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Why should you not look for the cheapest registrar as a domain investor?

Domain investment is all about buying low, and selling high.

So, it makes sense to negotiate the best prices when purchasing a domain for your portfolio. Every penny counts.

And that applies to the renewals as well. The renewal costs quickly start to pile up even for smaller domain portfolios. So, it is essential to choose a domain registrar that helps you keep your expenses low.

But you must be careful while comparing your options and do not opt for the cheapest one possible, just to save a few extra cents.

In this article I will explain why your selection criteria should not be the registration price alone, while choosing your domain registrar as you build your portfolio as a domain investor.

Registration Prices Vs Renewal Prices

It is a widespread practice for the registrars to market their domain registration services at heavy first-year discounts. Throughout the years I have taken benefit of several $0.99 promos for first year registration. Sometimes even cheaper.

But if they are selling domain registration below the wholesale prices, they are selling it at a loss.

The registrars which offer such deep discounts are often the ones which have high markups on renewal prices. So that they recoup the loss incurred in the first year in just one or two renewals.

So as a long-term strategy you need to analyze the renewal prices of your registrar along with the registration prices so that you save money not just the first year, but in the coming several years as well.

Customer Support & Ease of Transfer-Out

Even though domain registration is a fully automated process, sometimes things go wrong.

And a lot of the domain registrars’ support teams are simply not equipped enough to understand the needs of domain investors. Some registrars are even notorious for deliberately creating friction while renewing in the grace period, and in the transfer out process.

A good registrar would provide prompt support irrespective of whether you are transferring-in a domain or transferring-out. My favorite type of registrars is the one that provides a way to escalate, and instantly complete domain transfer yourself rather than waiting for 5 days or calling support.

Bulk Domain Features

Not all registrars are targeted towards domain investors as their customers. They may be good enough for bloggers and business owners with a couple of domains in their account along with other add on services like hosting, SSL and emails. One such example is Cloudflare.

But as a domain investor you have to often make bulk changes to the whole portfolio, like changing the landing pages, updating contact information, or verifying ownership with TXT records.

Many-a-times you need to have sub-portfolios inside your portfolio and want to make changes only to one of your sub-portfolios in your account.

Good registrars make it possible to have all your domains inside a single account and still manage them easily using folder/labels. They provide you domain focused dashboard which allows you to make mass changes like bulk register, bulk renew, bulk transfer, and bulk edit.

Afternic and Sedo Network & Fast Transfer

This is the most important feature I always look for in a registrar as a domain investor.

It should be a part of Afternic DLS Network, preferably with a fast transfer support, as most of my inbound sales come from Afternic network.

It would be even better if that registrar is also a part of SEDO MLS Network, preferably with a fast transfer support. Though SEDO does not make as many sales as Afternic, it is still significant enough.


Whether you have a domain portfolio or are you planning to create a new one, choice of the domain registrar matters a lot.

My favorite registrars are Dynadot, followed by Sav, and NameSilo.

All these registrars are focused on domain investors. They have very competitive renewal prices, excellent customer support, expedited transfer-out, bulk editing features, and portfolio management.

These registrars also have support for both Afternic and SEDO network fast transfer.

I avoid some other popular registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Network solutions etc. because of their high renewal prices.

I also avoid resellers and web hosting companies who double as a domain registrar.

Some top acquisitions of 2020

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to share some of my top domain acquisitions of recent time. My last post on acquisition was in March 2020.

Today I’ll start once again by sharing another 3L domain which I recently acquired. This is my 3rd 3L .com domain purchase after and and I’m very happy with this domain to be added in the portfolio., and – As always I’m slowly acquiring 4L .com domains and I like the formula of Shane Cultra of having 7%-10% of 4Ls in a portfolio and I’m having somewhat around 7% of 4Ls in my portfolio as well. and – I’ve purchased a few 3L .orgs to date but so far no success. Though I’m very confident in selling 3L .org in the future.

