Thanks to the seller who renewed domain before pushing in my account!

Thanks-to-the-seller-who-renewed-domain-before-pushing-in-my-accountI won’t disclose for which domain I am talking about but you will still find interesting reading out.

I recently purchased a domain which was already renewed till mid of 2013. I always prefer to have the domain at GoDaddy but the seller wanted to push at the same registrar (which wasn’t GoDaddy). Once the payment was approved by, the buyer initiated the push under my account but it was really shocking to see the expiration date of the domain was 2015!

Once the domain was secured by me, I immediately sent message to the seller and asked why he was humble enough to renew the domain for not only 1 year but a couple of years. I never got any response from him so far. Although the deal has been completed few months back.

He wasn’t very friendly while exchanging emails. I was actually trying to acquire that domain for more than 1 year and he responded only 2-3 times and I sent him around 15 emails. Although he agreed to the price which was very much reasonable; no doubt about that. But I still wonder why he renewed the domain for 2 years before pushing to my account. The domain wasn’t transferred to another registrar from which I can assume of 1 year extension. It was simply a push to another account at same registrar. So it’s for sure the seller renewed the domain. I would give a big thanks to the seller who not only renewed the domain for couple of years without my permission 😉 but also sold the domain at reasonable price.

Have you experienced like this before? Any big heart seller you like this faced in the past 😉 ? I would love to hear your experiences.

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4 years ago

[…] Thanks to the seller who renewed domain before pushing in my account! […]

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