Domain Parking Revenue for May 2014 which was record breaking

Domain-Parking-Revenue-for-May-2014-which-was-record-breakingHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

If you remember I was hoping to have better next month in parking as mentioned in my previous month’s parking revenue post and I got it right. I added some more domains to DNS and was able to hit the $900 mark!

I can sense the drop in revenue from this month because the domains which made significant revenue last month were having temporary traffic boost. From now onwards, I have decided to share some approx stats of my parking which might be useful for you in some way…

Total visitors – 110,000+

Total clicks – 6,200+

Total parked domains – 650

Total revenue – Won’t share the exact amount but it was over $900

Top niche which made the most for me – Telecommunication

$$ made on a single day – $54

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts as there is going to be some exciting news πŸ™‚

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37 Responses to “Domain Parking Revenue for May 2014 which was record breaking”

  1. LouChe says:

    Nice work Abdul. I have close to 500 domains parked with DNS and hardly make anything, can you give me some tips on what, if anything, I can do to increase revenue?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks LouChe.
      I tried using “specific keyword” for my domains in the past but the revenue dropped significantly. Also found that other people having similar drop in earning so if you are having this setting make sure to change and see the result in coming days…

      Other than that, you can look some of my domains at which will give you an idea of what type of domains I buy, park and sell.

      Also you can read my previous articles which will give you more clear picture in making better decisions for acquiring domains.

      • Steve says:

        “I tried using β€œspecific keyword” for my domains in the past but the revenue dropped significantly.”

        Just to check … I assume you still went through and categorized (and sub-categorized) the specific lander page for each domain? And, you then just made sure the “specific keyword” box was NOT checked (e.g. the ‘specific keyword limitation was NOT applied). Is that correct?


        • AbdulBasit says:

          Hi Steve,

          Thanks for coming and your comment πŸ™‚

          To be honest I didn’t got enough time to categorize each domain so I normally leave DNS to select the category/sub-category by default. However, I have manually changed the category and sub-categories for hundreds of domains but still many are left with default selection by DNS. 99% of my domains parked at DNS are NOT applied with specific keyword setting. That 1% is done purposely because for some domains having TM issues and I have to make sure they don’t show up ads related to any TM so making specific keyword setting keeps things a bit safe.

          • Steve says:

            Hi Abdul –

            Thanks for your reply.

            Do you happen to know which grouping of your domains is performing better:

            a) the ones you “have manually changed the category and sub-categories”


            b) the ones which “are left with default selection by DNS.”

            I recall reading comments from someone who said for the first few months, they just left the “default selection by DNS” (even though MANY were categorized incorrectly, and displayed unrelated landers/pictures). After a few months, they finally got around to properly categorizing their entire portfolio (so all the landers/pictures now correctly matched the domain keyword(s)).

            However, over the next few months, they had such huge drop in revenue that they decided to deleted their entire portfolio from the DNS system; and then re-uploaded it. [They claimed this was the only way to ‘clear’ all the categorization they had done; and return everything back to the “default selection by DNS”].

            Unfortunately, I cannot recall where I read this (and, despite several attempts using Google search, have been unsuccessful in locating the original comment/article).

            When I joined DNS, I immediately categorized all my domains; so I did not experience any revenue based on the “default selection by DNS”. So, before I consider resorting to deleting & then re-uploading my portfolio (thereby losing all my manual categorizations), I’d really be interested to know if you (or any of your readers) have experienced similar revenue differences (between “default selection by DNS” VERSUS “manual categorization of each domain”).

            Thanks again!

          • AbdulBasit says:


            Thanks for sharing.

            Most of my domains are left with default selection by DNS and some of them are manually changed by myself because they were showing entirely different ads which had no relevancy to the domain.

            I have seen drop in clicks and revenue when the domain is categorized incorrectly (means having fun related ads on rehab domain). So for this reason I need to fix the categories whenever I see some domain is having an inappropriately categorized.

            So far I have seen everyone happy using DNS platform. But I have read on several occasions that people have seen significant drop in revenue when they chose the specific keyword option. I even talked with DNS team that after making “specific keyword” for all my domains why I am seeing less number of clicks and revenue even I see now targeted ads. Their response was it happens and my portfolio doesn’t fit in it. Not sure what exactly that means because none of the domain I see performs well when I select specific keyword. Still I have to select this setting for some domains to show relevant ads and not to get in trouble with legal issues.

