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What do I do after I purchase a domain name

Hello everyone,

This is something part of the domain business and many investors are curious as to what domain owners with thousands of domains under their portfolio do after acquiring the domains. By the way, currently I own 8,600 domains as of now.

Okay, so coming back to the topic, below I’ve shared it in detail.

The first thing I do after acquiring a domain name is to add in my records as some people use Excel sheets and some have their own way of storing the data. After that I change the nameservers to Afternic ( and add it to my Afternic account as well as Sedo to have an additional exposure.

Once the domain completes the 60 days lock period, I always move out the domain to my preferred registrar, earlier it was Uniregistry but now after it’s getting shut down, I’ve moved all of my domains to Dynadot. After the domain transfer is completed, the next thing is to activate Afternic Fast Transfer and Sedo MLS to get additional exposure at their partner registrars. Make sure the domain is successfully added in your respective accounts before you approve the Fast Transfer requests by Afternic and Sedo which usually shows at Dynadot under Summary page. It varies how it will reflect at your end depending on the registrars. Once the domain is successfully added to your account, then only approve the FT requests. Otherwise wait until the previous/old listing is deleted and your domain is added to your account before approving it.

Also I don’t keep the domains on auto-renew as I want to renew it myself because you can never rely on the auto-renew option. I always renew the domains in advance and try to buy domains which I plan *not* to drop in the future. This makes the domain renewal management pretty easier in the sense that I’ve to simply select the domains and renew it. It took several years of experience and learning process to buy only those types of domains which I believe are not the type of domains I will be dropping in the future. I recommend especially to big portfolio holders (typically in thousands) to buy only these types of domains you don’t plan to drop ever because scanning through the list, doing some research is super time consuming for making the decision whether to renew or not.

Feel free to share your experience as to what you do after acquiring the domain.

Thank you!

My experience with

Hello everyone,

It’s been around a year since I started moving out my domains from Uniregistry to Dynadot. The reason as we all know is that Uniregistry is shutting down pretty soon so it was good for me to slowly but steadily move out my domains. It’s not easy to transfer out 8,000+ domains in one-go mainly because of the funds required for transferring out which of course adds one year of renewal but doing this isn’t possible when the new purchases are actively ongoing along with the renewals and usual transfers from different registrars.

Today I want to tell you about my experience with Dynadot.

From a security perspective, I really like this registrar because for transferring out any domain from my account, it requires to enter Google Authenticator code + SMS code simultaneously. This is a very good feature and I highly recommend everyone to enable it with your Dynadot account.

From a pricing point of view, it’s better than Uniregistry but not attractive enough like GoDaddy and a few more whom I know offer a little better rates both of renewals and transfers especially .com domains. I have no hard feelings on this one but at least they should occasionally offer up some .com renewal code but I don’t think they ever do it. Yes, they occasionally offer .com transfer coupons but that also is not that impressive like some other registrars do. If they can focus on this part, I’m sure they’ll get more new customers and more loyal existing customers.

The UI is simple and nice once you’re familiar with it. One of the best things is they offer to make different folders which is a must feature for me to have. On the “Manage Domains” page, you’ve the option to display 100, 250, 500, 750, 1,000 and 5,000 domains in one page. Once you select 5,000 domains, the loading time is too much and the browser gets stuck at times. Don’t tell me my laptop is slow, which isn’t at all 😀 I think Dynadot needs to fix this loading time problem and allow some 2,000 or 3,000 domains to display in one page. Up till 1,000 there are 5 selections but after that it’s way up to 5,000 and nothing in the middle.

Another thing is that if you’ve 500 domains in one page and you need to select 350 domains, you’re required to select one by one manually and can’t simply select the first domain and press SHIFT key and select the 350th domain to select 350 domains altogether like it can happen at Uniregistry.

