Domain investor prefers to drop his domains instead of selling me privately!

Domain-investor-prefers-to-drop-his-domains-instead-of-selling-me-privatelyThis is really interesting and somewhat shocking to me. I inquired about a domain name which I saw was owned by a domain investor who owns hundreds of decent domain names and that particular domain was recently expired. The domain owner said he has realized that buying domain names solely for the purpose of selling them at higher price no longer makes him feel good. This is the reason he has started dropping many of his domains and scaling down the portfolio and even lowered asking price as well for the remaining names under his portfolio.

He even said that it doesn’t feel good to sell domains to an investor. He actually wants the name to be dropped for general public to register it at normal prices. It’s quite amazing that a domain investor who owns hundreds of quality domains have no idea that a decent domain dropping will straightaway be caught by SnapNames/NameJet who will auction the name and most of the time it will go in the hands of domain reseller.

I even tried to explain him once again about the above scenario that the domains will go into auction house and won’t be available for general public to hand register domains and I got the following reply:

“But I still prefer to drop the domains since that increases the chance of them becoming available to the public.

Although he was kind enough in explaining everything and was nice to communicate with him. He even offered me reseller price for some of my domains which I politely rejected.

I wonder if any one of you have ever encountered similar situation with any domain investors? Any comments are welcome, no matter how bad or good 😉

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