Thanks to everyone being part of my life in Domaining

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s a great feeling to be doing full time domaining and be your own boss. I can work at my own timings with no restrictions and obligations. I love domaining and it’s part of my life for over a decade as I bought my first domain when I was just 18 years old in 2004. Though I never became full time domainer until some years back.

Just wanted to share about the feelings I’m having as I came back from a vacation from Thailand just this month and went for a trip of 20 days. It was great pleasure and enjoying every moment of this vacation. It was possible with lot of hard work and having load of patience over the years and settling myself in today’s position where I’m able to live and have holidays every year solely based on domaining business which is really lovely to feel.

On the other hand, I wanted to share that I finally have 2,500 domains under my portfolio which is another great achievement for myself.

I sincerely wanted to thank everyone who has been part of my life right from the beginning of my career as domainer until now. There has been plenty of ups and down but that’s part of the business. Just needed to stick to basics and remain patient.

I wish everyone the very best for 2019.

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28 Responses to “Thanks to everyone being part of my life in Domaining”

  1. Ehren says:

    Congrats on the milestone Abdul. What an amazing business. Thank you as well. To a prosperous 2019!

  2. Leo Golan says:

    Congrats, Abdul! You well deserved it. You are so helpful and generous member of the domaining community. Way to go!

  3. Keith DeBoer says:

    Congrats, Abdul. Your success is well deserved!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Jamie Zoch says:

    Congrats Abdul!

  5. Abdul says:

    Walekum aslam abdul bro. .. It’s always great to learn about a great Domainer….

  6. cedric says:

    well done. Congrats Abdul.

    Have you sold any domains lately? We are waiting for that domain sales post from you.

    • I’ve sold a few but was waiting for some more to happen so I can compile a few and share it together. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much activity going at my end for almost 3 months which is bit surprising to me. But I’ll make sure to post sales as well as acquisitions in coming days.

      Thank you 🙂

  7. Rod says:

    Congratulations Abdul. You have always been an inspiration for others in the domain industry. I hope to see more blogs from you in 2019! Really enjoy reading about your journey and growth.

    • Thanks for your kind words Rod which is much appreciated!

      I’m always learning and just try to share what I’ve learned over the last many years. I’ve got this platform to share and always love to hear feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism from fellow domainers to keep things going.

      Best wishes! 🙂

  8. @domains says:

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  9. Shane Cultra says:

    Great job Abdul. Always like hearing about your domain and personal journeys. But remember its not how many domains you own. Its what domains you own.

    • Thanks for your comment and glad you like to hear my personal experiences and journey all the way.

      I think both matters together, the quality as well as the quantity. I’ve some top class names which can be seen at but having only few of them won’t keep things moving especially for anyone who’s relying solely on domain income. So all in all, I think both quantity and quality is the way to go 🙂

  10. Emi says:

    It was through your blog that I was able to get to know domaining and then also got to know about namepros and it’s been a wonderful experience. Reading your sales and purchases even made me more determined that you can earn a living with domaining so I got to work and still working harder and it’s been better having good sales as the journey progressed .One thing I wont forget is patience and long term hold.Good thing you took time off to unwind and enjoy life like we all should .

    Wishing you the best in 2019 and the years ahead, Abdul.Also to everyone enjoying your blog, wish you all the best of 2019 and years after in domaining.

    • Thank you for sharing your journey and you just made my day more better! I’m happy to hear your journey and determination 🙂

      That’s one of the the beauty of domaining. Whatever you’re doing, you never know how somewhere in the world people are learning and grasping knowledge in some way or the other. I just love it!

      Thank you once again! 🙂

  11. Gary Yeardley says:

    Hi Abdul,

    Well done on getting to 2500 domains. I’m almost at 1900. This time last year, I had about 100 names.

    Persistence is the key to any business. I wish you success in 2019


  12. Francois says:

    Great to read things are going well. I wish you the best for 2019.

  13. Malik Shabir says:

    Hi Basit,

    I am also planning for a 15 day trip to Thailand in April.

    Can you please recommend which hotel stay works best ?

    Also, did you went via a company (for example, any company arranged all, ticketing, facilities (airport pickup, day to day vacation planner etc.) ?

    Which hotel you stayed there ? And what was your experience with all their services, especially meals ?

    I am planning to use same company, hotel and vacation planner as yours, since you told above that you enjoyed this experience.

    Also, if there is any of their company website (i.e. Online booking etc.), then please do tell.

    On a side note, in 20 days, i am sure you did see alot of places in Thailand ?

    Thank you

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