The expiring auction part is one of the worst things with Dynadot and I know many domain investors have complaints with them. It’s been reported to them multiple times but they don’t fix it. The issue is when the domain enters the auction, the domain registrant has time to renew the domain during the auction as well as after the auction is over which is not at all good. It’s a complete mess and waste of time for the auction participants. On top of that, if the winning bidder has paid for the domain and the domain gets renewed, the person will get the refund back as Dynadot credit (correct me if I’m wrong because on this last point I’m not 100% sure). But the auction should only start when the registrant has no more time left to renew it. This will allow the bidders to peacefully bid on the domains as they will be assured of getting the domain.

One of the best things with Dynadot is that they offer both Afternic DLS and Sedo MLS and this is a must for every domain investor to keep in mind when deciding the registrar. I can assure you that sales do increase when you’ve both DLS and MLS enabled so please carefully select your registrar.

Another good thing is that anyone can credit a balance for you if you create an order with any sum of amount and provide it for making the payment. You may use that balance for any kind of purchases with Dynadot.

I’m sure there are many other pros and cons altogether at Dynadot but one thing I’ll add before wrapping up my post is that I’ve been assigned with a dedicated account rep “Caleb Tweed” who has been exceptional in assisting right from the start I’ve moved in my domains to Dynadot. Thanks to him.

Feel free to give your feedback on using Dynadot and if you’ve anything to add, just add in the comment section and I’ll make sure that it’s been forwarded to the Dynadot team.

How this mistake cost me $8,900 loss

Hi everyone,

I always find it happy to share my experiences, no matter how good or bad they’re. You might think why I still find it beneficial is because my fellow domain investors could at least avoid repeating the mistake I made.

So today I sold a domain via Sedo for $988 whereas I’ve priced it at $9,888 at Afternic. I by mistake priced it $988 instead of $9,888 at Sedo! Oh well, what a costly mistake I made.

This is the first time such an incident has happened in over 12 years and hopefully the last time as I will be more vigilant every time I will add the domain and add price to it.

I think there are a couple of tools to check if the prices match with all marketplaces, such as DnAcademy and One of my good friends told me that this can be done manually via excel sheet by downloading portfolios from the marketplaces and then matching it manually. Does anyone know any other free tool to double check the prices at multiple marketplaces?

Thank you for reading and feel free to share if you have had such experience in the past and how you dealt with it.

Some of the acquisitions in 2023

Hello everyone,

Many people called and messaged me to check my wellbeing since I’m in Turkey and there were multiple earthquakes several days ago. I’m safe along with my family. So thank you for your concern and taking your valuable time and getting in touch with me. On the other hand, it’s very sad to see thousands of people die in this unfortunate incident that happened both in Turkey and Syria. It’s good to see many people are helping out in whatever way they can.

It’s been several months since I last shared my acquisitions. Today I wanted to share what I’ve acquired in 2023 so far and to let everyone know that I’m doing fine.

Before doing that, I would like to tell you that as of today I’ve 8,250 domains. There are still a lot of inconsistencies in sales like in December 2022 I just had one sale only! That month was the worst month in sales in over 6 years! Then in January 2023, I had 10 sales. This is just mind boggling. I’ve been consistently adding around 100 domains every month and fluctuation in sales keeps happening but December was a shocker to me., – I’ve heavily invested in 3L .org domains but the results are still not up to the mark as they’ve been very slow in sales. But I still believe in 3L .org domains as they’re good investments.,, – Acquired these three 3L .net domains recently. Personally I like 3L .org more than 3L .net domains. – Category killer two word domain. Although I like to invest in brandable domains, I don’t mind buying high quality specific niche domains as well. – One of the finest two words design niche related domain.,,,, – As always I love to acquire random as well as pronounceable 4L .com domains if I like the combination and price altogether. – A domain for hosting, privacy, VPN, domain tools related service can acquire it. – This makes “land” and “h” which can be land+anything with the letter “h” or it can be Lawrence + Hall. Any two word person’s company name.,,,, – Such two word brandable domains are always good to invest in. I love buying them.,, – These types of one word quality domains are difficult to acquire and need to pay top prices. But they do well when the right buyer knocks your door.,,,, – I always believe in investing in 1-2 word person names.

