My experience with

My Experience with

There are plenty of domain forums on internet. I joined very selected one’s and left all excluding the only domain forum I really enjoy till now. It’s I found them through Google while searching for GoDaddy coupon codes and joined them in 2007. I never thought to be active member of this very friendly community. I have found many people helping each other no matter where you are from, who you are and whatever the time is. All are ready to guide you through right path and will share their own experiences.

I have asked numerous times of help and always got what I wanted. In the last 5 years I have made some nice friends. I have tried to get some appraisal on few of my domains which were never really satisfying because I sold for a very different price as compare to what the experts appraised for. The best part of NamePros for me is to keep actively checking GoDaddy Discount Codes thread which has saved me thousands of $$$ to date. I recommend everyone who is domain investor and has a big portfolio must subscribe to this GoDaddy Discount Codes thread if you have domains at GoDaddy.

I have also used this forum to buy and sell domains but very rarely. Most of the domains I sold at NamePros were going to be dropped so whatever money I got was bonus for me 😉 Also those were ccTLDs in which no one showed any interest so getting whatever money for them was the right thing to do.

This forum is recommended to all newbies who are going to jump in domain game. They must go through all important topics at this forum and give proper time to read and understand the views, feedback and suggestions from experts before you invest any money in this game.

Overall my experience with NamePros is superb and is the best domain forum I have ever used on internet. The best part of this community is the people over there are very friendly and cooperative.

You can find me at NamePros with my username “” and I think the most active thread created from my end is Available Premium .IM domains

What’s your best domain forum? Have you used and would you like to share your experience with them?

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9 years ago

I like namepros, the people there are very helpful and sharing

9 years ago

Also wanted to add, i have found many useful domain coupon websites from namepros which offer additional savings to domain buyers and investors. Please share:

6 years ago

Agree, great community for doaminers. I have same problem in appraisal there, never got correct appraisal from domains.

5 years ago

I like namePro. When I have a $0.99 .com coupon, I posted it into namepro, I got dozens of domain new customers.

5 years ago

I like NamePros, and of course i’m always check your thread in avaiable domain name, haha, got some domain .im in there .. thanks mate..

3 years ago

Hello Abdulbasit!
I’m a budding domainer aka newbie.
I’m so much impressed about your openness in giving tips and clues, sharing your experiences about domaining.
It’s highly commendable.

Like I said earlier, I’m a newbie and will be grateful if you can give an idea about the “important topics” on namepros that a newbie should read.
I really want to learn. To add to this, I just concluded reading every single post you’ve made on this website, and a whole lot learned.
Thank you in anticipation !

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