Why I stopped using Escrow.com integration from DomainNameSales.com

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I have been using Escrow.com integration from DomainNameSales.com for the past many sales but since few months I have stopped using it because I was not getting affiliate revenue and I used to think that my affiliate link was being used which wasn’t the actual case here. I checked with DNS team and they confirmed that I am not receiving any chunk of sale from Escrow and there was no way of changing to my needs.










I went ahead and turned off the Escrow.com integeration feature from DNS settings. Unless there are changes made at DNS to add my affiliate link, I am not going to use this feature which is really nice but since I am not getting the commission for each sale, I would prefer to use it manually.

So now whenever any deal occurs, I normally provide my affiliate link to the buyer in order to create account at Escrow.com after which I initiate the transaction once the buyer informs about the email ID which he used to open his account.

I thank Escrow.com representative Keith Gettle for informing me that I wasn’t making anything for the past many domain sales due which I stopped using this integration.

I suggest DNS to make some changes so that people can modify their Escrow.com links according to their needs.

Has anyone faced the same issue in the past? Any better suggestions?

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25 Responses to “Why I stopped using Escrow.com integration from DomainNameSales.com”

  1. Anticareer says:

    So is DomainNameSales sending it through their affiliate link and making additional revenue off of our domain sales?

    • AbdulBasit says:

      That’s a good question and I think someone from DNS team would be good to answer it because I am unaware of this situation. If they are using it, surely they would be making good chunk of money 😀

    • AbdulBasit says:

      I had talked with Escrow.com and they said for all my transactions started by broker using that integration when it was switched on, all the commission used to go with DNS as they started the transaction with that feature enabled.

      In short, they are making additional revenue off of our domain sales but that’s their right and deserves it if one has enabled this integration by using their platform.

  2. Francois says:


    I am not sure you can get an escrow.com sale commission for your own transactions.

    In fact generally this goes against the spirit of affiliate programs who is to thanks a customer who bring new referrals or more business and is NOT a method to get a discount for your own transactions. This is why it’s ultra rare affiliate links can be use for self transactions on merchant sites.

    Imagine the following:

    There is a familiar merchant offering a lot of different products.
    But you never hear about one promoted on an affiliate site you are visiting.
    You like the product and click the affiate link.
    The merchant is offering an affiliate program for sales so you think if I join and use that affiliate link then I will get a sale commission, like a purchase discount. You do it!
    If it was possible and that merchant was offering a sales commission on self purchases then the poor affiliate where you discovered the product will not earn anything for the sale. It’s unfair!!!

    DomainNameSales.com (you appreciate) is providing you a way to easily close a sale through escrow.com just clicking a link, DNS maybe get an affiliate commission on this escrow transaction (they should confirm), personally I see it fair.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks Francois for commenting 🙂

      I clearly don’t have any issues if they are using their own affiliate link in order to generate some extra money as we domainers are using their platform so they deserve it and actually deserves more.

      But Escrow.com has *no* issues if I am using my own affiliate link for making my own sales through that. I can confirm that and has talked to them in the past and recent as well. So when I have the opportunity to use their affiliate link for making some extra money although that won’t make fortune for me but every dollar counts 😉

      • Francois says:

        As explained above, there is only one referral, if you get the escrow.com transaction’s commission then the affiliate will not get it, this means here eventually DNS.

        Affiliate programs allowing the use of self affiliate links to generate a discount on his own purchases is not good for affiliates because this faciliate unethical use (explained above) and devalorize the program. Allowing this you do not motivate merchants to promote your affiliate program.

  3. Ron says:

    Why shouldn’t the buyer get a commission for bringing in a new buyer, I have brought hundreds of new buyers to escrow I wasn’t even aware they paid a commission.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      You have to apply for their affiliate program and always use the affiliate ID whenever you create new transaction at Escrow.com for making commission for yourself.

  4. Anticareer says:

    Not sure it is fair relative to other programs. Sedo offers free in house escrow service when you sell through their platform.

    – DNS takes a cut of parking revenue, fair.

    – DNS takes the standard brokerage fee for buy it now or brokered domains, fair.

    – DNS sends you to an escrow service where you have to pay an additional fee, fair.

    – If they get a commission for sending transaction to Escrow.com, not really fair (relative to Sedo). They should give you back that fee to help offset the Escrow.com fee you need to pay.

    Honestly the buy it now fee on DNS makes no sense either if that customer came to your domain by type in and all DNS did to assist was a landing page. If someone comes to the DNS website and searches and finds your domain and buys it then I understand the buy it now fee.

    I’m thinking of doing more Buy It Now pricing and if/when I switch to that I’ll be putting up my own landing pages instead of using DNS and giving away hundreds or thousands of bucks per transaction to them in commission when they do no heavy lifting on those sales.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Thanks for sharing your views Chris and I appreciate that 🙂

      I have no problem if DNS is having the commission for sending transaction to Escrow.com as they are giving us the platform which is the most transaparent and has all the tools which a domainer requires. But when I have the option to switch off this feature and use my own affiliate link which both DNS and Escrow.com has no issue, than I feel pretty comfortable using it my own way.

