Find the number of WHOIS searches done on your domains at

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It’s always exciting to think how many number of times people be doing WHOIS searches for your domain. It’s really unfortunate you cannot know the overall WHOIS searches made on your domain but I have some good news for you 🙂

You can know how many WHOIS searches have been made on your domains which are at I check every month for all my domains at GoDaddy and it’s really nice to see the number of WHOIS searches people do. I am sure most of those searches are from domainers in order to see when I will let the domain drop for them to grab 😉 But don’t worry I normally let them go until I see they are crap and won’t be useful for other domainer in reseller market. Still I don’t disagree they can’t make a fortune with that domain but chances are very slim.

Simply log in to your GoDaddy account. In GoDaddy’s Domain Manager, hold your mouse over the Tools tab at the top and select Exportable Lists. Next click the Add New Export button. You will see a drop down box. Select All My Domains and click next.

Now you can select which data you want to export. Select Whois Searches – Previous Period and Whois Searches – Current Period. Both these options must be checked before you click Next.

The final step lets you to select file type. I always prefer CSV which can be opened with Excel. Give any desired name to your list and click Finish. It will take less than a minute for GoDaddy to generate the list and will e-mail you when it’s ready. You can then download it on the Exportable Lists page mentioned above.

It will show both previous day, week and months stats. Unfortunately you cannot see the stats for more than one month longer period.

*NOTE* Don’t just hold domains on the basis of WHOIS searches done on it because your domain may be near to expiration date and domainers usually check WHOIS more frequently just to know if that domain will get dropped or renewed.

I have been using this service since last year and thought to share with you guys. I was unable to post earlier because the blog is recently launched.

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Mohammed Zaki
Mohammed Zaki
11 years ago

Good Post.
This is Nice and Cut to Point Post about WHOIS Searches for your domain.

7 years ago

[…] Find the number of WHOIS searches done on your domains at […]

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