Afternic experiment of March 2020

Hello everyone,

This is the third post of the Afternic experiment series after I published January and February results which I’m hopeful that some of my readers find it interesting.

It was a bright start of March with 4 sales in first 15 days and the remaining 16 days went totally silent which was not very surprising because of the situation globally due to Covid pandemic.

Some of the highlights of March 2020 are as below:

There were once again very close to 550 inquiries which includes the inquiries on repeating domains as well. this time I just reached 3,700 domains right at the end of March.

As said earlier, I’d 4 sales and all that happened in the first half of March. 3 out of 4 sales happened via GoDaddy which includes for $3,888, for $3,988 and for $8,888. Only one happened via Afternic sales lander which was sold for $1,888. acquired more than 5 years back. acquired almost 2 years ago. also almost 2 years back and more than 5 years before. Altogether acquisition cost for these 4 domains was under $500.

Considering the Covid pandamic haunting globally, I see the number of sales and total amount is decent.

Feel free to give your feedback and if you like to add your experience with Afternic, feel free to share. Also you may contact me directly if you like your results to be published in my next report post.

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1 month ago

Great going Abdul. There’s a lot to learn from you for most of us.

It will be so nice of you if you can write a post about the following:

1. All the places that you list your domains on
2. Do you price all your domains?
3. How do you price your domains?
4. Any other tips, techniques and strategy we should follow?

Just a request if possible.


Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 month ago

Thank you Abdul for taking time to answer my questions and sharing your experience.

I am finally done acquiring (don’t we all say that – lol) and now beginning to focus on selling/monetizing. This is my top goal now.

I now need to learn how to efficiently and as accurately as possible price my domains in bulk and then perhaps fine tune them as needed.

Thank you again!

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 month ago

Thanks buddy 🙏
I will be done acquiring after tomorrow 😊

1 month ago

Nice sales Abdul. When you say 3 sales are from GoDaddy and onely one from 1 Afternic lander. How do you differentiate them?

1 month ago

How do you manage so many domains with that obsolete hard to use afternic’s dashboard?

1 month ago

If you hand tuned 3,000+ domains for pricing you deserve a medal for your time and effort. And then for the names to go thru the acceptance process.

I normally you get 3-4 duplicate emails for every name submitted. Have you ever received duplicate emails, is it just me?

Thanks again for sharing.

Sanjeev Tiwari
1 month ago

Awesome article bhaiya! 🙂 I love it sounds like “keyword”
, Under 500$ for all the names is an amazing deal, that’s an amazing ROI that’s what matters in the end.

the durfer
the durfer
1 month ago

Abdul you are an excellent domainer. Dont know how you do it, but keep it up. Great learning experience for all of us. congrats!

1 month ago

Abdul, nice to read something from you. I’m happy you’re making good sales in this covid pandemic. Under $500 for all 4 names are good deals and an impressive ROI. Good luck and more sales.

1 month ago

Awesome article bhaiya..

27 days ago

[…] is the fourth post of the Afternic experiment series after I published January, February and March results which I’m hopeful that some of my readers find it […]

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