Payment method for Pakistanis for buying and selling domain names

Recently I got a comment from my blog reader asking me to share the payment method for Pakistanis for buying and selling domain names. As I am from Pakistan as well and can tell you exactly how the domain buying/selling cycles goes. As we all know PayPal account cannot be made from Pakistan so I am using one of my friend’s PayPal who lives in Singapore. Even without having PayPal account you can buy and sell domains without any hassle.

First you can apply for UBL Wiz card which is Pakistan’s first ever Prepaid VISA Debit Card. You can use it for shopping online and offline, dining, withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide. For more details you can visit here and if you are interested can apply here.

Just make sure you are applying for UBL Wiz Travelers/UBL Wiz Internet because that card has the maximum deposit limit of PKR 200,000. I have this card and using it since last year without any trouble. I am using it for buying domains online and since all major registrars accept cards so feel free to use it anywhere.

For selling domain names there are few Escrow services like, and more. Since I have used for buying and selling domain names. As earlier mentioned UBL Wiz card is also accepted at these escrow services.

If you guys know any other alternative methods for people living in Pakistan just feel free to share so that it will be helpful for us.

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Shaila Farnaaz
Shaila Farnaaz
1 year ago

What are the other methods to sell domain and withdraw in Pakistan bank ? Escrow and Ecop are not working for me. Will afternic withdrawal work ? Will uniregistry withdrawal direct to bank work ? if yes, then which bank in Pakistan is good for that ? and what are the tax requirement for receiving these amounts here ? What about namesilo ? doesn’t work any more right ? Please guide. Its really required for me. Please

Shaila Farnaaz
Shaila Farnaaz
Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your response. Hopefully its last question as i know i am disturbing you while you are busy working.

What is the easiest way to get NTN and as a freelancer, what do i need to get NTN ?

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