Parking revenue at aka for April 2013

Parking revenue at aka for April 2013

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in previous month’s parking revenue that I am hoping to have a better April in terms of PPC earnings. I was dead right. There was lot of improvement compare to the previous month. Well, I made somewhat near to US$350 but didn’t hit this mark. Also the best day was 30th April where I made US$20 in one complete day for all my domain names.

I added may be 5-10 new domains every month with so the earnings reflect accordingly. Although my intentions are not to buy domains solely for PPC purpose. I am more inclined towards selling my domains to end-users. But until the domain is not sold, it’s been parked with DNS platform and makes additional revenue which is a great thing.

Overall, I would say I am satisfied with how it’s going and hope to have better month next time 😉

Your feedback is welcome 🙂 Also how was your month (April) in terms of PPC revenue?

Best time and days of the week to send an email to end-user

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post because one of my reader Mark who operates asked me what’s the best time and days of the week to send an email to the end-user. Thanks to Mark for asking such a great question for which I am going to happily answer it.

First of all I am going to tell you that I am from Pakistan and when I send an email to end-users I always keep the timing in my mind because U.S has almost opposite timings than my country. Let’s say right now it’s 9:00 AM here in PAK so in U.S the time will be 9:00 PM.

Best time and days of the week to send an email to end-userSo far I have found the best time to send an email is around 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This time frame is receiving time for end-users.

I will explain why those timings are the best. It’s because when you normally reach office you tend to look for all important emails and try to finish the work on priority basis and you are aware that domain selling related email is not that important for them unless they are already negotiating with you for a domain name. So once they have finished their important task for that day (although it’s not finished completely) they can look some other emails as well. So if you have sent them around 11:00 AM they can take some time to read out easily. Although one can read even at mid night from home but here we are discussing the more chances of an end-user to read your email with more free mind and to increase the chances of getting a response.

I wrote about the ending time up to 4:00 PM because if your email is received at the very last moment (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM) than it’s unlikely to be read because closing time is somewhat as important as the beginning one. They need to wrap up as quickly as possible to get away from work place.

Now we can talk about the best days of the week to send an email. Usually I send from Tuesday to Thursday and leave out Monday and Friday. The reason behind keeping those two days out of the list are the end-users normally have more workload on the very first day of work and want to wrap up many things at the end of the week. The possibility of response rate from end-users might be low compare to sending your sales letter in middle of the week.

In my next post I will try to explain about the sales pitch letter I usually send to an end-user and how you can make it more effective.

Thanks once again Mark for coming and asking to write about this. It would be nice of you and others to comment on this as well. Feel free to share your views 🙂

Best time to end your auction at GoDaddy Auctions

First of all thanks to everyone who is coming to my blog regularly, commenting and subscribed to receive posts through email. I can clearly see the number of comments have gradually increased by time which motivates me to write and share my experience with you in many ways.


So today I am going to tell you the best time to start and finish off your auction at GoDaddy Auctions which will increase the chances of your domain auction to get sold.

Although I don’t sell many domains with GoDaddy Auctions because I prefer the endusers to contact me directly. In my opinion the best ending time for a 7 day public auction is Sunday evening (U.S time). Most of the buyers and sellers who frequently participate at GoDaddy Auctions are from U.S so I always try to target this occasion no matter it’s sleeping time in my country.

There is one more thing which you can try by tweaking ending time for your auction. Let’s say you are selling a domain which is more targeting for Chinese buyers for example so you must set the ending time according to China timing zone. Although there are buyers for from all over the world but these days we see many serious buyers are coming from China.

What are your opinions in this regard? Does any one agree or disagree with me?

Wonder story about Sindbad Wonderland

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted since few days and after my comeback today I wanted to share something really interesting with you all. Here in Karachi there is a Dolmen Mall and inside there is a play area for all ages named Sindbad Wonderland. All games under that play area and anywhere in our country are played with coins; the old system. But recently they came up with card system which we need to load and swipe it before the ride/games start.

It’s necessary to purchase the card before we can play any game so when I went with my family there for the first time I needed to buy one and load it. I had to give you some background about Sindbad Wonderland above before I tell you something really funny about them.

Below you can see my Sindbad Wonderland card both front and backside:Sindbad-Wonderland-card-front-side


When I got home I read this card and found they have website address mentioned on it and that too in bold. I decided to check and see what was developed. To my surprising I found the domain was available!! I registered it and put on parking and it gets few visitors daily. After checking this domain through I found it was owned by them but somehow they let it go. Now this is not something new for me because I can sometimes find an ad in magazine/newspaper and can see the website address but again that is available to register.

If you check their about page on Facebook you will see the URL is also the same. Thanks to them for promoting my domain 😉

I will share something like this in my coming posts so stay tuned and don’t forget to post your comments on this funny story 😀 Also if you had any experience like this before just feel free to share 🙂

Have you heard anything about .comn

Have you heard anything about .comn?

I was looking through ICANN’s website for some details about gTLDs launch and some other stuff. While surfing their website I found this link – There is complete history about what was there before 1998 up to 2012. It’s actually called New gTLD Applicant Guidebook.

Now the interesting thing is if you see the bottom of that New gTLD Applicant Guidebook which says Eight gTLDs predate ICANN’s creation and just below the big text Before 1998 it starts with .comn, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, .org and .arpa.

Simply click the image below to enlarge and look more clearly.


Now I wonder what the heck is .comn. Is it a mistake or was .comn renamed later to .com 😉 Just kidding. It seems clear mistake though.

I have sent an email to to get clarification and I will update this post as soon as I get any response.