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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It looks like is getting worse as the time goes by… After we all heard about Payoneer Escrow getting shut down so I started again which I had stopped due to their poor service.

I started couple of transactions at in a period of one week both for different domain and buyers. One of the transaction got completed on 30th August with last status “Inspection period ended, Buyer accepts merchandise.” 

On 3rd September, I receive an email from their Payments department which says the following:

“Dear Seller, Unfortunately we do not support disbursement to accounts under First Century Bank, Payoneer accounts, or any other third party payments service. Please kindly select or add a new disbursement method. Please inform us when your disbursement information has been updated.”

This came as shocking to me. First, they should have at least informed all their clients that they no longer support disbursement to accounts under First Century Bank and/or Payoneer accounts. Secondly, even if they didn’t bother sending emails to every of their concerned client, they could’ve updated somewhere in the middle of transaction whenever they got aware of this new changes at their end. But their so-called great support team didn’t bother to inform and waited for the transaction to get completed.

I’m forced to complete my second transaction with them as the buyer just said yesterday that payment have been already made so I’m waiting for this to be completed as well. I just didn’t wanted to receive funds via wire that’s why I started to receive funds via Payoneer.

Instead of improving their service, they’re getting worse as the time is passing. Now I shall be looking for better alternatives who not only support payment via Payoneer but also other options like PayPal.

I’m sure there are plenty of domainers who likes to receive funds via Payoneer and are using so please make sure to either change your funds disbursement method or start using another better escrow service.

Now I’ve sent an email today for disbursing my funds via wire option which is the only one left for me to choose.

**NOTE** In past, I’ve received good amount of funds in Payoneer account/card through several times.

It would be great to hear from fellow domainers which escrow service is very reliable, provides great customer support and offers several disbursement methods including at least Payoneer.

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Domains R Forever

Thank you for the warning story, AbdulBasit. More and more negatives about them on NP with every month.

What alternatives do we still have? Have you tried


Thanks for informing us AbdulBasit.

I used a First Century Bank for my transaction some years back. Please let us know if you find another alternative.

Vinod R

I have used and I should say that I was very much impressed with the service and features they have. One of the features I like most is the wallet which helps to split payments. Since my transaction was for high $$$$, I was forced to use my card 3 times to make the process and this wallet feature has helped me the most.

Before I started the deal with I talked with the team to see if they would allow split payments and they said it was not possible.


[…] Very important and bad news for escrow transactions… […]


[…] Very important and bad news for escrow transactions… […]


[…] Very important and bad news for escrow transactions… […]


[…] Very important and bad news for escrow transactions… […]


I’m always surprised when I see posts with so many negatives about Escrow. I have used them for several transactions (2K+ sales) & have never had any issues. In a name acquisition, i sourced for a client, they were also very helpful to the (very inexperienced) domain owner & got them through a bit of a mess they(the owners) caused. Cross my fingers, but I cant offer a complaint only positive. Sorry for those who have faced issues though, I can imagine it’s very very frustrating.