            It’s good to categorize your domains whenever you add them. But I have never seen any drop or jump in revenue when keeping it default selection or manual categorization for my domains.

  2. Diego says:

    Congrats, Abdul! Good job! πŸ˜‰

  3. Zaki Ahmed says:

    Woow, Congrats and Thanks for Sharing more insights which will give some clarity on Ongoing trends in parking.
    Hopefully June will see 1k+

    One quick question: Have you recently shifted focus on purchasing names specifically for parking ? Which saw this Jump ?


    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Zaki πŸ™‚

      Consistency is the key and I hope to reach 1k mark from the beginning of next year. This was just a traffic hike for some domain which resulted in making more $$$. I can see things are back to normal…

      I haven’t been buying domains specifically for parking purpose. Still I focus on buying domains for which I can find several potential endusers.

  4. Tauseef says:

    Many Congrats!
    Interesting to note that telecommunication domains are making good returns. I think parking traffic is a good indicator on which domains to buy/park/sell.
    Now, seeing the trend will you increase telecommunication domains?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Tauseef πŸ™‚

      Yes, that gives idea as to what type of domains to acquire for parking and/or selling purpose.

      Not necessarily. The target is to buy domains where I can see there are at least few potential buyers. Parking revenue is just a bonus. I have sold domains for thousands of Dollars and that names were making absolutely nothing for years! But they used to get type-in traffic.

  5. Assalamo Alaikum,
    Good that you are reaching one of your goal. Hope you reach all your goals you set at the beginning of this year. How do you determine whether a domain has type in traffic or not. Are there any specific tools to check it?. Thanks again

    • AbdulBasit says:

      WaAlaikum Salaam Sameeruddin,

      Yes, I am hopeful to achieve all or almost every goal within the time limit.

      Normally I find aged expired domains through NJ, SN, GD auctions and pending delete domains. Google is the best weapon to find potential endusers for the keyword domain you are planning to buy. Look out how many sites are developed and you can also check out the lower extensions registered in that domain.

      Also try to find the different variations registered with that domain. Check this out where I have mentioned the site in order to retrieve all the similar variations. You can later contact each of them to find if any of the domain owner is interested in yours…

  6. Francois says:

    You should add the number of domains parked (and highlight it, in the case I missed it) for a better perspective of your earnings otherwise it’s useless.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Francois for coming and your comment. Really appreciate that.

      To be honest that’s the most important point I missed out while giving other stats. I went ahead and just added the number of domains parked which gives clearer picture to understand.

  7. Paul says:

    Thanks for sharing the Parking numbers AbdulBasit and well done on hitting $900+/month. Onwards and upwards πŸ™‚

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Paul πŸ™‚

      The most important thing is consistency and right now I can see the average is $500-$600 p/month which is quite consistent for quite some time… Reaching towards the goal slowly but steadily πŸ™‚

  8. Carl Edgar says:

    Is ‘DNS’ the full name of the company? I see and as just two examples of companies out there. Which one do you use?



  9. Carl Edgar says:

    Great Abdul – shokran!

  10. Vijay says:

    Hi Abdul,

    We’ve a portfolio of few hundred domains, however we are facing some issues.

    We tried reading material on various sites, but more the views more the confusion, be it godaddy, sedo, afternic etc. And then eventually landed on your website, which had more insight and more importantly a real, un-hyped and neutral perspective. Excellent job!

    That said, well here are some of major issues we are facing –

    1. Domain Appraisal: We tried evaluating are domains with various tools like estibot, valuate, sedo etc. Not only we found appraisals superficial, biggest surprise was RANGE of differ. Where some evaluator tags a domain at say $ 1000, another puts $ 0 and third major one at $ 100,000. Its bizarre to say the least.

    2. Not sure what exact route we should undertake to monetize them: i.e park or sell. And then again with whom. After reading your website, we contacted DNS and submitted request to open account, but again to no avail.

    3. We are only investors and not hardcore domainers (so to speak) and therefore require brokerage services. We certainly don’t mind paying fees to manage our portfolio, and that’s aside from their deal commission.

    However, we “heard” brokers don’t operate below a certain threshold. For ex: Dave Evanson from Sedo would only handle 100K+ domains to broker them. The moot question is, not every domain can be 100K+, nor every investor have only 100K+ domains.

    So who are brokers who operate in the 1K-100K price range, as that’s what suit our portfolio.