It’s not like I want to only show the high quality of domains I acquired recently but also want to share what I recently acquired from GoDaddy closeouts. Below are some of the closeouts I bought:,,,,,,,,,,

Feel free to share your recent acquisitions and/or give your feedback on the domain acquisitions. The purpose of sharing my acquisitions is for others to know what kind of domains I buy which will give them an idea of what to look out for.

If you’ve similar quality domains I’ve shared and are looking to sell at wholesale level, do not hesitate to reach out to me. And lastly, if anyone is interested in having my domain consulting services, feel free to check this out.

GoDaddy updates to new commission model for Afternic, Uniregistry and Dan

Hello everyone,

This may be good news to some and not so good to others. But since I’m using Afternic landers and already happy with their overall services, I’m happy to see this news for my portfolio because I’ll be paying less commission going forward. Below is the news from GoDaddy I wanted to share it with you all:

“In recent years, the GoDaddy aftermarket expanded beyond GoDaddy Auctions and Afternic. The 2020 acquisition of Uniregistry and the 2022 acquisition of Dan added products and features domain investors love to GoDaddy’s aftermarket.

Scores of talented developers, engineers and brokers from these marketplaces joined the GoDaddy team to provide a world-class aftermarket experience and bring the best of each marketplace together for domain investors and our partners.

These four marketplaces produce thousands of domain name sales every week, but each one operated under a different commission structure, with fees varying anywhere from 9% to 20%.

To simplify commissions, effective Feb. 1, 2023, each marketplace is moving to a 15% commission rate for domain names pointed to Afternic, Dan, or Uniregistry nameservers at the time of the sale. If your domain name does not point to Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry nameservers, the commission charged will be 25%.

Importantly, the 15% commission rate for domain names pointing to Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry aftermarket nameservers includes domain sales closed through for-sale landers and sales facilitated through the domain reseller network. The domain reseller network includes 18 of the top 20 domain registrars. This equates to an ~5% decrease in commission versus the average sale using the prior model.

When we dig into what this means for domain investors in real terms, it suggests that many domainers will benefit.

Recently, we analyzed 38 random, publicly disclosed domain sales that occurred via Afternic. The sales prices varied from $188 up to $40,000.

We found that 95% of sales in this random sample would receive slightly higher net proceeds from their domain sales if closed via an Afternic for sale lander, compared with Afternic’s previous commission structure.

When deciding on this model, teams reviewed how domain investors using a blend of marketplaces may fare under the new commission structure using Afternic and Dan, an example of which is detailed below.

The old plan

old commission model

The new plan

new commission model
For Uniregistry sellers using Uniregistry nameservers, the net amount paid out for brokered sales is the same, as Uniregistry’s current commission fee is 15%.

With Uniregistry and Dan joining GoDaddy, the simplification of the commission structure was a logical move, but one that wasn’t taken lightly. Months of discussions led to the new model that will benefit most investors using a blend of GoDaddy-owned marketplaces.

For a list of approved nameservers, and to learn more about the benefits of pointing your domain names to Afternic’s nameservers, please visit the Sales Acceleration page.”

For someone using Dan, I’m sure that’s a pretty bad news. But someone using Afternic, it’s a good news.

Also in the above “The old plan” screenshot, it shows 20% commission on the sale of $60,000 via Afternic which I believe is incorrect. Suppose a sale happens of $60,000 so the seller pays 12.5% ( but from 1st Feb, for the same amount of sale, the commission will be 15%.

The new commission structure is good for small amount of sales using their landers as one will be paying 15% but for big amount of sales, the new commission structure is bad.

So how do you see this new changes for your portfolio? Did you like it or not? Let your voice be heard.