promote those domains?

    • Yeah, all sold in recent months only.
      No promotion other than listing with Sedo/Afternic marketplaces.

      • Domino Store says:

        They are all very good sale, to be honest.

        But mind to share, how do you decide the pricing for each of those domains? How are you so sure those would be sold at those prices in the first place?

        Honestly, if i owned all those names, below would be my pricing on Sedo, Afternic and/or other marketplaces

        GreenPest: same range like yours
        Younifi: $400-$800 only
        Cosmochem: $400-800 only
        TheNordic.com: $500-$1500 range
        Velo.org: $300-$800 range only despite it is 1 word, but it is not English word, and it is .org

        I dont think those names (except greenpest) would be sold for 4fig range. Although CosmoChem and Younifi have some similar names in other country tld, but they seem like trademark and not really keyword names that people search.

        Mind to share?😁

        • Thanks!

          Being in any business, you take risks and there is no guarantee you’ll end up selling your product/service for sure. And if we talk about this particular business (domaining), we know the level of liquidity so most domainers will end up not selling their major part of their portfolio. So is the case at my end as well.

          About pricing, it all comes to years of experience which matters the most. I don’t consider relevant sales for pricing my domains as that varies from seller to seller and their financial position, need, knowledge, acquisition cost, etc.

          Nice to know your mindset on pricing those sold domains and being open in sharing.

          Best wishes!

  15. WOW , amazing sales , I am impressed by the sale of your first .org , Best of Luck Abdul Basit Bro !!

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