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What I achieved in 2014 and goals for 2015

What-I-achieved-in-2014-and-goals-for-2015Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

First up, happy new year to every one reading my blog. Secondly, thanks to all my visitors and loyal readers, commenters who gave their precious time and feedback and I have made some good friends out of this small domain community.

As I posted in March last year about my goals so I wanted to share what I accomplished and what’s my focus for this new year 2015.

I wanted to have 1,000 domains under my belt and I was short of 150 domains at the end.

To make $1,000 every month from parking on consistent basis and here $350 was short in achieving four figure mark.

I decided to sell at least one domain for six figures which I was able to successfully achieve and that was the most important and difficult goal to pull off. You can read more about that here.

Last couple of goals for the last year were on light note which I honestly took it lightly and both were not done. I had to publish 200 posts by the end of 31st December 2014 but finally I made 141 and was well short of 200. Last one was a personal one… To gain weight from 63 kgs to 72 but at the end I made it 69 which wasn’t too bad 😉

After going through my last year performance I wanted to share what I have planned for 2015 and set up some new and exciting goals to achieve.

1) To have 1,200 domains by the end of 2015. As usual I will be focusing on quality rather than quantity which was the main reason not to achieve 1k mark last year.

2) To make $1,000 p/month in domain parking. It’s the same one what I set last year but looking at the parking revenue of last year I think this will still be a challenge to make on regular basis.

3) Looking at my portfolio growing in number and renewals are climbing high so I have decided to liquidate some number of domains as compare to previous year and make at least $5,000 sale in total every month.

4) Last year I have sold 9-12 domains and this year I will be selling 20-24 domains which will roll on my portfolio and I won’t feel any pressure of paying renewals. To date, I have moved most of my domains to Uniregistry, automatically one year is extended so there isn’t much to think about renewals this year but I normally renew most of my domains a year before they hit renewals to keep things smooth and tension free…

5) Last one is a personal goal which is to move out of this city or country mainly due to safety concerns and several other factors. I had already decided to be shifting in mid 2015 couple of years back and time has come up. I will either be moving to Dubai or Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan) which is still better than my city (Karachi) where I live. I pray to ALLAH to show me right path and guidance which will help me in deciding where I should be moving.

Feel free to share your own goals set for year 2015.

The New DomainSponsor Platform

The-New-DomainSponsor-PlatformHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I just received newsletter from DomainSponsor and would like to share with you. By the way, I tested their platform by parking several domains for a month or so but wasn’t quite satisfied.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the new and improved DomainSponsor parking solution.

The move will take place on December 16th. What does this mean for you?

Improved performance  – We’ve completely revamped things behind the scenes: our pages load faster, are more device-responsive and perform better than previously. We are committed to ongoing improvements to our performance, so this is just the beginning.

New Interface – We have completely redesigned the Domain Sponsor Pubman to be cleaner, faster and more intuitive. You should have received an email in September requesting you to reset your password. If you missed it, you can reset your password for the new UI here:

Password reset link removed.

Access to your Rook Media account – If you also have a Rook Media account, you can access both accounts seamlessly from the DomainSponsor Pubman. Just click on your email address in the top right of Pubman to see your options.

Access to the old DomainSponsor Pubman – Moving to the new platform represents a clean break from our previous infrastructure which means your past domain stats will only be available in the old Pubman interface. You can access this directly from the new Pubman by clicking on your email address in the top right of the new Pubman.

If you’d prefer consolidated statistics for your DomainSponsor account in an Excel format, please make sure to contact your Account Manager or

What do you have to do?

Nothing. Your traffic will automatically resolve on the new platform and your stats in the new interface. Any domain settings and personal settings have been carried over to the new platform.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy the new DomainSponsor experience.

Your DomainSponsor Team”

Ranked in top 100 at for receiving domain inquiries

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I wanted to share something really interesting stats with you. Last year I was talking to one of DNS ( broker and he told me that you get lots of inquires for a portfolio of your size. At that time there were 1000 clients on DNS. You get the 25th most leads.

