Why you should renew domains for longer period

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I always try to keep almost all if not all of my domains renewed for at least 1 year in advance. If someone checks my portfolio, one can see start expiring from beginning of 2018. There are several reasons I would like to share.

As in everyone’s portfolio, most of the domains are of low and medium quality compare to high one’s and so is with my portfolio. I tend to renew all those domains for 1-2 years period in advance which in my opinion fits under low to medium quality. As of today I am proud to have 1,400 domains ALHUMDULLILAH and growing and have a target to reach 1,550 by the end of this year which seems quite achievable.

For high quality domains, I always try to renew them for 5 years and plus. Suppose if you check GRO.com expiration date, you will find it’s 15th August 2026. VIND.com in 2026 and Trattoria.com in 2025.

One of the main reason is such quality of domains don’t sell quickly at the price level I usually sell unless I start flipping which is not what I do since many years.

Another reason why I renew my best names for years in advance so that any buyer seeing the expiration date which is 6-10 years extended from today will make them realize the name isn’t going to drop anytime soon and it’s better to make a serious offer if they are serious enough for that domain name. So anyone thinking the name GRO.com is going to drop and get available for buying cheap can keep dreaming as it won’t be available in that manner.

As Verisign increases the domain price every year, it’s better to renew in advance to stop paying those extra cents which actually converts into $$$ when you have hundreds and thousands of domain names. Because when you have hundreds of domains to renew and you get the news of price increase next month can put you under pressure of gathering additional funds just for renewal which might be sometimes a burden.

For someone who is flipping domains, renewing the domain for additional years doesn’t make sense.

Feel free to give your feedback and would like to add any more reasons to renew domains for longer period.

*EDIT* As Adam mentioned that Verisign will not increase the price for at least next few years so I take my above words back. It’s good news for domain owners especially domainers. Thanks Adam!

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16 Responses to “Why you should renew domains for longer period”

  1. john says:

    Hi Abdul.

    Have you sold any domains recently? We like to hear that kind of stuff from you. This kind of information is like most other domain blogs.. non event.

    I do also read dotweekly and Sedo weekly sales report.


  2. YamadaMedia says:

    VeriSign can’t increase prices on .com until the next contract round with ICANN. It’s locked in at $7.85 wholesale for .com domains without payment processing.

    Other registries can and are raising prices.

  3. Excellent information Abdul Bhai. Thanks

  4. Eric Lyon says:

    I agree 100% that it’s beneficial to renew for multiple years. It’s a clear sign to other investors and brokers working for end users that the domain may have serious development intentions by the current owner (reseller). Longer renewal times could potentially lead to higher starting offers. 😉

    • That’s right. But higher starting offers could possibly come from serious buyers because even in today’s world we domainers get 2-3 fig offers for 3L .com 😀
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Keith DeBoer says:

    Good point about an extended reg conveying value and your commitment to the domain when viewed by potential buyers. Thanks Abdul!!

  6. MohammedSameeruddin says:

    Very useful point to remember. Thank you for sharing

  7. Another Domain Investor says:

    Hi Abdul Basit,

    Glad to see you as a successful domaine investor. I have a quick question: On average, what percentage of your portfolio are you able to sell each year. Means:

    [(number of domains sold in a year ÷ Max Total number of domains owned in that year) X 100 ]


    • Now that’s a good question which I have answered on different occasions. In 2016, I had around 1,300 domains and sold .5% of portfolio.

      In 2017, so far I have sold 1% of portfolio by having around 1,500 domains and hope to turn into 2% next year.

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