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Uniregistry March 2015 Newsletter


Premium Name Support Now Available at Uniregistry

You ask and we deliver. Uniregistry now supports premium names offered by the Donuts and Rightside registries. Whether your premium name is in the .coffee or the .ninja space, we have you covered at Uniregistry. With some of the lowest premium rates available, now is a great time to transfer your names to Uniregistry.

March Promotions

Uniregistry believes in choice. The freedom to choose is what motivates us to offer you the best in the industry. Check what’s currently available in the discounted extension market during the month of March.

.Info Price Increase

The registry for .info has announced a 10% price increase for new, renewal, and transfer registrations. Effective May 1, 2015, Uniregistry will increase .info pricing 10% accordingly. Take advantage of your current .info pricing and be sure to renew your existing .info domains today.

Uniregistry is attending SXSW and World Hosting Days!

The Uniregistry world tour continues in March with two stops. On March 15 -18, 2015, Uniregistry heads to Austin, TX for the annual SXSW show. Stop by our booth to learn about our latest updates and catch up with us. We also look forward to meeting up with our European customers in Rust, Germany at World Hosting Days, March 24 – 26, 2015. Visit us at booth C24.

We always welcome the opportunity to set up meetings in advance. Contact us at and schedule some time with us.

Start backordering .org domains with

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

There is some news to share with you guys about

In past we could place backorders for .com/.net/.tv/.cc domains at Pheenix but now you can place backorders for any .org domains as well. This is great addition to their system as the cost for .org is $24.95 if you are the only bidder.








Secondly, they are working on new drop catch system which will increase the catches and that system will be operational soon.

I knew something was going on internally at Pheenix because these days I am seeing they are unable to grab single .com domain but I am still adding domains for backordering. Cannot take risk of not placing BO as I am not sure when they start catching domains again 😉

However, in past Pheenix used to beat all big boys in drop catching service. Now it’s clear that something is coming up which hopefully will be better than before.

Now a days all good domains are caught by auction houses which are doing public or private auction and among all I like Pheenix better because I see less competition out here compare to all other auction houses.

On a side note, I have won some good domains through Pheenix and I am quite happy to own those domains.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

Feel free to share your feedback and tell us whether any of you tried backordering .org domains and what was the result.


My recent domain acquisitions including

My-recent-domain-acquisitions-including-LLL.comHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Yesterday Konstantinos shared some more domain purchases which he made in 2014 and one must check those names as what type of domains to acquire. That may help you in building your own quality portfolio. Below are some of the names I recently acquired: – I think it took too long to acquire but finally I did it. – I used to like but now I must start loving LLLL domains after the sale of 😉 – Almost paid 1k for this name and once the auction was over, I thought I paid little more than I initially set budget for this domain. However, I feel this can pay off well if I hold the domain for quite some time. – Will leave this one up to you to decide whether this acquisition was good or bad. It’s a dog breed and some developed sites but what impressed me was 60,500 exact searches at Google Keyword Planner. – I love “the” word domains. – Same as above. – To me this is a decent brandable domain which can be used for many different purposes. Got for just under 1k. – I love person names. Quite difficult name to spell 😀 – Isn’t this a common name with this spelling too. Although it’s a .net but I still like it. – Not as difficult spelling as the couple of above names.

Would love to have your feedback and feel free to share the domains which you recently acquired.

Thank you for your business

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I closed a sale at with the help of a broker and I was impressed to see the creativity used by the DNS team.

Once the domain sale was over, the broker sent the below image to the buyer followed with some best wishes for this new acquisition. I really liked the idea and thought to share this with you. This can be helpful in making some more sales with the same buyer and to show good gesture.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely for your recent purchase of
As a company, we hope that we provided you with the best service and that your new domain name brings you much success.”

I always like to keep in touch with the sellers from whom I buy domains privately as there is always a chance of striking another deal with that person in future. Once you have bought the domain privately, don’t just think it’s done and dusted. Try to keep in touch and you never know what’s new opportunity is coming your way.

How do you think about this idea?

Flippa Announces Free Escrow Service and Editors’ Choice

Flippa-Announces-Free-Escrow-Service-and-Editors'-ChoiceHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I haven’t used Flippa very actively like some of the other people but recently I have been participating in auctions and watching out the trend of buying and selling of domains at Flippa.

I received an announcement from them which I wanted to share with you:

“Today, we’re excited to bring you two huge updates which will make your Flippa experience safer and more secure, plus it’s now even faster to find the best opportunities to buy…

1. Flippa Escrow (it’s FREE!) – every Flippa transaction is now completely secure via our free escrow service.

  • Transact with 100% confidence – a trusted vault secures your funds until both parties are satisfied
  • Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer, and payouts can be made to your nominated bank or PayPal account
  • Find out more about Flippa Escrow here.

2. Editors’ Choice – a curated marketplace experience, the best auctions, hand-selected just for you.

  • A carefully curated list of the best opportunities on Flippa, hand-selected by our experienced editorial team
  • Look for Editors’ Comments which feature the highlights and challenges we’ve identified for each business, there to assist you with your own due diligence
  • Just hit “Save this search” in the top right corner of the Editors’ Choice screen to receive email updates as new opportunities are added.

Browse the Editors’ Choice auctions for Websites here and Domains here.”

Those couple of new features are good and will make things more easier and flexible for the Flippa users. I expect to see more sales at Flippa from onwards.

Care to share your experience with Flippa as that will help others 🙂