LEN.CO, HIH.CO, HJS.CO, LiveStreaming.CO, Parkinson.CO, Comms.CO and Agro.CO – I’ve had good success with .CO domains by selling several domains in 4-5 figures. 3L and 1 word domains are good to invest in my opinion. Rarely I’ve invested in 2 word .CO domains like LiveStreaming and maybe I’ve two more domains of 2 word at max. – For many years, I’ve witnessed that “online” keyword is in constant demand and both these terms together makes it a good domain. – Short version of Rehab Medical, Rehab Medicine and even Rehab Media. I like this short one better than all variants. That’s just my opinion. What’s your take? and – Domains with “the” keyword works very well and lately the prices are skyrocketing unlike in the past where we could buy such domains for a reasonable amount. – This domain has a very interesting story. I sold this domain previously in 2013 for $5,165. Recently I checked this domain was not resolving to the page which it used to be in the past. I contacted the previous owner but they didn’t own it anymore. I found this domain was under brokerage of GritBrokerage so I had to get in touch with them to buy it. Thanks to Brian Harbin of GB for making the deal smooth and all ended well.,,,,,, and – These are the types of domains I really like to invest in. With current hot auction prices, I’m now focusing more on private acquisitions and these are not easy to acquire both in terms of negotiation as well as prices. – Another example of one word brandable domain. – Although it’s a 3 word domain but I believe it’s a good domain with positive meaning attached to it. – Already have a very few finance related domains so this one was a nice little addition to the portfolio. – Quite a popular name as per LinkedIn which shows 19,000 people. – It means “lip” in Spanish language. Also it’s a 5L, pronounceable and highly brandable domain. Not only this domain can be used for lip surgeries, cosmetics, etc. But it can be used for other different purposes due to it’s catchy brand. – A domain selling in 6 figures in the future 😉

Many of those domain acquisitions were private and I regularly use DotDB service for buying domains as it helps in understanding how many potential endusers already exist. So make sure you’re using DotDB and their PRO plan is recommended for which you can get a 7 days trial in case you’re not sure if it’s worth it or not.

Feel free to share your recent acquisitions and/or give your feedback on the domain acquisitions.

What websites/tools I use on regular basis for domain investing

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Many domain investors have asked me on several occasions that what tools and websites I make use of which I consider very helpful and must be utilized by fellow domain investors.

There are actually many successful investors using different tactics and every one of them is doing well. Every one has their own way of operating the business and how they research and utilize those opportunities at their hands.

For myself, there are some essential tools and websites I use it on frequent basis and would like to share with fellow domain investors. Couple of things to note before I share it. First, this is not a paid post so I’m not trying to promote any of the tools/websites I’m going to share. It’s just what I personally use and would like to share with everyone to check and do their own due diligence. Lastly, it’s not necessary that any tool or website which is helpful for me can be helpful for others as well. So it all depends on how you utilize it.

I’ve written about Domain Name Analyzer Pro software in past which I still use it. There might be some changes with the versions and style which I’m not aware so you check out. However, I’m using Pro version 4 which is fantastic. This is one thing in domaining I use it on DAILY basis. I’ve shared about this important tool on my blog, NamePros and elsewhere as well and many have found it very helpful. It can be difficult to use at first, but after playing with that for a day or so, you’ll adjust pretty quickly.

There is an alternative of the above software as well which is FoxWHOIS. If you’re having any difficulties/issues, then try out FoxWHOIS which works in similar fashion. Better you can compare both these and get the one which fits for you well.

There is another thing which I use it on daily basis similar to Domain Name Analyzer Pro and that’s DotDB. Of course, there are many other sites which I use it on daily basis and are important like NamePros,, but here I’m trying to share what’s not that common among domain investors and especially newbies.

DotDB is one great tool which I recommend using it for your additional research in terms of buying, pricing and selling your domains. I’m using the Expert plan so I’ve many additional features available at hand. Better to try their 7 days free trial for Pro plan and thoroughly check it out. You may also check their different plans and what they offer in each of them here.

There is an alternative in the shape of DOFO which is another fantastic service offered by Macit Tuna and his team. I’ve published an extensive post in past about DOFO which you may want to check out for further information.

