Make sure to set different passwords for each domain registrar you use

Normally I stick with a couple of registrars to stay away from many troubles like operating the account management tools which will vary from registrar to registrar, customer service and it goes on…

One important thing I have learned in the past years is to set completely different password with each of the registrar you are using. Let’s say if someone cracks the account password of user A; he will definitely try the same password at other registrar user A has kept the domains.

So basically it’s good to keep your password mixed with numbers, special characters, capital letters so it will be difficult for one to guess. Also never keep something very familiar like combination of your name, birth date, etc. One of the best example of password can be something like $%))*Wg$!!>ga.

set different passwords with each registrar you use

I know it’s difficult for one to memorize it but you can save that in your computer at some hidden place so you can retrieve at your own convenience. Also you can note down and keep it in your locker or any safe place like that.

*NOTE* – Change your password right now if it’s not something like I gave an example right now. It’s for your own safety and will keep you out of trouble!

I have kept different passwords at each registrar I operate. How about you guys? Is it the combination of the above example or a plain one?

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