    4. Per your views on DNS, we sent a request to them to open a/c for us, but in vain. We got a reply it couldn’t be opened. Do you suggest, we should again contact them?

    Would appreciate your can you, very briefly, throw some light on aforesaid points. We understand you must be quite busy managing all that you are doing, but would appreciate an acknowledgement and reply to our post.

    Take care and khuda hafiz!

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Hi Vijay,

      Thanks for your comment and appreciate your time writing here.

      1) Domain appraisal sites are waste of time and useless. In short, I don’t suggest using them at all.

      2) It all depend on what kind of domains you have. Let’s say you own, you don’t need to go after finding endusers, they will eventually come after you. Getting the point right? As you said you tried to open an account with DNS, you need to wait for their reply. They want high quality domains and make sure to submit all your 50 best domains. That number is not minimum set by them. It’s just my personal suggestion. If they have rejected the reason could be low quality domain and/or less number of domain submissions to them.

      3) IMO, if you have decent quality domains, inquiries will fall into your inbox each day. If you still require brokerage service than I would suggest you try,,,,, and many more. I haven’t tried any of those because the number of inquiries received are satisfactory so I don’t need to contact any of those yet. I have worked with DNS brokers but they are normally working on inbound leads and are very much professional.

      Yes, there are certain brokers who don’t work for domains under 100k range and most of the domainers don’t have the domain of that caliber.

      4) If you haven’t got reply from them, I would suggest to wait for at least a week. If your domains were rejected than improve the quality and re-submit after a month or so…

      Once again thanks and nice to have you on board.

      Best regards and ALLAH HAFIZ πŸ™‚

      • Vijay says:

        Hi Abdul,

        At the outset, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply this quick, let alone quite detailed and brilliantly written. Thanks a ton.

        Coming quickly to what kind of domains we have: Well over 400 plus. Like I said before, none of them are single word domains which would qualify for the coveted 100K+ slot. But some of them, in all likelihood, are in the 10-50K zone. They are either hybrids or quite brand-able. For ex:

        a) HANDBRAG.COM: Good branding name for any handbag making comanpy. Can be a label in itself.
        b) 100TAKA.COM: 100taka being hallmark of perfection & purity (in Indian parlance) can be top destination for an etailing, ecom business.
        c) SIBERTOOTH.COM: Contains best of ‘sabertooth’, ‘bluetooth’ and ‘siber’. Easier to spell with very strong brand recall.

        We have assessed them based on our limited understanding of domain-world, and/or by using evaluation tools (which seemed rubbish). That’s why we were looking for some professional brokers in this regard.

        As for DNS, well we didn’t submit our portfolio presuming it was too long to be submitted at the first go. We have got mail from team DNS and will be submitting our portfolio shortly.

        Two specific questions:
        a) What % brokerage generally brokers work with?
        b) Whats your opinion on portfolio sale? I am personally not in favor of it, and would like to incubate them for next 3 yr min, but would like to hear your wise views on it.

        Lastly, does our portfolio sound sensible & worthy to you. You can direct & blunt your answers.

        Appreciate your domain wisdom & views. Thanks again Abdul.
        Take care and Allah Hafiz (is it incorrect to say khuda hafiz, that’s how its said in India)


        • AbdulBasit says:

          Thanks Vijay for your response.

          I like your eagerness to learn more about domain business and are happy to take whatever comes in your way.

          As you gave 3 of your domains which are quite brandable and personally I don’t like any of them. Yes, I do have brandable domains but it’s all about quality.

          1) seems to be typo of Handbag and most people will still go to even if you tell them your domain is

          2) – I don’t see much wide audience interested in buying this domain and have limited potential mainly because of language barrier.

          3) – I quite don’t agree with your easier to spell thing. Let’s get clear here… If I call you and tell the domain Sibertooth, what would you type in? I am sure you will type Cybertooth. Might be easier to spell but difficult to make one understand.

          Let me know where you disagree with me on above points so that I can improve myself in that area…

          For DNS, submit all your domains together and keep the best one’s on top to have some good impression.

          For brokerage commission, generally it ranges from 10-20%. There are some exceptions too like 4-8%.

          I am not in favor of portfolio sale. That way you will get bulk money but not the right money each domain is worth. In domaining you need to play waiting game for being successful.

          Khuda (it’s wrong word normally used by people which actually means to create yourself) whereas ALLAH has never created himself. His existence is always there and will remain forever.

