5 Responses to “DropCatch.com account suspended without warning/notification”

  1. Paul K says:

    Sorry to hear about problems at DropCatch.

    Just as a side note…I received an email from DC, just within this week, that an old auction was being reopened due to suspected shill bidding and they were looking into this auction and others.

    I cant find the email but maybe some correlation?

    Looks like they are doing some shill bidding investigations.

    Best of luck,

    • Thanks for commenting Paul.

      Such emails from DropCatch are usual and they restart auction for certain domains where the winning bidder fails to pay within the time period.

      The issue for me is they should have asked me for verification in order to keep my account running as usual or presented any wrong activity from my end before suspending it. They didn’t informed me in any way and after I contacted them it was their response. Had I didn’t login to my account, it looked like they were not going to bother even informing it.

      After checking my emails right now, I could see my first purchase and use of DropCatch was in early 2014. Since than I’ve bought hundreds of domains and made payment on time.

      This behavior is really not acceptable and poor business ethics IMO.

  2. Johnny says:

    Is anyone else using your ip, or an ip for another username from your household?

    Currently lots of fraud on the exchange from China, India/Pakistan region in regards to front running.

    • Thanks for commenting Johnny and your concern.

      No one is using my IP/device for accessing DropCatch or any suspicious activity happened from my end.

      I can understand what you’re saying. If that was the case, I think it was better to contact me directly and ask whatever they needed and I would be happy to provide them.

      But after suspending my account and not informing, I’ve to contact and now they’re asking to provide photo ID. It looks quite embarrassing.

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