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Hello everyone,

I’ve been using for the last 17 years and have seen a lot of improvements and have made a few good and great sales through them. I wanted to share some of my experience and give some suggestions regarding Sedo.

One of the most needed features is 2FA which should be implemented as soon as possible. Currently if anyone’s account gets hacked, the hacker can change the price and buy the domain which will come into the possession of the hacker in minutes due to Sedo MLS if the seller has already opted-in. This is a must feature and they must bring it on quickly.

Sedo External Escrow service is a great alternative escrow service if someone has any issues with like they’re currently not supporting accounts from several countries. I’ve used Sedo’s escrow service countless times and I’ve had an overall pleasant experience. The only issue with this service is that the buyer or the seller needs to contact Sedo at with the subject “External Transfer Request” and they require the following data to be sent in the email:

Domain name
Total sales price (including VAT if applicable)
Currency (USD / EUR / GBP)
Sedo Login Seller
Sedo Login Buyer
Which party will pay for the Sedo commission* – (Seller / Buyer / Split Fees)
Keep the domain sale confidential – (Yes / No)

The above method of initiating the escrow transaction is too old and needs to be automated through their site itself rather than the person requiring to manually do all that via email and sometimes the email may not be delivered or ends up in spam or something…

Also recently I encountered an issue when the sale happened via Sedo MLS which is similar to Afternic Fast Transfer sale. Once the sale email came in, I wanted to communicate with the transfer agent but the communication/message center was disabled due to which I was unable to communicate with the transfer agent. I had to contact the support to get things sorted out. It will be good if Sedo will keep the message center open like for every other transaction to communicate with the transfer agent smoothly and quickly.

With Sedo MLS, I’ve noticed the slight increase in sales via Sedo which was not there before when all my domains were with Uniregistry. Currently I’m keeping all my domains with Dynadot which offers both Sedo MLS and Afternic DLS.

Last but not the least, Sedo payout is very quick. But if they can add an option to select the payout method for each and every sale would be great.

Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions and let your voice be heard.

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7 months ago

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Matt morgan
Matt morgan
7 months ago

Hello Abdul, I hope you and your family are doing well.     yes I agree the process to do the “External Transfer Request” needs to be automated because as more and more days go on, weeks go on and months too, then More people will be needing this External Transfer Request.   This means that Sedos workload to deal with each individual request will get more and more Busy.     If Sedos workload for External Transfers gets more busy then they will take longer to deal with each one, and take longer to pay domain sellers for their… Read more »
6 months ago

Dear Abdul, Thanks for your valuable feedback and for taking the time to share your observations and suggestions for improvements. As a reader of your blog, we really appreciate it and your feedback is well received by our team. Regarding the external domain transfer process, we just launched a new form on the site. This greatly simplifies the process of requesting a domain transfer. We look forward to you and the domain community trying it out. We hope you’ll like it. As for the other topics you mentioned – once we have any news on them we will share them… Read more »

5 months ago

Hi Abdul. How long did it take for your first sale on Sedo? thanks

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