          Let me know if you have any more questions πŸ™‚


          • Vijay says:

            Hi Abdul,

            I appreciate your views and clarity be it on domain or on religious aspects. Goes onto show you’re person with clear head & clearer vision.

            Agreed on retaining domain portfolio, but now I am thinking if all the money we spent in buying some 600 domains had went down the drain (lol) given what appealed to us instinctively, isn’t what might necessarily appeal to someone else. And relying on your experience, am sure we did mess up somewhere in picking domains.

            That said will do as suggested and shall reach DNS. By the way whats your take on

   Its self explanatory, represents whole category, and should be good for adult content
   That was only extension we could find insofar as beer was concerned.

            That said, would like to know if your in US, UK, India or exactly where do you live & operate from? And if its possible, can I have your email. Again if its possible.

            Hope to see your response soon. Until then ALLAH HAFIZ! (and yes that made perfect sense. I know where you’re coming from)


  11. AbdulBasit says:

    We all commit mistakes so that’s fine. Just need to focus on what’s good and leave the crap. Dropping the poor quality domains over high one is the right decision. Why pay renewal fee which gives out nothing.

    I won’t comment on that .xxx and .pe domain because I haven’t invested in any of those extensions so giving out wrong info is not the right thing to do. Although Beer is great keyword but this extension kills the value.

    You will get my email/contact # and the place I live at –

    Nice to see you understood quite quickly.

    Wish you all the best!

  12. Vijay says:

    Hi Abdul,

    Thanks for the contact info, have noted the same.

    Shortly will call and discuss further. As writing such lengthy emails might eat entire space of your web wall. Jokes aside, we definitely need to revamp our portfolio.

    Just one more question for the day. Given most meaningful names have already been booked, and hence wont be available in primary market, do you suggest buying (investing) premium names which may have sensible ROI going ahead.

    Our only worry in regard to buying from secondary market was & is, their current valuation and with so many TLD coming these days, if not outsmart, new TLD might devalue corresponding .com domain.

    Any tips/strategy to invest in secondary market?

    Will email/call soon. Allah Hafiz!


    • AbdulBasit says:

      If I have understood correctly about your questions I am strong feeling and looking at the current gTLDs and upcoming one’s are going to fail drastically and only a few of them will be successful at some point. That too are going to face stiff competition from the already well established extensions like .com/.net/.org/ and some more.

      I won’t suggest any one to buy any gTLDs because so far my portfolio has zero gTLDs and won’t be buying any in near future.

      Simply focus on 2 word .com domains related to products/services. They are quick to roll on compare to other type of names like brandable domains. Doesn’t mean I am against brandable domains.

      Short domains are also doing very well like

      Good luck!

  13. Assalamo Alaikum,
    May I know where do you park.
    I have 200+ domains. Please suggest some parking site.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      WaAlaikum Salaam,
      Almost all my domains are parked at and I think it’s the best compare to many others I have tested in past…

  14. Anyacc says:

    Well, for 110k visitors you got only $900? RPM is too low…at least RPM should be around $10

    • AbdulBasit says:

      I quite agree with you. The RPM is not that good overall but the domains which are making good revenue are having nice RPM but due to poor performing domains with no clicks and just hundreds of visitors are messing up the stats overall πŸ˜€

      • Carl Edgar says:

        If by ‘poor performing domains’ you mean domains that attract visitors but not clicks – that’s the parking company’s problem. Our responsibility is to park domains that will attract visitors. Getting them to click depends on the parking company’s page.

        OK, there may be a narrow argument that we can fine tune each domain’s parking keywords etc but with hundreds of domains parked that’s not practical


        • AbdulBasit says:

          Thanks for commenting Carl πŸ™‚

          I was coming to the point you mentioned later so well said. I have a domain which gets hundreds of daily type-ins with very few clicks. For that I think it’s the parking company problem because the ads are very much relevant and one must wonder why there are no clicks. On the contrary, there are domains which gets 1-2 visitors/clicks and make more money than the one mentioned above.

          So overall, that lowers the RPM. I feel if someone has 1k names and making the same amount of money, he is making good $$$ from his portfolio. Even if the domains are not getting sold, still he is in profit. At least, renewals are being paid off!

          It’s true that changing categories for each domain is time consuming and not an easy task but the domains which might have some TM issue, it’s better to take care of them before getting into real trouble.

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