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  1. Dil says:

    You were racially profiled because you are Pakistani, very sad fact, but racism still exists in America, and beyond. Can you imagine if this happend in the US, never, only because you are from Paskistan, didn’t Flippa do the same to you? Sorry you had to go thru this.

    • Thanks for giving me this angle to think about which I never about until now. That could be the case but I’m not sure about it what exactly happened at the back end. But cannot ignore this reason too…

      As for Flippa, that case was a bit different. I’d my family members who wanted to learn about domaining opened account from same IP and during that period they (2 person excluding myself using same IP) were learning and when started using Flippa with my guidance, Flippa banned all of our accounts. I responded but as usual their poor support didn’t bother to even properly respond and stopped responding completely. I contacted Kevin Fink who was working that time at Flippa and he helped in reinstating my account but was not able to do so for 2 others due to same IP issue and all which wasn’t allowed per their T&Cs.

      I informed him and publicly announced for not using them any more in future ever in protest. Kevin is a good guy and he understood my situation and trusted me but he couldn’t help more other than reinstating just one account.

      I’m happy for not using Flippa anymore. In short, it’s Flippa loss, not mine. They may think of just losing one customer but that’s how the downfall starts. One can see if they’ve progressed or gone down in last few years.

      Thanks for commenting and showing your concern 🙂

  2. Some bad apples ruin it for others.
    It is not specific to Pakistan or Pakistani, it happens with people of many countries. Actually it can also happen if you are in developed countries like USA/Canada/UK etc.

    Systems rely on the security filters/models and it can happen.

    • Thanks for sharing your point of view which is appreciated.

      Since there is no proof I was targeted racially so I cannot take it that way any further.

      In most cases, it’s the same problem like you said of some bad apples ruin it for other good people. They’re always going to exist and ruin the entire world.

      The only issue I still have is they should’ve reinstated my account after going through all those 4 accounts who failed to make payment and I’ve been making payments without any delay since 2014 so it’s pretty easy to check and give clearance to my account but they didn’t until document provided which wasn’t good from their end. I would have provided any way and even more if asked but at the right time.

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