Another new exciting feature at Uniregistry Market

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I have been using Uniregistry (formerly DomainNameSales) for years and it’s great to see new features and improvements are made every now and then.

Recently I noticed live chat feature at Uniregistry Market. Currently it’s available at Uniregistry Market, Transfer, and Register search pages only. All pages require you to be logged in. You will see a small chat logo at the bottom right. as shown in snapshot below:

Click on that and you will find several support team members you can start chat with:



I had a pleasant chat with Jordan who seems to be Manager of Customer Support team based in United Kingdom. Their support hours are 8am-5pm GMT UK. According to him, clients may have their brief issues get resolved. Nothing should carry over. Any issue requiring a longer wait will be moved to a ticket.

You may also attach any file/snapshot related to your concerned issues. Clients will also be able to rating chats once they are closed.

Feel free to comment and give your feedback.


Tip to check unlimited FREE valuation from

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I’m never a fan of using ANY automated valuation site including Estibot. But since many domainers especially newbies check this site for valuation and as we all know Estibot allows 1 free appraisal per IP in 24 hours.

Anyone using Uniregistry Market can utilize this feature but is limited to inquiries you receives. At least, that’s what I’m aware of and not sure if there is any way you can check for all the domains which are under your account at Uniregistry Market.

Simply login to your Unregistry Market account, Inbox, open any inquiry. Click on the “Settings icon” as marked in snapshot below.


You will see a different options in that box which shows several options. One of which is EstiBot valuation for your domain.

I highly don’t recommend anyone to depend on ANY valuation tools including Estibot which in my opinion is total worthless. But my purpose of sharing is to check for fun in case you have some extra time to see what this crappy tool valuates your domain πŸ˜€

Feel free to share your feedback and if someone knows a way to get free valuation for all domains in your Uniregistry account, kindly share in comment section for others to know.

Several more domain purchases of 2017

Hello and Asslamo Alaikum,

I think the last acquisitions post was made in February 2017 so I thought it’s the time to share once again.

Beginning of this month, I now have hit the mark of 1,500 domains in my portfolio.

Usually I share only few domain purchases and try to post those which gives clear idea of what type of names I acquire and this may help others in understanding. This doesn’t mean one should start buying similar type of names and you should be doing your own research as everyone has their own budget, knowledge, skills, ideas and luck, etc.

I have had a little success in selling .CO domains for profit and I always like to buy 1 word .CO names and 3L .CO which are good to invest IMO. So this year I got several of them which are listed below.

Renovations.CO, Craze.CO, Courtney.CO,Β Lynch.CO – Got 1 word .CO names which I think are good to have.

COK.CO, NOI.CO, LUS.CO, LOR.CO, TAY.CO, TEZ.CO, MDN.CO – These type of combinations are selling for low-mid 4 figures range and I think they are good to invest. But prepare to hold them for long time as they are not 3L .coms πŸ˜‰ – Online food/grocery store. – Adventure/sports loving, an aggressive and positive tagline. – I love to invest in such highly brandable domain which can be used for multipurpose. You just name it. Thanks to Jamie Zoch (DotWeekly) for helping in acquiring this domain. – Again a domain which can be used for many different niches and not only a water supply/bottle, aqua related company. And again thanks to Jamie for the same above reason πŸ™‚ – Crypto related company.,, – Long shot names. – Sensible group names always does well. Although singular would have been better.,,, CMNZ.comΒ – Can’t live without buying 4L .com domains even though I know they are slow to sell πŸ˜€

Feel free to comment and/or share your recent acquisitions.

A tip to increase commission at Uniregistry

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s been some time since I last posted but with holidays I took a break from postings as well. But that doesn’t mean I stopped domaining πŸ˜€ I was actively buying domains, though at a slow speed because the prices have gone as well as need to sell domains in order to have the cash flow for buying more domains. As with most domainers, the summer period is slow as people are on holidays.Β August can be a tough one because many of the corporate purchasing teams have vacations.

Coming back to the topic… I recently sold a domain using Uniregistry lander and asked buyer if he is willing to take the domain at Uniregistry. He wasn’t willing to take at first but eventually took it there by creating an account. What I did was to provide him my Uniregistry affiliate link to open his Uniregistry account. Once he did and took the domain there, I’ll be paid commission on every renewals/registrations/transfers he make into his account until he uses that account actively.

Next time when you sell a domain when the domain is registered with Uniregistry, make sure to ask if the buyer wants the domain there itself. Not only you will make a bit of commission, but also the domain transfer will be completed in no time and you’ll get your funds much quickly.

You won’t make a fortune here but it’s better to make something than nothing at all. And if you’re a frequent seller, you could bring in many buyers to keep their domains with Uniregistry and you will make additional $$ as bonus.