Today I asked him once again to have the latest update and he said that I got 1650 leads so far this year and my portfolio ranks in at the 84th most on the platform out of 1331 people. Considering my small size of portfolio and getting nearly 2k domain inquiries is good indicator with this month still to complete. Also being in the top 100 considering the size of portfolio and leads together isn’t too bad either 😉


Parking revenue for November 2014 and another domain sale

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I don’t get much time to publish posts and bought very few names and those I forgot to park them at DNS due to which I didn’t increase the number of domains in total parked domains section below.

Total visitors – 115,000+ (15k decrease from the previous month).

Total clicks – 3,900+ (500 less clicks).

Total parked domains – 800 (No increment).

Total revenue – $630 (slight decrease compare to October).

Top 5 niche which made the most – Games, Cooking, Health, Photography, VPN service.

$$ made on a single day – $30

RPM – $6.50 ($.5 increase in overall RPM).

CTR – 4.35% (More drop in this one).

I saw drop in visitors, clicks and CTR but most important thing was the consistency of revenue which remained almost the same. There was improvement in RPM. Although clicks were quite low compare to previous month but revenue was stable because of RPM which seems to be improving since last two months.

I sold a domain last month for $3,728. Quite awkward looking amount but actually the buyer offered 3k Euro which at that time of conversion made what it actually sold for.

Initially the buyer contacted back in March this year with starting offer of $150. Looking at the final price I always recommend to communicate and negotiate to get the maximum and see what the buyer has to offer. Had I rejected him badly, the deal would not have happened ever with this buyer. Never underestimate the starting offer because many times buyer is unaware of the market but has the budget for what you are asking. In some cases we need to educate them.

After not receiving any positive response from the buyer, the inquiry was automatically forwarded to one of the broker at DNS and he did his best to get some sort of response but at the end nothing went in our way…

Last month this lead was re-assigned to another broker of DNS and suddenly the buyer responded back and negotiation started from there on and the deal was completed swiftly. His next offer was 1k and than 3k USD before ending up at 3k EUR. All in all, it took 8 months to complete this sale. By the way, the domain name in question is

Thanks to Mohammed Khan and Sean Landreth who helped in closing this deal as well as Helki Weber (transfer specialist). She was really great in handling the transfer process and make things look really easier and helps the buyer at every stage where he needs anything. They all are too quick in what they do. I must not forget to thank from where the deal was actually completed. The sale was listed in DnJournal recently.

Before the transaction was initiated at, I had talked with Frank Pavilonis at Uniregistry for having all those funds credited in my Uniregistry account which will help me in transferring domains to their registrar. After which I did and now most of my domains are transferred to Uniregistry and I am very happy to be with them.

What has been your parking revenue for November 2014? Made any sale recently which you would like to share?

A tip for domain buyers who frequently acquire baby names

A-tip-for-domain-buyers-who-frequently-acquire-baby-namesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I published a post where I shared my recent acquisitions and couple of domains were and As previously I shared which type of first-last names to buy but this time I wanted to give a little tip of how you can get more clear and will help you to quickly decide whether to buy this name or not.

For example, if you visit LinkedIn and type Rosalyn you will get to see 197,757 results. When you click People from left side bar the result will be 197,691. Not much big difference but this isn’t accurate. Looking at those almost 200k people you will jump in for buying the domain but hold on…

To get precise result, you simply need to enter Rosalyn and see the difference. That will decrease the number of people but that’s what you are actually looking for. Based of those numbers you can decide whether you are still interested in buying the domain and how much money you are now willing to spend on it.

You can also check out for two word names like Robert Martin and “Robert Martin” to see the difference. On the very first page of both results check the names. I think LinkedIn needs to fix this because many people while typing in two word names won’t be finding the right person they are looking for due to huge non-relevant results.