A tip to increase commission at Uniregistry

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It’s been some time since I last posted but with holidays I took a break from postings as well. But that doesn’t mean I stopped domaining 😀 I was actively buying domains, though at a slow speed because the prices have gone as well as need to sell domains in order to have the cash flow for buying more domains. As with most domainers, the summer period is slow as people are on holidays. August can be a tough one because many of the corporate purchasing teams have vacations.

Coming back to the topic… I recently sold a domain using Uniregistry lander and asked buyer if he is willing to take the domain at Uniregistry. He wasn’t willing to take at first but eventually took it there by creating an account. What I did was to provide him my Uniregistry affiliate link to open his Uniregistry account. Once he did and took the domain there, I’ll be paid commission on every renewals/registrations/transfers he make into his account until he uses that account actively.

Next time when you sell a domain when the domain is registered with Uniregistry, make sure to ask if the buyer wants the domain there itself. Not only you will make a bit of commission, but also the domain transfer will be completed in no time and you’ll get your funds much quickly.

You won’t make a fortune here but it’s better to make something than nothing at all. And if you’re a frequent seller, you could bring in many buyers to keep their domains with Uniregistry and you will make additional $$ as bonus.

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6 years ago

Glad to see you back blogging. Hope to see you post more frequently. I’ve had a few buyers this year sign up at uniregistry to do a push who were having difficulties with registrar transfers. Had one this week create an account for a push.

6 years ago

Assalam O Alaikum
Dear Sir,

How I can get MY “affiliate link” from Uniregistry.com ??


Saeed Hassan

6 years ago

Hi Abdul,

Assalamualaikum from Indonesia,

That’s a good tips.
But where can I get my affiliate link?

And btw, could you share the domain that got sold?
Or is it on NDA?

Sanwal Memon
Sanwal Memon
6 years ago

Early Eid Mubarak to you,
You’ve made us Pakistani’s proud, and i’m sure many people look up to you, not only here, but around the world!

Will definitely be following your blog and wish you a very successful 2017!

6 years ago

nice info , what is the commision fir a .com ,

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