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Why should you not look for the cheapest registrar as a domain investor?

Domain investment is all about buying low, and selling high.

So, it makes sense to negotiate the best prices when purchasing a domain for your portfolio. Every penny counts.

And that applies to the renewals as well. The renewal costs quickly start to pile up even for smaller domain portfolios. So, it is essential to choose a domain registrar that helps you keep your expenses low.

But you must be careful while comparing your options and do not opt for the cheapest one possible, just to save a few extra cents.

In this article I will explain why your selection criteria should not be the registration price alone, while choosing your domain registrar as you build your portfolio as a domain investor.

Registration Prices Vs Renewal Prices

It is a widespread practice for the registrars to market their domain registration services at heavy first-year discounts. Throughout the years I have taken benefit of several $0.99 promos for first year registration. Sometimes even cheaper.

But if they are selling domain registration below the wholesale prices, they are selling it at a loss.

The registrars which offer such deep discounts are often the ones which have high markups on renewal prices. So that they recoup the loss incurred in the first year in just one or two renewals.

So as a long-term strategy you need to analyze the renewal prices of your registrar along with the registration prices so that you save money not just the first year, but in the coming several years as well.

Customer Support & Ease of Transfer-Out

Even though domain registration is a fully automated process, sometimes things go wrong.

And a lot of the domain registrars’ support teams are simply not equipped enough to understand the needs of domain investors. Some registrars are even notorious for deliberately creating friction while renewing in the grace period, and in the transfer out process.

A good registrar would provide prompt support irrespective of whether you are transferring-in a domain or transferring-out. My favorite type of registrars is the one that provides a way to escalate, and instantly complete domain transfer yourself rather than waiting for 5 days or calling support.

Bulk Domain Features

Not all registrars are targeted towards domain investors as their customers. They may be good enough for bloggers and business owners with a couple of domains in their account along with other add on services like hosting, SSL and emails. One such example is Cloudflare.

But as a domain investor you have to often make bulk changes to the whole portfolio, like changing the landing pages, updating contact information, or verifying ownership with TXT records.

Many-a-times you need to have sub-portfolios inside your portfolio and want to make changes only to one of your sub-portfolios in your account.

Good registrars make it possible to have all your domains inside a single account and still manage them easily using folder/labels. They provide you domain focused dashboard which allows you to make mass changes like bulk register, bulk renew, bulk transfer, and bulk edit.

Afternic and Sedo Network & Fast Transfer

This is the most important feature I always look for in a registrar as a domain investor.

It should be a part of Afternic DLS Network, preferably with a fast transfer support, as most of my inbound sales come from Afternic network.

It would be even better if that registrar is also a part of SEDO MLS Network, preferably with a fast transfer support. Though SEDO does not make as many sales as Afternic, it is still significant enough.


Whether you have a domain portfolio or are you planning to create a new one, choice of the domain registrar matters a lot.

My favorite registrars are Dynadot, followed by Sav, and NameSilo.

All these registrars are focused on domain investors. They have very competitive renewal prices, excellent customer support, expedited transfer-out, bulk editing features, and portfolio management.

These registrars also have support for both Afternic and SEDO network fast transfer.

I avoid some other popular registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Network solutions etc. because of their high renewal prices.

I also avoid resellers and web hosting companies who double as a domain registrar.

My experience with

My Experience with

There are plenty of domain forums on internet. I joined very selected one’s and left all excluding the only domain forum I really enjoy till now. It’s I found them through Google while searching for GoDaddy coupon codes and joined them in 2007. I never thought to be active member of this very friendly community. I have found many people helping each other no matter where you are from, who you are and whatever the time is. All are ready to guide you through right path and will share their own experiences.

I have asked numerous times of help and always got what I wanted. In the last 5 years I have made some nice friends. I have tried to get some appraisal on few of my domains which were never really satisfying because I sold for a very different price as compare to what the experts appraised for. The best part of NamePros for me is to keep actively checking GoDaddy Discount Codes thread which has saved me thousands of $$$ to date. I recommend everyone who is domain investor and has a big portfolio must subscribe to this GoDaddy Discount Codes thread if you have domains at GoDaddy.

I have also used this forum to buy and sell domains but very rarely. Most of the domains I sold at NamePros were going to be dropped so whatever money I got was bonus for me 😉 Also those were ccTLDs in which no one showed any interest so getting whatever money for them was the right thing to do.

This forum is recommended to all newbies who are going to jump in domain game. They must go through all important topics at this forum and give proper time to read and understand the views, feedback and suggestions from experts before you invest any money in this game.

Overall my experience with NamePros is superb and is the best domain forum I have ever used on internet. The best part of this community is the people over there are very friendly and cooperative.

You can find me at NamePros with my username “” and I think the most active thread created from my end is Available Premium .IM domains

What’s your best domain forum? Have you used and would you like to share your experience with them?

GoDaddy offering new 99 cents coupon for December 2012

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So get it while it’s cheap. I was unable to use it because I am from other territory. If you are living in US or Canada it’s worth give a shot. Let me know if this coupon worked at your end…

Black Friday GoDaddy coupon codes

I have got several more coupon codes for you to register or transfer domains for as low as $1.99 only!

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Feel free to share which domains you registered and/or transferred to GoDaddy while using the above Black Friday GoDaddy coupon codes. Also if you need any other type of coupon codes for GoDaddy or any other registrar just feel free to ask and I will try my best to provide you in timely manner.