From $2,000 offer to a $12,500 sale

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s been great year so far in terms of $$$ of sales but the number of sales are very poor but I would say overall it’s fantastic.

So here is another sale which I wanted to share. Many readers asked me the purchase price or at least the price range I should share so I have decided to disclose the price range. Normally I don’t share because buyer might feel I overpaid considering the ROI made by the seller.

Anyhow, the domain in question is which I sold for $12,500. Bought in 3 figs range. Buyer came directly through WHOIS and offered 2K when I asked to present an offer. When I said offers only in 5 figs will be entertained, they came up with 3K and 3.6K. With no positive response from my end, they revised their offer and presented 10K. My next move was to shift from giving the price range to quoting the exact asking price which was 15K. Finally the deal was finalized at 12.5K which was the middle of both our quote and offered prices.


During the entire process, I was *NOT* happy with for the first time through which the deal was completed. For more detail about this, I will share it in one of my next posts.

As always your feedback, suggestion and/or criticism is welcome so feel free to shoot one 😉

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31 Responses to “From $2,000 offer to a $12,500 sale”

  1. Congrats AbdulBasit!
    The best thing you can do is having a buyer bidding against himself!

    • Thanks Konstantinos!
      You have shared a tip for all and whoever understands and implement will increases the chances of getting more out of the buyer 🙂

      • emoney says:

        Which platforms and marketplaces are best to sell domains?
        Do you market your domains independently/individually or use marketplaces like sedo and domainnamesales etc? I mean selling should be through marketplaces or outbound marketing? Do you recommend inbound marketing or outbound marketing for domains? How do you get more sales? Whether it is through marketplaces, inbound marketing or outbound marketing? Do you use facebook to target your clients?

  2. Logan Flatt says:

    Congratulations on an successful transaction!

  3. Noor Manji says:

    Congrats AbdulBasit, great sale and I appreciate you sharing your purchase price range.

    • Thanks Noor 🙂
      May be in future I will share the exact purchase price as well 😉 I just don’t share mainly because buyer might think they overpaid after finding out the detail of sale which I usually share it publicly. So most of the time I just keep it to private 😀

  4. JZ says:

    good sale! i find escrow slow to pay out these days.

  5. Muhammad Owais says:

    nice sale Abdul Basit… When did you buy this domain?

  6. @domains says:

    Congrats on a nice sale. Was wondering what Enkla means or if it’s a made up word, looks like it’s a Swedish word.

  7. Congratulations AbdulBasit! You’re very good at holding out for a price you want. I think many would have taken the deal at 10K. It’s a good habit or skill to nuture.

    • Thanks John for your kind words 🙂
      Not easy to resist yeah when there is a tempting offer of 10K and the asking is 15K. I need to be more stronger in future for sticking to my minimum price set in mind.

  8. Wulff says:

    Congrats – Enkla is the swedish word for Simple

  9. Venu says:

    Good sale Abdul… Now that we know how it was sold. Mind sharing your thought process behind purchase of

    • Thanks Venu!

      I love investing in 5L .com but only in those which are either pronounceable, has meaning or both together. In this case, it had both. Enkla means simple/easy in Swedish language. Having meaning in any known language is bonus. The time inquiry came in, I knew the buyer was from Sweden by doing some research.

  10. danny says:

    … interested to see the ‘escrow’ post coming up. Have had some recent issues as well. Congrats on the healthy sale!

  11. Charley says:

    Is this a namejet purchase?

  12. Josh says:

    Congrats on the sale Abdul. Your firmness in negotiation is commendable. Do you respond to all inquiries by asking for an offer?

    • Thanks Josh!

      Glad you like it 🙂

      Yes, I respond to all inquiries with asking to make an offer at first. When someone shows interest at first for my domain, I want the potential buyer to present an offer to see his seriousness/interest level/budget, etc.

  13. […] mentioned in my last post about having bad experience with for which I promised to share how it actually was a […]

  14. KoolBranding says:

    Great sale. Did you know in advance that it meant simple/easy in Swedish or was it mainly being a nice pronounceable 5L Domain name?

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