A tip which will increase the response rate of your domain inquiry

A-tip-which-will-increase-the-response-rate-of-your-domain-inquiryHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As many of you know that I have stopped contacting endusers myself at the end of last year. There are couple of reasons behind that. One of them is that I want the endusers to reach me directly rather than I go after them because the number of inquiries I receive each month is quite satisfying after which I don’t need to chase after them. Secondly, you have an upper hand in handling that inquiry when someone approaches you at first. Because there are some instances when you contact a person and ask them to give their offer first. Occasionally that makes the other person furious at you and tells you to throw out your asking because YOU initially contacted them.

I have been in domain business for several years and have done many tests and trials while sending emails and always screening as to which one works better. After doing careful research I found out that by simply adding a question to your reply can definitely increase the response rate.

For example, instead of just asking the enduser to present their offer in $x,xxx range or throwing out an asking price, you can always add a question at the end along with your reply which makes this as a whole “I will certainly entertain offers in mid four figures. Would you like to present an offer in that range?” Even if the next person is not interested, the reply will most probably comes quickly.

Another example is when a person is too lazy to respond or taking enough time to finalize the deal, you can always inform that the offer is valid for 7 days or until the end of this month. Plus you can ask “when shall we expect the transaction to finish off?” or “do you think we can wrap up this deal by the end of this week?”

Such questions not only give you clearer picture about the buyer’s seriousness but also saves your time by knowing if the person A is not serious, you can quickly reach out person B (if there is any on your waiting list) and proceed further with your communication/negotiation. This way you will not lose the person B who will not need to wait for lengthy period of time. Because we have seen many times that buyer is looking for several alternatives while trying to acquire domain for their business.

This doesn’t guarantee the increase of domain sale but surely going to help you in moving ahead quickly.

For me, this has been working perfectly and the response rate is much higher than before. If you are using this tactic, feel free to share your views on this. If not, give it a try and post your comment in this regard and let others knows.

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Leonard Britt
6 years ago

Agreed-the conversion rate on outbound marketing efforts is very low – even though oftentimes it will generate a “How much?” inquiry. By the time an end user has initiated contact they have probably already looked to see if the domain is priced in places like Godaddy and are likely just trying to negotiate a lower price.

6 years ago

Contacting endusers may not work most of the time but still Domain Sherpas believe you should continue to do it along with the waiting policy on your domains but if you’re having enough inquiries then it’s a different case.

Well, your tips in this article are good as it’s research based and I may apply it, Thanks.

Vijay narada Kumar
6 years ago

Hi Abdul thanks for such a wonderful tips for newbies like me

6 years ago

[…] up on my reading of a number of blog articles after my holiday and I picked up a useful tip over at Abdul Basits’ blog about increasing response rates from domain enquiries. I generally keep my response to enquiries short and to the point but have […]

6 years ago

I’ve been using this strategy ever since I came across this post…. it really does work like wonder, my response rates have bounced up visibly… so thank you Abdul! If only everybody could read this 😉

6 years ago

Great tip Abdul and we all appreciate you sharing your domaining wisdom! 🙂

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