Best and worst emails you receive?

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share my experience in regards to receiving the best and the worst emails I receive. It’s a bit of fun to share mine and to know from you all as well.

So let me start with the best email which is always when a domain is sold through BIN via any platform like Afternic and Sedo. The inquiry or the offer emails do make me happy as well but the best moment is to receive an email when a domain is sold.

And the worst email is to receive from WIPO when someone files a UDRP on one of our domains. This not only wastes the money but puts the domain at risk of losing it as well.

To date, there have been 6 UDRPs filed on our domains and we’ve successfully defended 4 UDRPs and will definitely vigorously defend all our virtual assets in the future. Anyone interested in checking them can look out here.

So according to you, what’s the best and worst emails you receive?

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Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
10 days ago

Hello Abdul. How are you keeping?

In answer to your blog post,

I find my best emails are when I get inquiries for my domains, regardless of the outcome of the interested inquirer.

My worse email is when somebody rejects the offer, even when the domain is positioned at a fair price.

This is a nice interesting blog post of yours

Otherwise Abdul I hope you and your family are doing well.

Matt Morgan

9 days ago

Respected Sir,
السلام علیکم
I am your fan.
Kindly regularly update your fans, for your recent sell and purchase. It will be very much beneficial for us.
I am always waiting for getting knowledge about your sell and purchase.


Saeed Hassan

19 hours ago

The best email for me would be selling one of these domains: Master dot show, SoftCannabis dot com, or talkinn dot com. All are listed on Dan and Afternic

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Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
4 hours ago

Thank you, I’ve been following you for a while and I like the strategy you follow to sell your domains.

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