Use Domain Name Analyzer Professional for bulk WHOIS, domain generator and much more

I strongly recommend using Domain Name Analyzer Professional to those who are looking for bulk WHOIS check, Domain Name Generators (keyword based, character template based, etc.), DNS Check, Attach custom notes, Database Storage (Huge Domain Lists). You can sort the domains by alphabetical order, status, registry expiry, registrar expiry and even last modified date. It supports Internationalized Domains (IDN) too.

I have been using Domain Name Analyzer Professional since 2006 almost daily! I have over 25,000 domains added in software which helps me to track them without checking their WHOIS on daily basis. Before I was actively buying .cc and .im domains for which I made separate files for them.

In case you need some of their other product depending on your requirement so they offer an upgrade to any of their product by just paying the difference in price.

Below is one tip I normally use when I add new tld in domain name analyzer professional.

Tip: Go to Edit/Top Level Domain List, select any tld like .com and click settings. Than WHOIS server settings and under Allowed simultaneous connections type 99999. And for Minimum Interval between two connections select 0. This will let you check WHOIS in the quickest way without waiting for long time. (I am using DNA Pro v4 so things might look a little different in v6).

By default the settings are different so you will need to change for every tld but make sure to read in detail about them because .org allows 4 connections per minute so there is no use to increase connections for this tld. But for .com, .net, .cc, .im, .co you can use the tip I gave you.

Have you tried this software or would like to share any tips/suggestions. Good or bad I would like to hear from you guys.

Domain Name Generators (keyword based, character template based, etc.)

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6 years ago

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4 years ago

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3 years ago

Hello Abdulbasit, please I have been trying to understand how to use domain name analyzer pro, but I can’t seems to understand it in line with all the functions you listed that it does for you.

Please is there a way I can learn to use it or could you be of help to do some little tutorial on using it.

Thank you.


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