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Some more great features added to DotDB

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Almost a year back I published an article about a great service DotDB which I’ve been using it regularly or I say it clearly that on daily basis.

Since that time, they’ve introduced several new features which are worth sharing with you all. One of the most awaiting thing was to have exclude function and now it does have the function and some more additional new functions like Bulk Search, Export data, API access

What I would love to see them have is to reduce pricing for both Pro and Expert plan so it could be more reasonable especially for Expert plan. I can understand the hard work, investment and lot more involved but to be more competitive and have edge over your competitor, one need to offer a great overall service.

Also while frequently using both at Dofo and DotDB, I finally found the difference between results at both sites. Suppose you type in Print,Factory at Dofo to show results between space which shows the opposite result as well. I mean Dofo shows factory print, factory printing as well whereas at DotDB, when I type print factory, it shows results starting with print or the middle but factory word doesn’t come at first in any way. I think if DotDB adds this feature as well, would make it even better service.

I would suggest anyone interested in using on frequent basis must try their Pro plan for 7 days free trial. It’s worth giving a shot.

I’m sure the developer of DotDB (Lin) will take this feedback positively like in past as well and he’s a good fried of mine.

Feel free to give your feedback and I’m sure Lin or his team would be happy to listen and implement it if necessary.

New exciting tool for domain name research

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I think not all but many domainers are aware of and For quite some time, Zfbot is complete paid service and not all can afford or think it’s worth paying. I don’t use it at all. And NameDroppers for which I mentioned in one of my old posts was great until they were showing up 500 results for free but now for couple of years or so they have restricted the results to 50 only. The reason they mentioned for restricting the result was the combination of amount of abuse they were receiving as a result of those scripting against their service and attempting to extract out valuable information free of charge and w/o the ability for them to show any page views.

Recently I came across a new service which is very exciting and so far the best one – (Lin – Founder). I’m just loving it. You can filter out Alphabets, Digits, Hyphens, IDNs and whatever Suffixes (TLDs) you don’t want. What really impressed me is the number of extensions we can extract out the result which makes it easier for anyone to check and decide on buying and pricing as well. They’re trying their best to make the database reach 100% coverage rate to all TLDs which would make it even better service!

I hope to see the space filter in fuction soon. Also a must feature is “Exclude keyword” which must be added. For example I want to check a domain GRO so it shows all the result including Grow, Growing, Grower and so on.and there is currently no way to exclude those or any other keyword to only display what exactly I’m searching for.

But… I have good news for anyone to use their service… they’ll definitely implement that feature in near future.

You may also check their pricing where currently they offer daily updates, unlimited searches, positional matches, support IDNs for free. Their PRO members can benefit from everything which includes in free plan as well as filter digits, filter hyphens, filter IDNs, filter suffixes, multiple keyword function where you can search for more than two keywords at once by simply using a white space or a plus symbol(+) to separate keywords (coming soon)…

Feel free to give your feedback and I’m sure Lin or his team would be happy to listen and implement it if necessary.

*NOTE* This is not a sponsored post.