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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

In this post, I would like to talk about a life-saving website for those that are interested in domain names: Launched a few months ago, gathers together all the information available out there for domains and saves you from the trouble of having to use multiple tools. On, you can search for domains through hundreds of extensions, check registered and available ones, get detailed information on each domain, and also explore among registered domains using scores of filtering options. It was such a unique experience to be able to view how many domains are registered containing the specific keyword that you are looking for, and how many of them are on sale, all displayed in just a single page. Besides, the fact that all these information are laid out for free puts one step ahead of other tools.

In a nutshell,

  • Brings together 350 million registered domains in the world,
  • Combines the information on 40 million domains that are on sale across marketplaces such as Sedo, Afternic, and Uniregistry,
  • Offers you advanced filters for many searching combinations,
  • All without charging a penny.

On, there is a separate page dedicated for every domain name. On this page, you can see the following information regarding each domain:

  • Up-to-date Whois Info,
  • Up-to-date Sales Info (sales type and price),
  • Website Info (website status and Alexa rank),
  • Domain Info (language, keywords, domain length),
  • Whois History,
  • Dispute History,
  • Similar Domain Names Sales History,
  • State of other extensions available for that domain (total number of registrations, number of available and on sale extensions),
  • Similar registered domains.

With Advanced Search, you can search with multiple keywords, display results that are on sale, set a price range for query outputs that are on sale and by using special filters like extension type and setting the number of characters, you can find what you are looking for momentarily.

Apart from providing information for each domain, presents statistical data as well. Which for me is pretty cool. By searching with a keyword on the Trends page, you can see the total number of registered domains containing the keyword and the number of domains that are on sale, examine the usage frequency of domains and view the popularity rank of a keyword. Also on the Trends page, you can check the status of your keyword among popular extensions.

Under’s Registrars page, there are profiles for registrars where you can display the number of domains hosted by each registrar, their rank, registrar’s country ranking, and further details. While on the Extensions page, you can see all the extensions as a ranked list.

The data analyses and collections provided by tells us that more features are yet to come soon. I would like to congratulate for bringing a breeze of fresh air into the industry and thank them for developing a product that’ll make our jobs easier. will definitely be helpful for the people in the domain name industry.

I’ve been using Dofo since it was newly launched and I would be more happy to see more features added especially Reverse WHOIS.

Feel free to share your feedback using Dofo and if you would like to have some new feature(s), please post in the comment below. I believe the team of Dofo is really fantastic especially the CEO Macit Tuna who would definitely consider your feedback to be implemented.

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9 Responses to “ – Discover, buy, register domain all at one place!”

  1. sheraz says:

    thanks for sharing the site
    really like the follow feature which should be by default option in all domain marketplaces for update on domain price change.

  2. Kassey Lee says:

    Great overview of Dofo! I use it everyday and I like its clean and simple UI. How do you compare it with dotDB? Finally, I’d like to see provision of API.

    • Although results are quite similar in terms of numbers. But I would still prefer DotDB over Dofo especially due to two reasons.

      Since I’m using the paid plan at DotDB, there is an advantage of all the extensions clickable. So all the extensions let’s take an example of Simplifire which shows these extensions at DotDB – .com, .net, .org, .de,, and each of them is having clickable link to their respective site.

      Another reason is more important to me. Now let’s take an example of a two keyword domain PrintFactory. If you search over at Dofo, it gives you result of 336 whereas at DotDB 284. Although results varies on the keyword. But when you give SPACE like Print Factory to search at DotDB, the result gets pretty big 465. At times, I need to search in every possible way what comes in the middle of those 2 keywords. But not all are potential buyers because there are many variants which are joining with the other word. Hope Dofo implements both these features which are very helpful.

      • Macit says:


        Thanks for your feedback 🙂

        I’m not sure if I understand correctly, but if you mean clickable links for each domain name, we show the links only on the domain detail page if there is an active website on that domain name.

        Maybe you can use Website Filter to show which domain name has an active website on it:

        For keyword search;
        Dofo provides lots of search features to you 🙂

        If you search for printfactory, it shows all the domain names that contain the phrase”printfactory”. (

        If you want to search for the domain names that contain print and factory; then you should search for “print, factory”. There are 616 domain names with that search (,factory).

        You can also use starts with, ends with, not contains filters for refining your search. Moreover, hyphen, number, IDN filters can be used. Just visit the Advanced Search Page:

        Let me know if this what you are looking for.

        • Thanks for your detailed response which is appreciated.

          By clickable link – here all these extensions are going to their respective sites. Suppose when you click extension it redirects to and so on…

          Yeah, I was aware of all the filters but wasn’t sure if searching by giving space was also possible but at Dofo it’s by entering , which I think should be mentioned somewhere on the site or given as a filter somewhere because it’s not clear for normal user to simply enter comma to search this way.

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