Verify email address of the domain owner to see if it’s valid or not

verify email address

I use this tool when I need to acquire a domain but from a drop and not by contacting the end-user. This gives me an edge and peace to know whether the email is valid or not. In case, the email ID is invalid, I can assure myself that there are more chances of getting this domain drop and I can work accordingly. There are several benefits of having the email address invalid. One of the top is the domain will most likely be dropped. Secondly, no other potential buyer would be able to contact him through email because it would bounce back. I know there are several other ways to get in touch with the current owner of the domain but many don’t do.

Although I have seen many domains getting renewed even their email addresses are invalid. Not sure how they are able to track their domains when their email ID is not working. Some don’t even bother to change the ID even after logging to their account and renewing the domains.

I have checked thousands of email addresses through this tool and is really great. Only on few occasion it gives the wrong answer. You can determine that by checking that email ID twice or thrice and see what the result is.

This tool is also helpful when you are confused whether to contact the current owner of the domain just to know if the email address is valid or not. Sometimes you just want to see if the ID is working one. I personally feel good to know the ID is invalid so there will be more chances to get the domain dropped and most of the potential buyer would not be able to contact when the email will bounce back to them.

There are some negative aspects with having invalid ID as well. One is that I cannot get in touch through email and make this deal privately before the domain drops. The other is domain will go into auction where I will have to fight with many bidders and end up paying lot more than I would have paid dealing privately.

Do you find this tool helpful? Would you like to share anything similar? review – Top notch escrow service on internet

2012 was a great year as I successfully sold several domains and hopeful to sell more in 2013 as compare to the previous year. I have been using one and only escrow service for buying and selling domains. No doubt that is the best company on internet – review, best escrow service, domain escrow service

If you are willing to buy/sell domains simply use this escrow service. Their charges are very nominal and customer support is just excellent. At times I need to call their support via phone and most of the time my transaction is processed much faster. In the last transaction which was recently completed, I called them so they can start the inspection period because I wasn’t getting any response from the buyer. Escrow did immediately and a day later my payment was released.

They even hold your payments if you like to do it. Simply send them an email with your transaction detail and inform them to hold your payment until you say so. I did it because at the same time I was completing 2 transactions and I requested them to hold my payment. Once both were completed my payment was released. I opt for check option so I would need to check post box twice which was far away from my workplace 😉 That’s why I chose to receive both payments together.

Recently I have changed my payment option to International Wire Transfer which I think is the best one who doesn’t lives in U.S. Normally it takes 2-3 business days to receive wire payment but for that charge me US$40 which is really fair. The check I used to receive was free of cost but it took 15 days to receive and next 40 days for clearance which was too much. Instead I am very happy to pay US$40 and receive the payment swiftly.

I would like to say big thanks to Escrow by saying what’s in my heart for them. I have been using for several years and proud to say you are the best escrow service provider. All my transactions were handled by your team professionally and swiftly. I definitely recommend every domainer to use who would like to buy/sell domain names.

I thank you for your all time support and cooperation.

I got my first payment from aka

I have joined aka platform at the end of last year. I received my payment of November 2012 which was just over US$200. I wasn’t aware of the payment I received because there is no payment history page at DNS and I asked their support for this feature. I got positive answer from their end as they will be integrating in near future which is really good news.

DomainNameSales aka InternetTraffic

At least I can know when my payment was issued and when I can expect to receive it. Although I told them to hold my payment until I give them green signal but they said “We do not hold payments that are above our payout threshhold as we cannot be acting as a bank nor hold significant liabilities on our balance sheet.”

It would be great if they add an option for us to select the minimum payout option like US$500, US$1,000, etc. As everyone can see their new layout with lot of features and upgrades I am sure a lot more is on the way…

Have any of you received the payout from aka platform yet? Care to share the payout range you got?

Find what other domains any person owns free of cost

I am sure not many domainers have paid for DomainTools Pro account which cost you $49.95/month. When we find a particular doman is registered by someone and wanted to know what other domains he/she owns and there comes the trouble of $49.95/month which is expensive for one who is not regular user of DomainTools.

I am aware of one service which show up the domains owned by that specific person. Simply visit this link– Change with the ID and you will see what other type of domains this owner has.


There are couple of issues I have noticed using their site. If you enter an email address with underscore than it will not display other domains. Instead comes a message “Error 404 Unable to resolve the request”. I tried contacting them but got no response since two months.

The other known issue to me is let’s say a person owns 500 domains and you are trying to figure out what are those 500 domains. I am sorry to inform you this site will display lot less than that. May be 250-300. Very rarely it will display all the domains owned by the person.

I will also share one bonus issue which hasn’t solved yet by them. I am talking about their support. I never got any response from their end. At least to me. I am not sure what they do with the queries received from others.

Have you ever used this site? If yes, how was your experience? If not, just give it a try and would love to hear feedback from you.

Make sure to set different passwords for each domain registrar you use

Normally I stick with a couple of registrars to stay away from many troubles like operating the account management tools which will vary from registrar to registrar, customer service and it goes on…

One important thing I have learned in the past years is to set completely different password with each of the registrar you are using. Let’s say if someone cracks the account password of user A; he will definitely try the same password at other registrar user A has kept the domains.

So basically it’s good to keep your password mixed with numbers, special characters, capital letters so it will be difficult for one to guess. Also never keep something very familiar like combination of your name, birth date, etc. One of the best example of password can be something like $%))*Wg$!!>ga.

set different passwords with each registrar you use

I know it’s difficult for one to memorize it but you can save that in your computer at some hidden place so you can retrieve at your own convenience. Also you can note down and keep it in your locker or any safe place like that.

*NOTE* – Change your password right now if it’s not something like I gave an example right now. It’s for your own safety and will keep you out of trouble!

I have kept different passwords at each registrar I operate. How about you guys? Is it the combination of the above example or a plain one?