AbdulBasit Makrani

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website.

I am AbdulBasit Makrani, 26 years old. I married in 2009 and have two beautiful sons Jasim and Luqman.

The unquenchable thirst of knowledge and education is compelling me to continue the process of learning till the end of my life however, by nature I am very enthusiastic and highly motivated person, interested in making friends from all over the world and have very keen desire to build an outstanding reputation as the most reliable business person of the World.

Right now, I am doing full time buying and selling of premium domain names. However, I still enjoy excellent contacts and exercise sufficient influence in private commercial sector. Therefore, I am fully confident that I am able to help you diversify and expand your existing business.

As I have created this blog recently so I will be coming up with updates very soon.

I wish you success in all your international business endeavors.

Thanks and best regards
AbdulBasit Makrani
W: http://www.AbdulBasit.com
E: abm (a-t) AbdulBasit.com

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7 years ago

Assalam O Alaikum,
So i have read all your posts and reached here to your very first post. Quiet interesting journey. Wish you all the best.

Rahul Jain
2 months ago

Within 5 days I have read all you blog posts from 2023 to 2012… thanks for sharing this all about domaining.

May God/Allah bless you.

Rahul Jain from india

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