      As far as BIN domains are concerned, I have always wondered why we have to pay commission to DNS for using BIN option. On the other side, if we are using make offer option, there are no charges unless you are using their “Old Lead Management” feature which enables their broker to followup with every inactive (for 30-120 days) inquiry.

      I may be wrong but what I think is they take commission on BIN is because there is no way of their brokers to handle such inquiries in anyway anytime. Whereas, for make offer domains, we are able to forward those inquiries to their brokers and use Old Lead Management feature which will give their broker maximum chance of striking a deal which ultimately gives them commission. This doesn’t mean I am against their way of doing business and I am seriously one of their happiest customers using DNS but I am sure that sharing our thoughts and constructive criticism is always welcome by DNS team 🙂

  5. Krishna says:

    Abdul Basit,

    your Symphony.com is giving tremors to established “Bloomberg” in financial markets.

    At that time, I thought you got good price. But, now feeling opposite after seeing the companies behind it.

    • AbdulBasit says:

      I have moved on since the sale of Symphony and that’s history for me. I have learned and made lots of new things after that and I still feel happy about the final price I got for that sale. It’s all about timing, research, endusers, buyer/seller financial position, a bit of luck, negotiation skills, etc. But thanks for sharing the current state of that company and I am happy to see their growth.

  6. BT says:

    Do I just drink too much coffee or does the Abdul Basit blog logo look like Nespresso

  7. Abdul,

    Thank you for another great article, and thank you for your continued support/business.

    We use the affiliate revenue to help offset the additional expenses we incur by allowing users like yourself to benefit from our service.

    More importantly we use the API to insure your account inventory remains up to date. We have had many situations where sellers do not remove sold domains from their accounts and the Escrow.com API does just that. Nothing hurts our image more than offering domains for sale that are not available.

    As for the BIN service, each lead is assigned to a Broker to immediately followup. We feel that typical buy it now are lower dollar sales, and are impulse purchases. They need to be handled quickly, and with a 3rd party involved with white glove treatment.

    In the very near future our new version of Buy It Now will be released that will far surpass what we are offering now along with many other bells and whistles to help us sell more at higher prices.

    Jeffrey M. Gabriel

    • AbdulBasit says:

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for commenting and clearing the doubts.

      I fully understand and agree with the affiliate revenue but personally when Escrow.com didn’t had any issues so I thought to take advantage of using my own affiliate ID 😉

      As always you guys are coming up with new stuff which is always great to see and keeps DNS and Uniregistry on top of every others who are in the same industry.

      Wish you all the best 🙂

  8. Will says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. I did read over the comments as well and understand both sides. Having the power to make that affiliate income definitely is awesome when you consistently sell domain names.

    Abdul how often do you have to refer someone to escrow.com? I am just curious as to how many people have not even heard of escrow.com before.


    • AbdulBasit says:

      Yeah, consistency matters the most because no one can make good chunk of money if he sells 2-4 domains a year. Although it depends on the final price of the domain which actually helps in calculating the commission.

      Normally I refer to most of the people who buy domain from me as they aren’t aware of Escrow.com. I think many of them are not familiar of escrow service and sometimes they ask about the procedure of the transfer and making payment.

      So far only one buyer didn’t trusted Escrow.com and wanted me to transfer the domain on 50% payment which will be made through wire and later remaining part once the transfer is done. I declined and tried to educate them as much as possible but they weren’t satisfied with it. 2 years later, they came back and bought the domain and we completed the transaction through Escrow.com only 😉

  9. Dhana says:

    We make all sales by escrow and most of our buyers are new to escrow.
    So we get affiliate revenue for most of our sales like Abdul. We had no issues for Escrow affiliate

  10. Joe says:

    Hi, my fellow friends,

    I need your advices.
    Please comment if it is right for Mr. Francois to change the fee rules of Ecop.com before my premium membership expires.

    Many thanks.

    Here are the emails between Mr. Francois and me.

    ECOP.com info@ecop.com via cybertonic.com
    to me


    Yes for one or two months we had this incentive but this not attracted a lot of new customers plus…
    So now it’s free for anyone for sales under $500.

    It’s not possible to pursue this incentive as the code as been removed to handle this.
    But if you are not satisfied with your premium membership we can refund you the premium membership and charge you all the ecop transaction you made over $500 where you did not paid any escrow fee. Let me know.

    On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 9:33 AM, Joe wrote:

    My ID is

    Thank you very much for your quick reply!
    And sorry for my frankness.

    If there was a fee rule change,
    It should effect when my premium membership expires,
    Because when I paid the premium membership,
    What I weighed is the benefit of no escrow fees for transactions below 1000USD.

    Best regards,
    June 18,2013

  11. Joe says:

    Is Mr. Francois right or wrong?

    When you come to a hotel with a regular price of $10/day, and a discount price of $365/year, and you pay the discount price of $365/year. And two months later, the manger come to you and say, ”We will now cancel the discount price, you need to move out, if you are not satisfied, I will refund the $365 you paid, but you need to pay me $600 for you have lived here for the past 60 days”.

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