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Uniregistry, Uniregistry registrar, cheap and best registrarHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

More than a year back I wrote a post about reviews on some registrars through which I have dealt with and GoDaddy being my preferred registrar until last month but since than my priority has been changed and I have moved more than half of my portfolio to new registrar which is operated by Frank Schilling who also runs DomainNameSales where 99% of my domains are parked.

I would like to share my new little experience with Uniregistry and why I decided to move all my domains to them although right now 65% of domains are moved and the rest will be completed in next couple of months time In Sha ALLAH.

Frank Pavilonis (Account Executive) made me aware of their service and features which were quite impressive and I was able to make the decision quite easily. As everyone knows it’s not an easy task to move hundreds of domain out to a new registrar and get use to of their control panel.

Now let me tell you in detail so that will help you in deciding whether to register/transfer domains at Uniregistry.

First couple of issues for me were pricing and security and Frank was kind enough to provide me special registering/renewal/transfer pricing for the extensions I was most interested in such as .com, .net and .org. I can’t reveal what exact pricing I am offered but I would strongly suggest you to contact (Frank Pavilonis) and see what they have offer for you. Overall, I am quite satisfied with their pricing customized for me.

As for security, I have always felt insecure at GoDaddy because they don’t offer two way authentication in most part of the world and my country is one of them. At Uniregistry, they offer 2 step verification after which I feel completely secure in terms of domain stealing. I always wanted this feature and it was one of the key feature which tempted me towards them.

As everyone admits that GoDaddy domain manager operates very slow but here you will find it pretty fast and I am very much satisfied making such decision.

Another major benefit is having live chat support with the entire team of DNS including the one’s at Uniregistry so you have any issues can just talk to them. Everyone is very friendly and cooperative. I found the entire team very helpful including the tech guys behind the scene as well as Frank Pavilonis.

For many of the domain investors the two most important things are security and pricing, both of which are provided at Uniregistry. They also offer free WHOIS privacy service which personally I don’t care as that is not a feature I am interested in…

Feel free to share your experience/feedback with Uniregistry if any. You can also ask questions directly or get in touch with Frank whose contact details are mentioned above.

Please note: this is NOT a paid post.

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19 Responses to “My review on domain name registrar”

  1. “I can’t reveal what exact pricing I am offered …”
    Well, Kosta was offered $8.56, as he publicly disclosed, and that IMHO is a great price. 🙂
    2 step verification and free WHOIS privacy can be very useful, but what about support tickets?
    When I was with DNS once I waited for 16 days (days, not hours!) to get an answer.

    LOL @ “Please note: this is NOT a paid post.”
    We know it’s not 😉

    • AbdulBasit says:

      I am always happy to share as much as I can but on pricing I was requested not to reveal it. But I can say it’s somewhere in the same range what Konsta being offered. Feel free to shoot an email ( to get answer on pricing and other queries if you have any…

      I had issues with them in the beginning which were mostly technical and were fixed with the help of Frank through live chat.

      16 days is too much and I get the response at DNS within 2-3 business days.

      I still needed to clear it in case someone think so 😉

      • I’ve dropped a line to Frank, he made me an offer, but it’s still higher than what I’m paying at Namesilo, where I’m gradually moving out from GoDaddy, let’s see if we can reach a good price 😉
        As far as I see, the difference in pricing is due to the different size of portfolios, maybe they should consider also quality and not only quantity.

        • AbdulBasit says:

          Quantity might be one of the factor in presenting the pricing but I am sure they consider several other factors like the person having an account with DNS and might be the sales/business making through DNS…

          I am surprised to see you moved to Voodoo over DNS but revenue depends on the type of domains. But here I agree with you that Voodoo give some more stats which I really miss at DNS and I am sure they are going to put that in as well in future…

          Thanks for the input Andrea 🙂

      • The reason why we left DNS was not only related to support, but mainly to the fact that their (no-frills) parking platform was not working well for our domains.
        Now we are with Voodoo, which IMHO is way better for parking, more stats (you can also see where your traffic comes from), real time traffic stats, many optimization tools, and better revenue, at least in our experience.

  2. odbird says:

    c’mon… give us a hint… what’s the best price they offer? inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Surfer says:

    GoDaddy offers 2 step auth and live chat. If you’re going to review, use facts.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Not sure if you have read my post correctly where I clearly mentioned about GoDaddy that “they don’t offer two way authentication in most part of the world and my country is one of them”.

      About live chat, as far as I know, that’s only available for U.S people.

      In short, GoDaddy offers no live chat support worldwide, no two way authentication worldwide and no free privacy for any one!

      • AbdulBasit,
        As far as I know, GoDaddy live chat is available also outside of US (I’m not based in US as well), but probably is not available in your country.
        You are correct about Whois privacy, you have to pay for it at GD, and I can confirm you that at GD 2 factor auth is available only to US customers.

  4. Ron Turner says:

    Not a paid post, but a nice uniregistry affiliate banner 🙂

    Why not try Namesilo? I moved my entire portfolio to them 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Their support is tremendous (just look around online for customer service reviews), they have completely free whois privacy as well, and their pricing is rock-bottom – especially if you use their discount program:

    I’ve been seeing their name pop up for the last year or so on most real domain forums, so it seems like the secret is out. Also, their growth rate backs this up as they advertise being the 3rd-fastest growing registrar in the world over the last 12 months.

    They offer live chat, phone and email support as well, and their control panel is the easiest I’ve ever seen. No upsells or other BS – just domains.

    This is not a paid post 🙂

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Ron for the suggestion. Appreciate that 🙂

      I have checked Namesilo in past but thanks for the reminder and I will be looking further into that. Some interesting things are coming up at Uniregistry which I can’t reveal now which is one of many reason to go there. I will update regarding that as well.

    • Ron, you are right about Namesilo, we are moving there our names as well, they have a very intuitive control panel, free 2 factor auth, free privacy, good support (live chat + tickets), competitive pricing, so far so good for us.
      At the same time we are also evaluating some registrars based outside the US (we are not US-based), that’s why we are considering Uniregistry and maybe some other.

  5. Tauseef says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, would like to know what is the minimum quota of domains on which discount is applicable?

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