Domain Backordering Companies I have known so far

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I have joined this month and it’s my first post after enrolling in – thanks to Francois.

Today I would like to share the domain backordering companies I have worked with. None of them are listed in any specific order.

Snapnames-backordering-companySince long time I am using their service and witnessed they have the best catching ratio by far. I am always confident giving BO with them because most of the time they are able to catch domains and beat the competitors even though there are some new companies recently launched.

They also offer pre-release domains as they have done partnership with many registrars and those expiring domains are exclusively auctioned off at SnapNames. You can find many good domains out there. are good at catching .tv/.cc domains but once in a blue moon will grab a decent .com on your behalf. Not sure when that they will come for me like it happened with the owner of which was some time back caught by No harm is giving BO with them but most of the time good names are already backordered so very slim chance left if you are going to BO when a name enters into PendingDelete status. What you can do is to place BO when the domain enters Redemption Grace Period (RGP). At this stage, people normally don’t place BO with because they charge you upfront and your money is stuck until the domain gets dropped and will be available.
Personally I don’t use much for backordering .com domains because chances are quite low and I don’t need to stuck my money with the company who normally grabs almost nothing good. One thing I like about them is they take BO on first come first serve basis but there is lot of room left for improvement in increasing the catching ratio. have used them in past to backorder .cc domains and was really happy to see them catching some good domains for me. Wrote a review about them in past. When they newly launched the BO fee was as low as $19 + domain reg fee. Since then they have increased up to $64.99 which is costly. The only thing I like about them for .com backordering is they don’t charge you anything upfront. Only when the domain is successfully grabbed on your behalf. But that never actually happens 😀

pheenix-backordering-companyThis is a new company and to promote themselves they offered people to backorder on first come first serve basis. I was excited to see new competitor in backordering business and some time later they changed their business model to private auction. I left them for quite some time and the CEO of “Tan Tran” actually offered me couple of free BO credits which I declined because I was disappointed to see them making private auction system. They started with first come first serve basis just to get clients and when they reach their target, everything was changed.
Recently I joined back Pheenix when I saw them beating SnapNames and other companies. Impressive to see them catching some good domains and I have won some nice names for myself.

DropCatch-another-backordering-company I have joined them since their launch of “beta” and I don’t need to say much about them. One of the greedy  companies I have ever worked with. I just dislike their system of making public auctions. People’s hard work is drained off in seconds who placed backorders initially. You can read more about them here.

Namejet-backordering-company They are not as good as SnapNames in catching Pending Delete domains but you are going to find lot of great domains auctioned off daily from the pre-releases. Similar to SnapNames, they have many registrars affiliated with NameJet and all expiring domains registered at them are auctioned at NameJet.

godaddy-backordering-companyI used to BO domains with GoDaddy several years back and I can say they are one of the poor companies in backordering domains. Never caught a single decent domain. I have even heard that some people successfully beat GoDaddy by hand registering domains and at the same time the domain was backordered with GoDaddy! Funny and may be true story because I have read this from many people. Also I have previously written about GoDaddy backordering service here.




hexonet-domain-backordering-company They launched backordering service for .cc domains in 2010 and I was in the first few to join them. When they caught first domain, there was another person who had placed backorder for the same name and it went to public auction. The same greedy business model which is currently operated by It was a domain which were merely worth few hundred bucks but they auctioned at GoDaddy Auctions for some days. That domain went for over $1,000. I was really angry at them and their CSO responded it’s newly launched service and we are soon going to make it private auction system and they did it some time later but since than I have never used and I feel it was a good decision by me. I wrote in detail about in the past which you can read here.

They charge you upfront some $14.99 so I paid them in advance thinking they will some day catch a domain for me. Yes, they are also doing private auction so not as bad as greedy DropCatch. But I found the poor thing about Dynadot was when I backordered several domains and they failed each time so I thought to ask for a refund but they declined to refund back and said I am forced to use this fund at Dynadot. dynadot-backordering-company
That’s nonsense really! Now for this purpose I cannot backorder some crappy name to get rid of them. Personally, I don’t recommend any one using them because they don’t catch any good names for you so the money is left with them.

