Creative way of scamming

Hi everyone,

Recently I received an email from with the subject “Special Offer (4L domain .com)” – the 4L .com I removed from the subject. Below is the message I’ve copied:

“Dear Domain Owner,

My names are Sandra Schulze, a representative of a private firm and I am reaching out to you to inquire about the possible purchase of your domain name 4L .com (domain removed).

We have a very lucrative offer for the domain which we know you have held ownership for a very lengthy period and our hope is that the offer meets your expectation.

I will furnish you with more details including the financial offer, agreement, and payment procedures as soon as I get your continuation response.

Warmest regards,
Sandra Schulze”

I asked this scammer what’s their offer and in response, I received the following message which has several red flags:

Thank you for your speedy response to my email notification on the proposed acquisition of your domain name 4L .com. We know that you have had ownership of the four-letter domain since 2000 and my clients are more than willing to offer a lump sum final offer of five million United States dollars.

Furthermore, I’d like to inform you that I work on a commission with my clients on the successful acquisition of the domain name which will be of great benefit to me and to you if the proposed sum is agreed.

Our mode of payment will be via and I will be setting up the new transaction with your email address, please specify if you are conversant with so that I can elaborate if you are not.

Escrow services require a fee that will be shared by both buyer and seller and I will draw the agreement indicating the roles of both buyer and seller which will be signed by all parties before we proceed to escrow to make payments, the transfer of the domain name and conclude formalities.

Looking forward to your response to continuing this acquisition.

Sandra Schulze

Now the first red flag is that the domain is listed for sale at $50,000 and the scammer offered to buy it for 5 million US$ which is outrageous. At least this person should’ve done some research like what price this domain is listed for, also who the domain owner is, whether it’s a seasoned domain investor or someone with 1-5 domains only.

I responded the scammer with the following message:

“The domain is available for purchase for $50,000 only so you’ll save $4,950,000.

You may start the escrow with using our email address (redacted) and we’re frequently using their services and don’t require any external agreements to sign it.

If your client is a serious buyer, then go ahead and initiate the transaction.

Best regards


It’s been more than a month now and there is complete silence whereas I received the first two emails within 24 hours. It was very obvious

My point of saying it’s a creative way of scam is because before these scammers asked to use some escrow service and behind the scenes they themselves own it and provide with less appraisal value and don’t even bother buying the domain and usually just run away with the appraisal amount paid by the domain owner. But this time, this scammer said to use to look like a legit person but eventually would’ve asked to use some shitty appraisal service before initiating the escrow at which would’ve never happened.

So Sandra or whatever your real name is, just do some research next time like checking the prices and stop bothering domain owners especially with a lot of domains as they won’t come in your trap.

To my loyal readers and followers, please feel free to share any scam email addresses or messages you’ve received in recent times to make others aware of it.

Thank you!

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Matt morgan
Matt morgan
19 days ago

Hello Abdul, how are you doing? Great find and share, to your other blog readers who might get such scam emails. Scammers are getting more advanced in targeting innocent people online. There are some TV programs which show you how to spot scams which I advice people to watch. Generally if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Due diligence should be done and you get this with experience in the domain industry. Abdul, I have provided 7 tips to add to you blog post. HERE ARE MY 7 TIPS 1) Google the scammer. Enter the email… Read more »

Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
17 days ago

Hello Abdul, I’m glad you liked my post.

Apologies to you, you are an experienced domain seller and not a domain broker.

I meant to write:

6) Ask a domain broker or an experienced domain seller.

One such professional experienced domain seller to contact is Abdul Basit πŸ˜‰

That sounds better hey?

27 days ago

My guess is this is the “domain appraisal scam” in which they ask you to pay for an appraisal before (paid through an appraisal service they own) completing the transaction.

Haroon Basha
26 days ago

He is a scammer from Nigeria. Nigerians are notorious in scams. If you would have agreed to their escrow method, he will ask you to send 50% of the fees (usually less than a five thousand dollars).

Reply to  Haroon Basha
1 day ago

Why are you always saying the scammer is from Nigeria, that is racism. Scammers are everywhere, even in your country.

20 days ago

Good info. Someone else might be more polished than β€œshe” was, so it is good to be on the look out for this kind of scam.

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