Started serious domain investing in 2010

It was the end of 2004 when my father asked me to buy a domain and develop a website and it was which I never took seriously. After couple of years I came to know about domaining business which made me exciting to dig in and I started buying around 50 domains most of which were crap and dropped in 1-2 year period.

Fast forward to 2008 when I took domaining seriously and started reading blogs, surfing forums like,,,,, which helped me in making correct decisions in buying domain names. It was in 2010 when I started buying some decent names through GoDaddy Auctions and dropping domains through SnapNames which is so far the best backordering site in my experience.

You can look at my portfolio from which I have chosen only a few to list which will give you an idea of what type of domains I have purchased so far –

It’s my suggestion to invest wisely in domain names and before you purchase your first domain as an investment you must read for at least a couple of months and understand what all other successful domainers do and follow their way.

Comment and let me know your views about my investments and feel free to share your domain investments.

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5 years ago

How do I get started as a newbie.please your advice and mentoring will be helpful. Thank you.

Miss Nahdi
3 years ago

I have this domain, do you think it has any market value, keeping in mind the fact that it is a household term used on daily basis? I also have this awesome domain but it has .fm extension so I guess I am not getting any response from it. It is … I have seen and other non gtlds go for mid 5 figure range but my domain didn’t receive any enquiry nor offer on it in spite being posted on various auction sites. What your domaining expertise say, where I am going wrong in finding the… Read more »

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