How this mistake cost me $8,900 loss

Hi everyone,

I always find it happy to share my experiences, no matter how good or bad they’re. You might think why I still find it beneficial is because my fellow domain investors could at least avoid repeating the mistake I made.

So today I sold a domain via Sedo for $988 whereas I’ve priced it at $9,888 at Afternic. I by mistake priced it $988 instead of $9,888 at Sedo! Oh well, what a costly mistake I made.

This is the first time such an incident has happened in over 12 years and hopefully the last time as I will be more vigilant every time I will add the domain and add price to it.

I think there are a couple of tools to check if the prices match with all marketplaces, such as DnAcademy and One of my good friends told me that this can be done manually via excel sheet by downloading portfolios from the marketplaces and then matching it manually. Does anyone know any other free tool to double check the prices at multiple marketplaces?

Thank you for reading and feel free to share if you have had such experience in the past and how you dealt with it.

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1 year ago

Hmm. Thanks for sharing. I recently deleted all names from DAN and SEDO as it was a constant battle to keep the prices in sync.

Reply to  Aamir
10 months ago

Dan is the part of Godaddy/Afternic. Sedo is an alternative, and probably the only one worth attention. Yes, adding/editing prices requires attention, and same can happen at Afternic.

1 year ago will show you the prices side by side for sedo/afternic/dan

For free can bulk check prices at

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Doron Vermaat
1 year ago

You can crosscheck pricing on against your own BIN within Efty Investor very easily these days:

1 year ago

I removed all my domains from afternic /dan and sedo and wait for 2-3 days and then put in the updated fresh data.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

I keep ~4500 names in a Google sheet, and run app scripts to generate my bulk uploads for Dan (+afternic), sedo and efty. It saves a lot of time, and also is pretty watertight for avoiding issues like this. Takes a little knowledge, but I’m not a dev and managed to do it.

1 year ago

It would be helpful if Sedo sends an email confirmation detailing the domains and prices added when using Sedo to upload or update prices. This confirmation email could also serve as evidence to us in case of mistakenly entering the wrong price.

1 year ago

Fallacy: lost out on $8900

Truth is, if it was listed at $9888 it may never sold to that buyer.
It likely sold because of the low price (error)

So the 8900 “loss” was the theretical loss assuming it eventually sold @ 9888

Your real loss: $988 – cost price – renewals
(assuming your cost basis >988)

1 year ago

I recently sold a one word adult name in an ngTLD. Sold for $150. I thought I had it listed for $1500 in DAN. Costly mistake!

Had bought the domain for $130 or so!

1 year ago

I face same like problem at Dan i got $500 offer for my domain then i counter and buyer come to $1250 i come from $2400 to $1350 so try to type counter $1350 but wrongly send $350 and offer accepted and payment done with in 1mint. I shocked and contact Dan help but one of agent push to me accept low offer $350 without check my previous chat conversation so i complaints and call to higer office then cancel and relist and sale another china user. Thanks

Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
1 year ago

Hello Abdul, I hope you and your family are doing well, and enjoying 2023.

Sorry to hear about your loss of domain sale funds.

A lesson to learn, and a good question you have asked with some great feedback from your blog readers.

This is another eye opening post.

Keep up the hard work and congratulations on your other domain sales.

Matt Morgan.

1 year ago

Its maybe one of good sign that you will create new 6 figure sales in 2023 or before February 2024.

9 months ago

Totally feel this pain for large portfolios Abdulbasit. I solved this using a good tool I found on twitter a year ago:

I use it to mainly for two main functions: add new domains using their fanstastic one-click-export to Dan/Afternic/Sedo. And also they have a tab for showing pricing errors/discrepencies across the three platforms too Dan/Afternic/Sedo.

Fanstastic tool and sounds like you need it!

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