AbdulBasit.com sold another domain for high four figures

AbdulBasit.com-sold-another-domain-for-high-four-figuresHello everyone,

I think this month is going quite nice in terms of domain sales for me. Recently I sold another domain but this time in high four figures. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the domain once again but I can give you some hint on what type of domain it was… It was like lllGroup.com. Now that LLL I mentioned is just an example. The one I sold contained random letters but all premium. By the way, this domain was sold through DomainNameSales.com. My second domain sale through their platform. It’s really easy and smooth to handle inquiries with their platform.

I think it was a nice sale keeping random 3 letters along with the word “group” at the end. I always think if you have quality domains with the word group at the end would do nice because endusers which is group of companies won’t offer you cheap bucks. But still make sure to find, research and buy quality domains.

Let me tell you the most interesting thing about this domain. It was actually bought by a company several years back for low four figures and once they closed their business the domain was dropped and grabbed by me couple of years back or so…

The price I paid for this domain was in decent three figures and I feel the ROI is quite nice.

Just to give my suggestion that don’t rush and invest in random lllGroup.com domain because there are tons of available so make sure whatever you wish to acquire, first research, analyze and try to get at wholesale price if that’s already registered by some reseller.

Have you sold any domain recently? Care to share in detail? Also what do you think of my recent sale whether I got good money or left some money on table 😉

New record achieved in domain parking

New-record-achieved-in-domain-parkingHello everyone,

July was one of the best month for me in terms of domain parking. In the past I said my goal is to make US$1,000 for the last month of this year or Jan 2014. So now this mini goal seems to be quite realistic because I made almost US$700 in domain parking last month which for me is great achievement. Now the important thing is to stick to the basics and make sure I am making the same amount or more on consistent basis.

I saw this increase due to buying some domains solely on parking purpose. Normally I buy domains with the intention of selling and making money through parking on temporary basis.

The highest click so far in domain parking for me is $13.xx for one of my domain and that’s a last name of person. That must have boosted the amount reaching towards US$700 😉

Now for the month of August I will be tweaking some of my domains so I am not sure if the revenue will drop or increase. Let’s see and I will keep you updated as always.

Care to share how was your previous month in terms of domain parking?

Sold a domain to Fox Film for mid four figures

Sold-a-domain-to-Fox-Film-for-mid-four-figuresHello everyone,

I haven’t been posting quite frequently because I don’t get enough time to do. Recently I sold another domain for mid four figures but this time to Fox Film. It was a 3 word .com domain and the inquiry came through DomainNameSales.com broker. I wish I knew the buyer before finalizing the deal or I could have definitely fetched a lot more.

Although I am happy for what this domain sold for so no regrets. Unfortunately I cannot share the domain. Bought for 3 figures so it was quite nice ROI 😉

I avoid dealing through brokers and want to do it all myself. There are two reasons for this. One is to avoid giving commission and the other is to learn myself on how to deal it with all different prospects. One thing I have learned dealing through broker is to ask more price than usually you would ask yourself if dealing directly. This make sense to me because if the buyer feels the price is outrageous he may try to contact you directly in order to keep the hefty commission (10%-20%) away. There is also one disadvantage of asking high price which may make the buyer to head off.

But I will follow what I said above and see the outcome. It will take some months to analyze and see if the results are fruitful or not. I will definitely share with you guys if I will remember or will have a successful sale using my own method.

I haven’t shared the domain so you might not be able to tell if I left some money on table or not but still I wanted to share with you friends 🙂

Until my next post, have fun and stay tuned 🙂


PPC revenue for June 2013

PPC-revenue-for-June-2013Hello everyone,

As I made record parking revenue in the month of May 2013 and I though June will somewhat similar in terms of revenue but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I made almost $100 less compare to previous month. Most of the credit in declining PPC income goes to me because I made some tweaking and put some of my money making and type-in traffic domains with other platform and brought them back to InternetTraffic because they didn’t perform as good as I thought.

Now as I have moved my domains back to InternetTraffic and with the addition of some more domains I feel this month July would be doing well. By the way, I saw some traffic dipping as well as the RPC. I think this is due to people are on vacations which might be one of the reason for low traffic. You must be thinking of why I am talking about low RPC. That’s because when you are on vacation (if you are an advertiser) you must have stopped your advertising campaigns for the time being and will resume after the break. This can cause in low competition which end results in low RPC. Am I correct or am I correct? 😉

How did your domains performed in parking revenue for May 2013? Feel free to shoot any comments, suggestions you have 🙂

Best Backlinks Checker Website

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed yourselves. Let’s start this new week and new month with knowing the best backlinks checker website. All the findings below are my personal experience and you may agree/disagree with me.

