M8.com sold for $75,500 at SnapNames

M8.com-sold-for-$75,500-at-SnapNamesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I was in an auction for the domain M8.com at SnapNames and it ended up selling for $75,500. Although it seems the payment is still pending so will need to wait and see who actually the new owner is. I will update this post once the hand changes. Great domain though. Number 8 is always favorable among Chinese.

Do you think it was reseller or an enduser price?

UPDATE – I found the buyer of M8.com is the same guy who is using bidding alias “first” at NameJet and buying mostly every LLL.com and other high quality names. This guy is shelling out thousands of dollars every day. It seems a Chinese buyer and they are heavily investing in domains.

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6 years ago

m8 = mate

Probably a dating thing coming rather than the Chinese 8 stuff.

Raj Domains
6 years ago

yeah it can be the reason.. but still .. M8.com domain name sounds good to me.

Bitcoin Domains
6 years ago

Congratulations Mr.Basit. very good price in INR.

Domain of the day:

Offer me 🙂

6 years ago

I think it’s an end user price but I think you can guess better as you’ve mention that you were a part of this auction.

6 years ago

Thanks for providing the updates. It will be interesting to note M8.com’s future in terms of its sales as well as development.

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