What’s your experience with any of the above companies? Feel free to share any other backordering service you know.

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27 Responses to “Domain Backordering Companies I have known so far”

  1. Elena says:

    Dynadot charges upfront for backorders? No they don’t.
    I frequently backorder at Dynadot and I only need to pay if they actually catch my domain (and even then I still have a window of 48 hours to pay).

    • AbdulBasit says:

      They might have changed recently because I joined them some time back and paid $14.99 for which I asked the refund and got the response “prepay orders and Dynadot account credit are non-refundable.”

      I explained why I am asking for refund because the domains are not caught by your company so why should have I that money with you.

      They said “our Service Agreement does state that prepay orders are non-refundable.”

      It’s not about $14.99 because that’s just small amount but the way they are operating isn’t good.

      If they have changed recently it’s a good turnaround IMO.

  2. Tauseef says:

    I’m here through Domaining link. Congrats for being accepted by Francois. Your logo looks great there. Hope you’ll blog now more often. Thanks for sharing brief profile about companies above.

  3. AL says:

    Good to see “new” bloggers on This industry really need new speakers.

    About refunds hexonet I think hexonet would have refunded you.

    About Pheenix instead I have the impression that they will keep for them a domain if they catch it and they like it…

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks AL.

      Yes, Hexonet refunded full money.

      Have you experienced or read something like this about Pheenix? I have been into many auctions at Pheenix but never saw they are trying take away any domain. I often check the WHOIS after 3-4 days of auction getting over and most of the time it’s bought by resellers.

  4. Diego says:

    Good fair reviews, Abdul, thanks!

    What’s about BackorderZone?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Diego!

      Actually I have never used BackorderZone and read several bad reviews about them.

      It would be nice to see if any one can put some light on this company’s backordering service.

      • Diego says:

        I saw they caught some good .com ones, so I have made several tries without any luck by this time.

        $49USD deposit is required as credit for the first backorder.

        • AbdulBasit says:

          I see… So that $49 deposit gets you started backordering domains with them.

          There are some active auctions going on so any one can jump into those and start bidding similar to DropCatch or all are private auctions?

          • Diego says:

            If no late changes, they are private auctions. You need to place a backorder prior to the domain was caught for bidding.

  5. Diego says:

    By the way … Never tried Pool?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks for the clarification…

      Oh yeah Pool! They used to be in this business long time back. These days I don’t see them catching ANY good .com domain. Have you been successful with them lately?

      • Diego says:

        I don’t use to place too many backorders there, but I see they caught for me a very nice .com (registered in more than 15 TLDs) on last August …

        • AbdulBasit says:

          Thanks for sharing your experience and you are lucky that Pool grabbed a nice domain on your behalf.

          • Ben says:

            The worst backordering company is
            I backordered over 2000 domains they did not catch even 1 domain.
            They sold our domains and not send our payment…
            We have vbery ad experieces with
            3 years ago they are not bad… But now… Ohhhhh…NO WAY….

          • AbdulBasit says:

            That’s really poor catching rate and unfortunate incident happened with Pool not sending the payment. Can you elaborate in this regard a bit more?

            Thanks for sharing though 🙂

  6. Paul says:

    Thanks for the list AbdulBasit, and now Bookmarked. And after reading your reviews I will definitely be giving Pheenix a try again as it’s been such a long time since I used them.
    (And congratulations on your inclusion on Well deserved :-))

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Nice to see you bookmarked and found it helpful.

      Yes, I would suggest you try Pheenix again and they have the ability to beat big guns like SnapNames and NameJet.

      Thanks Paul and I hope to see your blog in action at very soon 🙂

  7. NameYouNeed says:

    Nice round-up. Yeah I’ve had mixed luck with Pool as well. My preference these days is Pheenix since they are low cost and have an no-frills interface.

  8. AbdulBasit says:

    Pool seems to be history now.
    Pheenix interface is not good looking but easy navigation and I like the clock ticks automatically without the need of refreshing the page.

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  10. Drew Towers says:

    Hey Abdul,

    You mind making mention of my service in the article? offers free domain name backordering and keyword based pending delete domain name alerts for your preset keywords on domains entering the pending Delete pool.

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