Sold my first domain through aka have been parking my domains with InternetTraffic aka for few months and received many inquiries but none of them was tempted enough to sell or the potential buyers didn’t even bother to present their offer once I asked them to make it. I have tested several other parking companies and found IT/DNS the best so far in terms of PPC and getting domain inquiries more frequently than at some other places.

In the first week of January 2013 I received an offer on one my domain with starting offer of US$500 and they explained their purpose of buying and who they are. It didn’t took much time for me to analyze and counter offer with US$6,000. Next day the person informed me price is too high and they could max US$1,000. I politely informed we cannot proceed further. After several back and forth emails of US$1,250/US$1,400/US$1,750. I simply told them not to waste my time. Although this conversation was with one of the employee of that company who were interested in buying my domain. I just told him instead of wasting my time please present your best and final offer and I will simply accept or reject it. He offered US$2,000 and I rejected. I offered US$5,000 as my final offer and stated it’s valid for next 7 days only but they didn’t bother to respond and I decided they need to suffer for that and I will stay strong on my offer if they come next time.

Fast forward to March 2013, I got an offer of 3k and I knew it’s the same company trying to buy but with different name and email ID. My counter was again 6k. And once again similar pattern of offers got started with US$3,750/US$4,250 but with no success.

A couple of days later the CEO of company contacted me and started with straightaway US$5,000 but I wanted more than 6k this time but he just wanted to wrap up quickly and was serious enough so I let this domain go for US$6,000. Once again I will say US$6,000. I got extra US$1,000 just because they didn’t accepted my offer of US$5,000 on time.

Oh yeah, and the domain was

As mentioned in my previous post where the buyer was unable to make payment on time and I cancelled the deal. At that time I really needed the money and after cancelling that deal I got this sale happen successfully. Although I was having conversations with this company for the last 2 months.

It was the first time I asked for more money once the buyer didn’t take it seriously and responded on time. And luckily I got what I wanted.

So what do you think of this sale and had any similar experience?

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10 years ago

I told you in my last comment on your last blog post which somehow was set aside in a filter that the previous deal that went south was probably a blessing in disguise.

Congrats are in order to you for a job well done.

10 years ago

Hello Abdul.

Roughly, how much do you pay those domains that end up selling for mid X,XXX like this one? Were they expereing domains?


10 years ago

Abdul, Your write up is quite inspiring to a newbie hoping to make a headway in the Domain World.About InternetTraffic,do you have to have a maximum amount of domain before one is allowed to register with them and then get approval.I just started in the domain business and tried with just 6 names and I didnt get approved,so I am in the process of getting more domains before trying once again to see if it will finally be approved. I am stuck on your blog now and would follow on to gather more information so many mistakes along are avoidable.… Read more »

10 years ago

Thanks for your response Abdul,I have, and all bookmarked and check on also.I will check the others and bookmark as well.I will take my time and build gradually before trying again on internet traffic after I must have gathered some amount of traffic.
Thanks for the link up with the other blogs,I really appreciate it.

10 years ago

Congratulations buddy, nice negotiation can you please tell me how transaction take place once buyer and seller agreed on price

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