Thank You Frank Schilling and Uniregistry Team

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Last year in November I received an email from Uniregistry asking about my address for sending out holiday gift. Yesterday I received the gift and it was a special cake sent from Frank Schilling and Uniregistry for which I wanted to say big thanks to them for sending me the special gift from Cayman Islands. Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake was really tasty and we loved it.

Also I wanted to share the pics with you.




Thanks very much once again Frank and the entire team of Uniregistry. Wish you all the success in your endeavors ๐Ÿ™‚

New Year starts with a Five Figure Sale

New-Year-starts-with-a-Five-Figure-SaleHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As mentioned earlier about what my goals for 2015, one of which is to sell 20-24 domains so let’s make this sale as first for this year and I am happy to announce it’s a decent one to start off this new year.

Initially buyer contacted in November 2014 through platform where 99% of my domains are parked and starting offer was $1,500 for I asked them to make an offer in five figs for consideration. Shortly I received message from the guy saying we cannot make an offer in five figures for your domain.

Couple of weeks later, another guy from the same company contacted directly through WHOIS and offered $8,000 which showed seriousness and willingness to buy this domain. I countered with $25,000.

Next came their final offer of $11,000 and clearly told me that they have alternative options available and cannot offer anything higher than that due to non-approval from senior management.

I gave them some hindsight about the past sales of some five fig to educate about the current market and value of these domain names and also reduced my ask price to $22,000. Than there was a silence…..

After a fortnight, I forwarded the DNS lead to Jessica Ebanks who is one of the best domain brokers I have ever worked with and gave her all the info about the buyer I have researched so far and about the communications we initially had.

It was interesting to see the buyer who was really professional in handing this deal at his end as well and once again started his offer with $1,500. As Jessica approached her frequently and out of the blue they offered $15,000 with no room left to up their offer. At that point, it looked that would be their max offer but I already knew who the buyer is and how deep pockets they had ๐Ÿ˜‰

Later Jessica gave some phone calls and buyer came and asked if Escrow fee, broker’s commission and all other associated fees will be paid by the buyer and I gleefully accepted. She explained the guy that only wire fee will have to paid at their end along with the agreed price of $25,000 for

Guess what’s next? The domain was sold at the price I initially asked for ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to ALLAH Almighty for helping in achieving this sale successfully, the wonderful DNS platform, Jessica Ebanks and I can never forget who deserves great applause for handling it so smoothly and it was the fastest funds received I have ever seen from outside U.S to Escrow as the buyer was from Japan. Funds were secured by with 9 hours of buyer selecting wire option. I wish the buyer all the success with their new acquisition.

Feel free to share your feedback and have you made any sales since the start of this year?

Parking revenue for December 2014 and other updates

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It was quite slow month in terms of revenue but overall it was a great year and I really enjoyed it specially in domaining. I hope 2015 is going to be far better and I expect many positives and exciting things to happen. Below is the parking stats for December 2014 and initially I thought the revenue might be dropped a lot but after calculating from both parking platforms it was quite okay.

Total visitors โ€“ 134,000+ (15k increase from the previous month).

Total clicks โ€“ 3,900+ (200 more clicks).

Total parked domains โ€“ 850 (50 new added).

Total revenue โ€“ $590 ($60 decrease compare to November).

Top 5 niche which made the most โ€“ Brandable, Games, Health, Music Cooking.

$$ made on a single day โ€“ $36

RPM – $5.73 ($.7 less in overall RPM).

CTR – 4.37% (Almost similar to previous month).

Overall it was good other than final outcome of revenue. Also I added another 50 domains.

I didn’t sold any domain in December because there was no attractive offer which I should have accepted. The main reason was due to holiday season and I found December being the slowest month of the year where there are very low number of inquiries received but I am hopeful things will get better starting new year. As planned for this year I have to get more lenient and get more sales this year.

