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A tip for domain buyers who frequently acquire baby names

A-tip-for-domain-buyers-who-frequently-acquire-baby-namesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I published a post where I shared my recent acquisitions and couple of domains were and As previously I shared which type of first-last names to buy but this time I wanted to give a little tip of how you can get more clear and will help you to quickly decide whether to buy this name or not.

For example, if you visit LinkedIn and type Rosalyn you will get to see 197,757 results. When you click People from left side bar the result will be 197,691. Not much big difference but this isn’t accurate. Looking at those almost 200k people you will jump in for buying the domain but hold on…

To get precise result, you simply need to enter Rosalyn and see the difference. That will decrease the number of people but that’s what you are actually looking for. Based of those numbers you can decide whether you are still interested in buying the domain and how much money you are now willing to spend on it.

You can also check out for two word names like Robert Martin and “Robert Martin” to see the difference. On the very first page of both results check the names. I think LinkedIn needs to fix this because many people while typing in two word names won’t be finding the right person they are looking for due to huge non-relevant results.

Some of my latest domain acquisitions

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

My last post about domain acquisitions was started with a .net domain and I thought to start once again with that trend. But this time I have stopped myself from buying that many .net domains but I found the below domain being exceptional and was good to acquire in my opinion. – Although I paid high four figs for this domain, I still see this as a good investment. Holding the name for the right buyer to come in and knock the door. Couldn’t control myself in buying this top keyword which can be used widely for many different purposes. Joseph Peterson also discussed about this domain here. – A bird name but can be the brand name for any company like software, nature, travel guide, real estate, flower shop, etc. – I am fond of “the” domains which normally do well. Recently you must have noticed that sold for $10,000. This one can normally be used for cooking, kitchen and restaurant purpose. – Being very selective in buying 4 letter domains but this one is really good for someone whose name is Nathan. When I see domains with name and service/product/abbreviations that attracts me more because the probability of selling domain increases. – Perfect match for any fitness/body building gym and such names do well. Also I have – Two word common names are good to buy. Although most of the time people will offer you less than $100 and gives you the reason for buying domain is to develop personal and not business website on it. Some crazy asking price set by Mike Mann at DomainMarket for his two word names but don’t worry as I will sell it for a bit lower 😉 – How can I leave one word name when I cannot leave out two word common names. This isn’t a common name but I still see over 7,000 of people using this spelling in their names at LinkedIn. – Such names are to hold for longer period of time than the others but sometimes you can get them cheap and I don’t mind buying them and waiting for some years to sell 3 letter group domains. They do well when the right buyer comes in. You may demand for mid-high four figs or even five figs and I don’t see any serious group of companies will have issues shelling out that kind of money. – Was acquired for a lot more than the above but I saw more potential in this one because it has more decent letters.


Care to share your recent acquisitions and/or give feedback on my purchases… Feel free to comment as I won’t mind whether it’s good or good 😉

Sites where I find out the historical and past domain sales

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s always good to research before buying or selling your domains. One of the helping tool is to find out relevant past domain sales. If you are at the buying side, you will need to look at what similar domains sold for, the venue, extension, the year, etc. There could be many other factors which you can take into consideration but this is a must and you don’t end up paying more! So doing your due diligence is must.

If you are at selling side, you must look the past sales just to have an idea of not selling for less and leaving money on table. You will always be happy to get more than you expect but on the other side, if you will sell for less, that won’t be good for you and the market as well which is normally set on past and recent sales. Although there are exceptional sales every now and then.

I normally use which is frequently updated and gives you all the info you want related to past sales with all the search parameters you would want to have it. and are good as well but I don’t think DnSalePrice has enough and much updated sales data but still good to check out than missing out completely.

You can also watch out which shows you the top 500 domain sales. It was last updated on 09/12/2013 but still worth a look.

Another one is operated by Ron Jackson and this is the updated on weekly basis and I really like it. This gives you lot of info of what is going on every week. Not only that, you can also find out the previous weeks, months and years sales. Hats off to Ron for updating his website every week for years with lot of sales.

Feel free to share if you are aware of some other useful websites where we can find past domain sales.

