Tips to use LinkedIn for domaining

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

At the end of last year, I bought a domain name “”, I can see there are 19,663 people having an account with LinkedIn.

On left side, you can click on Companies to see which are the companies having Scott White term in it. The search filter of LinkedIn is really poor IMO and it will show you the results of all companies which contains not only Scott White in their company name but also shows if this name exists in their description.

Now you will see 28 companies and you can easily filter those with the number of employees by selecting employees range through Company Size filter. Find out what company names have Scott White in it and try to contact them and see if they have interest in buying that domain.


There is another tip you may use in order to find available domains to hand register and try selling to endusers.

Simply type in “Scott” in LinkedIn and select companies, it will show almost 9,000 companies which somehow has the word Scott. Now you will see Scott Kay, Scott Wilson, Scott Sports, Scott Builders and many more. Now search,,, and others to see if any name is available to hand register. Do your own research, check TMs, other tools you use before buying domain and register it if you think can sell it for profit.

You can just leave the search blank and click on companies to see the result is 8,872,533. You can filter it according to your requirement and above I used Scott as an example to make things easier for you to understand.

Feel free to share your experience once you use this and/or if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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Eric Lyon
7 years ago

Good tips! There are also a lot of domain investors groups on LinkedIn that members can join for free. Many of them allow self promotion. Just be sure to read each groups guidelines before advertising. Some may want to keep in mind that excessively promoting could also backfire and get their account removed from a group. Additionally, some people that use linkedIn professionally may click the report link if they get a sales message that feels spammy. Sellers should use a lot of tact and potentially structure their first contact message to be more of a meet and greet than… Read more »

7 years ago

Quite an interesting tips! Thanks Abdul for sharing.

Vijay Narada Kumar
Vijay Narada Kumar
7 years ago

Wow! Such a gr88 tips Brother… Will try for sure

7 years ago

Very great tip. Thank you for sharing

Patricia Kaehler
7 years ago

Thanks for sharing the tip.
Sometimes over on DropGrabs blog I post people’s names
that are available in .com for registering at reg fee.
I don’t do the extra step to see if they have potential
end users… That’s not my area of interest – but since
I sometimes turn up the domains as being available
I try to remember to occassionally post a batch for
fellow domainers to potentially benefit from – over on DG…
~Patricia — Ohio USA

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