How to find a Pending Sale at

Hello everyone,

Recently I came across a great tip to find out about a “Pending Sale” at, all credits to Alex Verdea who shared it at Twitter in detail.

As per the image above shared by Alex, if you go to your Domain Management and select “Sales Settings” or even “Custom Overview” which is normally selected at my end, you then need to sort the price in “Ascending” order. Since all of my listings are BIN priced the same like Alex, so you’ll see any “Pending Sale” having blue triangle and yellow triangle shows the domains are not listed for sale and I’ve a few of them with that status.

I was checking this thing the day before yesterday and found out that there was a pending sale of $2,988 for which I received a sale confirmation email from Sedo today morning which made me want to share it with you all.

Thanks to Alex for this wonderful tip and I’m sure many of the investors will now be regularly checking it in their account.

Feel free to share your experience if any of you knew about this or have come across any sale by knowing in advance this way.

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2 months ago

Well written Abdulbasit. Alex has been sharing a lot as always .

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
2 months ago

Hello Abdul,

I am a big follower of yours as I have been following since the creation of this blog.

It would be motivating for us if you share the monthly sales stats as you used share before.


2 months ago

Some emails may not arrive. Checking for pending sales or pending offers is recommended

Matt morgan
Matt morgan
2 months ago

Hello Abdul, how are you and your family doing?

Hope all is well.

Another nice blog post of yours, and the sharing of a source, the twitter post of Alex Verdea. Just like you have shared this source, people look at your blog for sources of domain information. A nice knock on effect.

I hope you are doing well with domain sales in 2023.

Keep up the good work,

Matt Morgan

Matt morgan
Matt morgan
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 month ago

Hello Abdul, me and my family are fine thanks.

I hope you are well.

I hope the family emergency is ok?

if you need anything/ or to even talk then feel free to let me know.

Matt Morgan

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