PayPal, TopCoin & New Extensions at Uniregistry!

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Below is the newsletter received from Uniregistry and I am happy to share this with you.

PayPal-TopCoin-and-Brand-New-Extensions-at-Uniregistry“Uniregistry now accepts PayPal. We heard you and we got it done!
3 easy steps to connect PayPal to your Uniregistry purchases:

Before processing your payment, click on the “Change” button located next to your Payment Profile.
Choose PayPal as your payment profile.
Create your payment profile & you’re on your way!

Start Earning and Using TopCoin today!

Uniregistry is the first registrar to integrate TopCoin – a virtual currency designed for domain names and web hosting. Like frequent flyer miles for travel, TopCoin rewards purchasers with currency (aka TPC) that can be used to buy products and services. For every dollar spent on domains, 50% in TPC is earned. To learn more visit

new-gtldsNew Top Level Domains Continue to Launch!
Check out our new extensions that will be available on November 25th.  Act quick and be one of the first to register a .click for only $6.88. Get your perfect domain and have fun naming!

There will be no registry reserved domain names beyond single-characters on .click, and be sure to check out the complete list of Uniregistry’s available top level domains at”

I haven’t tried making payment through PayPal because it was launched just yesterday. Since I started transferring in domains to Uniregistry I was unable to use my card because the problem was from my bank. I asked Frank Pavilonis (Account Executive) at Uniregistry and he helped me in topping up my account with the funds I was suppose to receive from the sale completed through

As mentioned in my earlier post about Uniregistry review where I updated about my 65% transfers completed to this registrar and in next couple of months the rest of them will be moved. This month I completed another domain sale (will share in detail in coming post) for which I asked Frank to fund my Uniregistry account so that can be used to transfer in domains. It took couple of days to complete and now I can say that over 90% domains are transferred to Uniregistry and I am happy to move in here.

While transferring in all those domains I have made hundreds of TPC but I think it’s of no use for me because according to their FAQ I see they are promoting new gTLDs and giving more reward on purchasing it compare to .com/.net domains. And as you know I have zero new gTLDs and have no plans to invest in them. Still it’s good development from their team for which I congratulate them and they are always busy in bringing in something new all the time.

How a Premium Domain Can Boost Your Business

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I just received newsletter from Archeo which is division of Marchex Sales, LLC and it’s worth sharing.

“According to the Small Business Association, there are roughly 28 million small businesses in the U.S. Many of which are working extra hard to compete with bigger businesses and stand out among the competition. Of those 28 million small businesses, an astounding 22 million (79%) are self-employed with no additional employees on the payroll.

How-a-Premium-Domain-Can-Boost-Your-BusinessWhether you’re running a business solo or you have a team of employees, it can be a challenge to gain brand awareness. This is especially the case if like most small businesses you lack your own website. In a recent survey by Yodle, it was reported that 52% of U.S. small businesses still do not have a website.

Having a website not only helps establish credibility and attracts new customers to your products or services, it also serves as a powerful marketing tool that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With no additional employees or as with most small business, operating solo, a website is like having an entire team that is on and working while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with your family. This is an efficient way to keep your virtual doors and new opportunities open, even when your actual business may be closed! In addition to having a website, having a great domain name that properly attracts your customers is key to the website’s success. By including industry or location specific keywords, your domain name can help your customers find you faster.

Premium domains are often associated with popular keywords and most premium domains attract type-in traffic. This means people are actually typing in the exact terms or keywords searching for your type of business in your location. If your domain name keywords match or are related to what these potential customers are looking for, you are more likely to attract the most targeted leads.


What’s great about domains is that you can point (or “redirect”) as many domains as you like to your existing website. By doing this, you can help attract more customers. While you can not only point an unlimited number of domains, the “redirecting” service is available at any domain registrar and is often free.

While the top industries for small businesses are still just building their websites and gaining an online presence, the availability of related premium domains is still very high. There is so much room to grow and many really great domains are still available. Whether you have an existing website or are just getting started, take the first step in owning your own domain. Secure your small business band and help drive more customers to your business.”