One more tool I use is Whoxy which is now more valuable to me after the crappy GDPR regulation. I use Whoxy mainly for checking regular WHOIS and Reverse WHOIS. With recent GDPR implementation, the WHOIS is hidden at many registrars but using Whoxy gives the advantage of old record of WHOIS which at least give some hope of contacting the current owner if not the old owner.

Also as mentioned above, I frequently use NamePros,, for which I don’t need to go into further detail as those are well known among us.

Feel free to give your feedback as well as share what do you use on daily or frequent basis in your domain investing business.

My experience with numeric domains

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Usually I don’t invest in any type of domains where I don’t have a good grip and that’s the reason I never bought domains in huge quantity in short period especially when most domainers when coming in business simply start buying too many domains without doing their due diligence.

During the hype of 3L, 4L CHIP domains, we saw numeric domains got registered even 9Ns which was just ridiculous. Anyhow, I made a mistake of investing in 6N .com and bought around 15 for $7000-$7500 altogether. Since last couple of months I’ve been trying to offload all those domains at GoDaddy Auctions for less than $100 a piece and most of the time no one bothers buying it. So far I’ve sold half of them for little over $500 including GD commission. I don’t normally sell any domain for less than $1,000 but these were the names I just wanted to let expire and thought to give them try selling at GoDaddy and see if I can recover anything.

So in short, I lost few grands by investing blindly and at the peak time of 6N domains. The lesson is not to invest in any niche without studying, researching and putting in lot of efforts before you take any step further. I’ve seen Shane who’s been very vocal about his sales especially when he has lost money in any domains and most people don’t share their losses so that’s good from him to be open publicly. Appreciate that!

Now it’s time for 5N .com domains which I was lucky to invest some years back and bought at cheap prices when there wasn’t much demand for it. Unfortunately I didn’t had good knack on numeric domains so the focus was just to acquire at cheap prices and got ALL 5N domains which either had 0, 4 or both together!

I’ve been selling them as well at GoDaddy and was having around 10 of those and just left with one. Hopefully will sell that one in coming days. Overall, I didn’t made any profit on these and I see it break even while considering my time spent on finding, buying, money stuck for years, GoDaddy commission.

In future, I’ll try to be more cautious while buying domains as I don’t like to buy too many domains for test and trial. My buying strategy is to focus on those domains which I think will ultimately land in the hand of endusers.

It would be nice if any one likes to share their experience (losses) for others to learn, understand and not to repeat such mistakes in future.

Some of my recent best acquisitions of 2018

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Going through the posts, I found that I haven’t shared any acquisitions this year and recently I have bought some top class names which I would like to share with my fellow domainers., – I wouldn’t say anything about these names and would love to hear feedback from you guys if you like to give any… – Last month sold for $50,000 and couple of years back for $40,000. I don’t rely or buy/sell domains looking solely on the comparable sales but MicroBox is great addition IMO. Highly brandable and can be used for multiple purposes. – Love to have such short and brandable names. – Can be related to transportation, sports in Las Vegas. Anything more you can think off? – Universities and research institutions or some science related project. – Great domain for any festival, music, concert, etc. – Some official site related to applying U.S Citizenship or some guide, informative portal to U.S citizen, citizenship. – Neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois with a population of over 56,000 recorded in 2015. Usually I don’t invest in GEO names but this was difficult to leave out. – Some running shoes business, sports, running store.,, – I’ve almost stopped buying 4 letters this year and only few acquired this year. Focusing more on quality than quantity. Just trying to keep 4 letter .com share of around 7-10% in my portfolio. Currently it’s at 9%. Not sure but I think Shane Cultra who operates also likes to have 4L .com portfolio of around 7-10%., – Media names are hot and will be more in demand as the time goes by. – Spa, Perfume, Body/Face wash, Juice, Media company. Great to invest in domains which can be used for many purposes. – Can be used for many different purposes. – Great name for a software company.,, – 1 word .net are always good to invest which are highly brandable.

Rosemary.CO, Kicks.CO – It’s safe and great to invest in good one word names.

Feel free to give your feedback. Also if you like to share your recent acquisitions.