I have moved over 95% of my domains to Uniregistry and although most of my domains are .com, I still have few .co, .cc domains which I wanted to move to Uniregistry as well but the pricing for those extensions is a bit on higher side due to which I have so far kept the remaining domains at GoDaddy. I hope Uniregistry accepts .IM domains in future so that I can bring all my .IM domains there too which are currently with DomainMonster. Not a good control panel of DM but since I have around 15 .IM domain I am okay with them.

Did you saw revenue improvement or were in the same boat of mine for December 2014? Also had any domain sale?

Announcing the New Bodis!

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As I published last post which was the first one of this year of my blog and I found it was the first post at for 2015 as well.

Today I received an announcement from Bodis which I wanted to share with you. Although I don’t use them any more other than parking just couple of domains because I find far better parking platform in all aspects. Even those 2 domains are banned with Google and for that Bodis suits better.

This year weโ€™re starting things off in an exciting way by announcing the launch of the new Bodis!

The new Bodis is a result of years spent gaining knowledge and experience, countless of hours listening to our users, and putting our hearts, souls, and everything we have into making this the best parking service possible.

Hereโ€™s some of the notable improvements weโ€™ve made:

-NET 7 payment schedule
-Fast support / ticket system โ€“ no inquiry goes unanswered!
-More control over your domains (option to disable ZeroClick, etc)
-For sale options:, Inquiry, Custom URL
-Advanced reporting
-Intuitive user interface
-Folders & search filters
-and moreโ€ฆ

WAnnouncing-the-New-Bodis!eโ€™ve also done a lot of soul searching and have decided to return to our roots and remain committed to domain parking only. This means our fixed price marketplace is coming to an end on February 1st, 2015. You can easily continue to list your parked domains for sale via Inquiry, Custom URL, or via our integrated option free of charge.
Lastly, we wanted to say that we have the next few months outlined and have more exciting features and positive improvements on the way!

We hope you like the new service as much as we do!

The Bodis Team

This news will definitely be good for those using Bodis as their primary parking company.

What I achieved in 2014 and goals for 2015

What-I-achieved-in-2014-and-goals-for-2015Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

First up, happy new year to every one reading my blog. Secondly, thanks to all my visitors and loyal readers, commenters who gave their precious time and feedback and I have made some good friends out of this small domain community.

As I posted in March last year about my goals so I wanted to share what I accomplished and what’s my focus for this new year 2015.

I wanted to have 1,000 domains under my belt and I was short of 150 domains at the end.

To make $1,000 every month from parking on consistent basis and here $350 was short in achieving four figure mark.

I decided to sell at least one domain for six figures which I was able to successfully achieve and that was the most important and difficult goal to pull off. You can read more about that here.

Last couple of goals for the last year were on light note which I honestly took it lightly and both were not done. I had to publish 200 posts by the end of 31st December 2014 but finally I made 141 and was well short of 200. Last one was a personal one… To gain weight from 63 kgs to 72 but at the end I made it 69 which wasn’t too bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

After going through my last year performance I wanted to share what I have planned for 2015 and set up some new and exciting goals to achieve.

1) To have 1,200 domains by the end of 2015. As usual I will be focusing on quality rather than quantity which was the main reason not to achieve 1k mark last year.

2) To make $1,000 p/month in domain parking. It’s the same one what I set last year but looking at the parking revenue of last year I think this will still be a challenge to make on regular basis.

3) Looking at my portfolio growing in number and renewals are climbing high so I have decided to liquidate some number of domains as compare to previous year and make at least $5,000 sale in total every month.

4) Last year I have sold 9-12 domains and this year I will be selling 20-24 domains which will roll on my portfolio and I won’t feel any pressure of paying renewals. To date, I have moved most of my domains to Uniregistry, automatically one year is extended so there isn’t much to think about renewals this year but I normally renew most of my domains a year before they hit renewals to keep things smooth and tension free…

5) Last one is a personal goal which is to move out of this city or country mainly due to safety concerns and several other factors. I had already decided to be shifting in mid 2015 couple of years back and time has come up. I will either be moving to Dubai or Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan) which is still better than my city (Karachi) where I live. I pray to ALLAH to show me right path and guidance which will help me in deciding where I should be moving.

Feel free to share your own goals set for year 2015.