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No Calculator Needed: 10% Commission, Free Flippa Escrow, Free to Relist



Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

There is some great news to share with you guys about Flippa. First up, I would like to thanks Flippa for becoming our latest advertiser and I am hopeful they get the best results out of it.

Secondly, I would like to share some exciting news which was received by Flippa:

10%. Free Escrow. Free to Relist. That’s it, simple as…

A lot of talk this week has been circulating about GoDaddy/Afternic’s new pricing structure.

Flippa Domains would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we’re keeping it simple:

As a successful seller, you won’t pay more than a flat, 10% commission – which includes Flippa Escrow!

Should your domain not sell the first time around, simply relist for free, or place in your Flippa Portfolio to await offers. 10% …Simple.


Flippa Android App Released!

For all you PC people (like myself), you can now bid, buy and sell on the go — Flippa’s all new Android App hit the electronic shelves this past week. Read more…

Additionally, you can also now buy and sell Android Apps in the Flippa Marketplace!


Don’t Forget: Relisting Promo EXTENDED through March!

Now’s the time to re-list any and all of your unsold domain auctions for FREE.

Simply navigate to an unsold auction & click the link at the top prompting to “Relist your listing for free!”

[This promo is valid for DOMAIN-ONLY listings, and through March 31st, 2015, Pacific Standard Time]


Important changes coming for GoDaddy domain auctions

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I received an email from GoDaddy which is important for you to read if you are dealing through GoDaddy Auctions. Below is the entire message:


We’re making a few changes to our commission structures, which will make them some of the most competitive in the market. First of all, we’re adding Premium Domains to Buy-It-Now Auction searches to broaden your audience. Simply list your domain as you normally would for a Premium Domain and it will show up in both auction listings and domain searches. If you set it up as a Buy-It-Now Auction, you’ll be prompted to upgrade it to a Premium listing as well. We’ve been hard at work making sure the fees make sense and provide discounts for higher-valued sales. Now they’ll be based on the domain sale price. Take a look at these three tiers:
Cost of domain
Commission fees
$50-$5000 20% ($15 minimum)
$5,000-$25,000 $1,000 +15% of amount over $5k
$25,000+ $4,000 +10% of amount over $25k
Please note we’re setting a minimum of $50 for Buy-It-Now Auctions and $100 for Premium listings.  We’re also setting a $20 minimum listing price for 7-Day Auctions and Offer/Counter-Offer domain listings.Along with the changes to new listings moving forward, we’ll be converting existing listings over to the new system over the next 3 to 4 weeks for an early April launch.

  • If your domain is below the new minimum offer price, we’ll bump the minimum offer up to $20 for 7-Day Auctions and Offer/Counter-Offer listings.
  • If you have a Buy-It-Now Auction listing priced below $50, we’ll switch it to an Offer/Counter-Offer listing with a minimum price of $20.
  • If you have a domain that’s listed as both a Premium Domain and a Buy-It-Now Auction, we’ll consolidate it and use the higher of your two price points.

If you don’t want us to change your listing prices automatically, simply update your domain pricing manually before March 31st, and it will default to the new listing rules when we roll out the new structure.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about the process at 480-505-8877.

GoDaddy Auctions Team

What do you think on these changes made by GoDaddy?

How can you judge this craziness?


Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Before I write anything I just wanted to make things clear that I have no hard feelings for the winning bidder (mkrules) of the domain name which was recently concluded at NameJet.

It was no reserve auction and the minimum bid to participate in that auction was at regular price $69. If someone mistypes the minimum bid before the auction gets start, you are free to withdraw and delete from your account. In this case, the bidder placed $7,777 as his starting/minimum bid even before the auction gets underway. I thought he will change the price because as far as I have tracked this guy is purely domainer and not a newbie or enduser.

As the auction got started, no one had the courage to bid higher than that and eventually mkrules was declared as winner. I think he is going to pay for that as he owns several thousand of domain names.

Now the interesting question is what was the need of placing such high bid even though it was no reserve auction and he could have got for a lot lesser.

The only reason I can think off could be he mistakenly typed that bid but that doesn’t seems to be the reason because there is another auction going on for for which the same bidder has given initial bid of $5,555 whereas he could have given $239 to get into auction.

Once again I wanted to clear that I have nothing against that bidder but if he really needed that domain than at least he should have placed initial bid with $69 and $239 respectively in both auctions and later he may have placed proxy bid of $7,777 or whatever he is comfortable at. In my opinion, he would have still got for a lower price because the next highest bidder was at $1,000.

Can any one explain this madness as to why someone is throwing away his money for no good reason. At least I can’t see or think of any 😉

Uniregistry March 2015 Newsletter


Premium Name Support Now Available at Uniregistry

You ask and we deliver. Uniregistry now supports premium names offered by the Donuts and Rightside registries. Whether your premium name is in the .coffee or the .ninja space, we have you covered at Uniregistry. With some of the lowest premium rates available, now is a great time to transfer your names to Uniregistry.

March Promotions

Uniregistry believes in choice. The freedom to choose is what motivates us to offer you the best in the industry. Check what’s currently available in the discounted extension market during the month of March.

.Info Price Increase

The registry for .info has announced a 10% price increase for new, renewal, and transfer registrations. Effective May 1, 2015, Uniregistry will increase .info pricing 10% accordingly. Take advantage of your current .info pricing and be sure to renew your existing .info domains today.

Uniregistry is attending SXSW and World Hosting Days!

The Uniregistry world tour continues in March with two stops. On March 15 -18, 2015, Uniregistry heads to Austin, TX for the annual SXSW show. Stop by our booth to learn about our latest updates and catch up with us. We also look forward to meeting up with our European customers in Rust, Germany at World Hosting Days, March 24 – 26, 2015. Visit us at booth C24.

We always welcome the opportunity to set up meetings in advance. Contact us at and schedule some time with us.

Start backordering .org domains with

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

There is some news to share with you guys about

In past we could place backorders for .com/.net/.tv/.cc domains at Pheenix but now you can place backorders for any .org domains as well. This is great addition to their system as the cost for .org is $24.95 if you are the only bidder.








Secondly, they are working on new drop catch system which will increase the catches and that system will be operational soon.

I knew something was going on internally at Pheenix because these days I am seeing they are unable to grab single .com domain but I am still adding domains for backordering. Cannot take risk of not placing BO as I am not sure when they start catching domains again 😉

However, in past Pheenix used to beat all big boys in drop catching service. Now it’s clear that something is coming up which hopefully will be better than before.

Now a days all good domains are caught by auction houses which are doing public or private auction and among all I like Pheenix better because I see less competition out here compare to all other auction houses.

On a side note, I have won some good domains through Pheenix and I am quite happy to own those domains.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

Feel free to share your feedback and tell us whether any of you tried backordering .org domains and what was the result.