I have been using the following backlinks checking sites for quite some time…

1) MajesticSEO.com
2) Ahrefs.com
3) SeoKicks.de
4) OpenSiteExplorer.org
5) BacklinkWatch.com
6) SmallSeoTools.com/backlink-checker/

The above backlinks site are not in any order and are just randomly added.

Although there are tons of other backlinks website but I have been using limited sites to check backlinks.

Best-Backlinks-Checker-Website1) MajesticSEO.com is nice website which gives you detail about the number of backlinks, referring domains, pages, anchor text, new and lost backlinks in recent times which helps you to determine if the number of backlinks are going away quickly. Stop and research more before you buy that domain. It happens that a domain has tons of backlinks but after buying it the number of backlinks has dramatically gone down. Sometimes those backlinks are paid one’s. As the time period gets over for those ads, the site owner removes it. Another reason you see the links getting removed is that domain is down for quite some time so no site owner likes to keep broken/dead links live on their site. One more reason can be the backlinks you see are from the sister sites of the past owner which has let his domain expire by mistake and eventually you grabbed it. Once he sees the domain is no more in his hands, he removes the links from all his sites. Are you getting my point? 😉 Well, there can be many other reasons you see the number of backlinks going down.

2) Next comes Ahrefs.com which is so far the best backlinks checker website for me. I have been using it since last year. If you visit this link which I have used as an example of my domain to show you the number of backlinks this site finds out. One of the best thing is the URL Rank which determines the rank of your URL on several factors and show you.

One more thing I like about Ahrefs.com is this site determines the quality of your backlinks. I will explain it in detail…

For example you check my domain in ahrefs for backlink check. And click on the Total Backlinks. That will automatically list the backlinks by Ahrefs Rank. Now I am not sure how much accurate is their ranking system but they display all backlinks by ranking. The highest rank of backlink is listed first and so on… And looking carefully on each ranked URL you will see their system is giving ranks properly and not randomly. You can also click on any backlink to see if your domain still exists or not. I have randomly checked many times and can find my domain all the time which Ahrefs has listed under Total Backlinks. You can also see the referring domains. I feel this site is accurately checking the number of backlinks on daily basis which can be confirmed here. This link will show you the number of new and lost backlinks for this particular domain.

You can have limited access to their features with free account and can subscribe to their paid version to get more access.

3) SeoKicks.de is not often used by me because of it’s inaccuracy. For example if you check the same domain for backlinks you will see huge difference between SeoKicks and Ahrefs. Comparing both these sites I find Ahrefs far better and shows more number of backlinks.

4) I was using OpenSiteExplorer.org in the past but not any more. I don’t need to write much about them because you will get your answer here. This hardly finds 3 backlinks. Thanks to them for at least finding 3 backlinks compare to over 1,000 backlinks found by Ahrefs for the same domain!

5) BacklinkWatch.com is powered by Ahrefs.com. I feel they fetch the data from Ahrefs but not completely because if you check the backlinks for GiftExperience.com at BacklinkWatch.com you will find it fetches only 496 backlinks and leaves the rest for Ahrefs to find it 😀 So this shows inaccuracy and don’t give the correct results.

6) Last but not least comes SmallSeoTools which at first impressed me but later when I dig in deeply I found it’s not worth enough checking backlinks for my domains with them. For example if you enter the same domain GiftExeprience.com it shows 200 odd backlinks which is far too less than actual facts. Now let’s take this example – If you enter Property-Investment.com to see the number of backlinks at Ahrefs.com it shows 216 backlinks but SmallSeoTools.com shows 1,070,000. Wohooo over 1 million backlinks for my website! That’s completely inaccurate. To verify simply click on the URL it displays from 1,070,000 and you will NOT find the URL Property-Investment.com on that page.

Although there are hundreds of backlink checking websites but I after using the above sites for quite some time I thought to share my experience with you all about them. To conclude this post I found Ahrefs.com the best backlink checker website so far and using it almost daily.

Feel free to share your experience and let me know what you think about my views.